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Latest News: Clubs, Create a Breed, and Grade Horses!

Hello everyone and happy update day! Today, we are rolling out part 1 of 2 for the Club and Association changes. This update comes with quite a few changes to crossbreeds and even introduces something very exciting…


⭐ Clubs

In V2, clubs were only used to bring together those who share a common interest in something and only offered a forum and the possibility to register horses. We wanted to expand the idea of clubs to not only create more of a community but also expand crossbreed gameplay. You can view more information about club features in this help site article.


With the launch of V3 clubs,  there are a few club types to know about:

  • Community Clubs: Clubs can opt to be just community-based, meaning the club is used as a place to talk about a common interest. Ex. A club that focuses on equine news. These types of clubs can register horses and default to accepting all breeds and all disciplines.

  • Breeding & Discipline Clubs: Those who wish to have a club with breed or discipline guidelines can do so in the club settings. Clubs can choose to be breed- and/or discipline-based. Horses can be registered in these clubs and club owners may pick what breed(s) or discipline(s) are allowed. Ex. Flaxen Breeders Club or Show Jumping Arabians Club. 

  • Crossbreed Clubs: There is now a new club type which is replacing the Crossbreed Association (Read more in Associations below). These clubs are for each of the game recognized crossbreeds where these breeds can be registered. These are game owned and auto accept all those who register. A crossbreed-specific club will be created for each new game-recognized crossbreed. And speaking of...


🐴 Create Your Own Game-Recognized Crossbreed!

On top of these changes to clubs, we have added in a new highly requested feature which we are calling “Crossbreed Campaigns”. In the past, players have often asked about being able to create their own crossbreed and previously, we did not have a good solution or answers as to how or when this would be possible. Worry no more! Starting today, it is now possible for players to join together, create, and crowdsource their own in-game crossbreed which will receive its own artwork and breed designation! Do you want to breed Arabaloosadales, maybe Mustland Ponies, or even Friesian Cobs? Now you can! Through Crossbreed Campaigns, you will be able to create any crossbreed you want, but there are some steps required to do so. More information about Crossbreed Campaigns can be viewed here.


✨ Club Stars

Since crossbreeds no longer have a registry, they now earn stars by being registered with a club. Horses that get their stars from a club now have purple stars rather than yellow stars. Along with this star change, all horses registered in a club will also receive stars such as generic crossbreeds or purebreds that aren't in a registry. Note, if a horse is in a registry it will display yellow stars, not purple.


🌟 Old Clubs

Clubs that had previously been made have been transferred with members and horses registered removed. Fees and images have also been removed and all clubs are currently set to private. If you had a club in V2 that you no longer wish to keep, please message Curly or email support to have the refund credited to your account. Refunds for V2 clubs will be honored until March 28th, 2021.


🌈 Breeding in New Colors

We have also added in a new and exciting change which involves being able to breed colors back into any breed. This was previously done using the Brumby in which breeding any color into a Brumby was possible. Now, it is possible to breed any color into any breed, but this comes with a few things to know.


Breeding Back & Grade Horses

Breeding back to at least 95% of a breed now means that horse will convert to 100% of that breed. For example, if you bred a line of Clydesdale crosses to have tobiano and eventually had one with 95% Clydesdale and tobiano, it would revert to 100% Clydesdale and display a tobiano pattern on the Clydesdale base. Horses that have had a color bred into them like this will have a designation of “Grade” in front of their breed, Ex. Grade Clydesdale, and are not eligible for association registry.  Read more about grade horses in this help article.


With grade designation, the breed standard for grade horses will be based on the purebred they are shown as. Ex. A Grade Clydesdale will have a breed standard the same as a purebred Clydesdale. This is to simplify the breed standard calculation for players to more easily know what their grade horses ideal BS is. In order to get a star value for grade horses, they must be registered into a club.



As color is bred into a breed, artwork will be made for them. Should you be able to create a grade of a breed that needs artwork done, please post to this forum post with a link to the horse. These artwork layers will be made on a rolling basis and, depending on demand, may take up to 1 month.


Wild Type Breeds

In-game we currently have two “wild” breeds, Brumbies and Mustangs. Brumbies have previously been able to have color bred back into them but never could be 100% Brumby even though they displayed the Brumby base. With the change of breeding in color and “grade” designation, we have excluded these wild breeds from being labeled as “Grade,” meaning they will be able to be registered in their breed association. Now, any Brumby or Mustang that is 95% Brumby or Mustang will revert to 100% purebred and have their Breed Standards based on Brumby or Mustang standard and will not have “Grade” before the breed name.


💥 Associations

Associations have been renamed to “Breed Registries” and will only be used to register purebred horses.  We have also removed the discipline associations so players may make their own clubs centered around a discipline or a breed and a discipline. We will be completing associations in next month's update with personalities and careers. 


📜 Forums

Several of the forums have been cleaned and some categories have had rule updates. Please read all rules before posting.


Hope you all enjoy these changes and have a wonderful weekend!


The Dev Team