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Discover the unique land of Eqcetera as you build your estate, go on adventures, and compete against other players. Horses come in billions of genetic possibilities and range from the poor forgotten horse to elite champions. Open up training and boarding facilities, navigate through mysterious mines, and breed the best!

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Wild Celt (Irish Cob)

Latest News: Somatic Mutations, Special Auctions, and Community Games

Happy weekend everyone! Today we have a small art update for you all.


🦄 Somatic Mutations

The last somatic mutations are here! The Quarab, American Azteca, Azteca, Friesdale, Iberian Warmblood, and Hispano Arabe all have somatic mutations. This means all breeds in-game now have mutations!


✨ Special Auctions

A few auctions will be going up shortly in both the horse market and auction house. Included will be:

  • Item bundles

  • Leopard Irish Cob straw & egg

  • Leopard Tennessee Walker straw & egg


💥 Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes, we are frantically working on The Big Thing so we have been more quiet than usual lately. Sneak peeks are being posted to Eqcetera social media so keep an eye out there! Some hints and visuals have been posted. Who will figure out what we are up to first?

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😊 Community Games

Please know we haven't gone missing and have something amazing up our sleeves. We want to thank everyone who has stuck around with us during this quiet time. We also want to thank everyone who has been active in-game or via Discord. We truly enjoy having the chance to talk with our players and receive feedback while also having a bit of fun randomly chatting. So, to do a bit more with the community while you wait for The Big Thing, we will be hosting some community game nights on our Discord server. Keep an eye out for a news post with dates and times outlined for you. 


Just a reminder we will be revealing our planning and development efforts on August 7th. This update will be very worthwhile so get it on your calendar!


As always, have a wonderful weekend!



Bedouin & Curly