Enter the World

Eqcetera: Endless Possibilities

Discover the unique land of Eqcetera as you build your estate, go on adventures, and compete against other players. Horses come in billions of genetic possibilities and range from the poor forgotten horse to elite champions. Open up training and boarding facilities, navigate through mysterious mines, and breed the best!

Total Players: 8,191 (3 online now)

Total Purebred Horses: 73,829

Total Crossbred Horses: 16,886

Registration is currently closed.

Random Horse

5E 1G Light Chestnut Fewspot (Appaloosa)

Eqcetera is in the process of rebranding to Horse Fable. Horse Fable is an immersive story-driven horse simulation game. Build your equine estate, explore the land, and discover secrets hidden by time.

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