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Eqcetera: Endless Possibilities

Discover the unique land of Eqcetera as you build your estate, go on adventures, and compete against other players. Horses come in billions of genetic possibilities and range from the poor forgotten horse to elite champions. Open up training and boarding facilities, navigate through mysterious mines, and breed the best!

Total Players: 7,633 (7 online now)

Total Purebred Horses: 82,497

Total Crossbred Horses: 20,931

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Ambitious Chocolate Frog 16 (Marwari)

Latest News: New Blog & Tack (Coming Soon)

Happy weekend everyone!


🔥 New Tack

We just wrapped up our first community color tack...SETS! Yes, we will have 2 new tack sets being launched soon. Both have been posted to our Facebook and Instagram for you to view. These tack sets will be available for 1 month for 25k EQD for the full set and offer a small bonus. We aim to do a monthly community colored tack set to introduce new tack monthly. 


🌟 New Blog

Our new blog post “How Its Made: Tack” is now up on the help site. We outline the process of how tack came to be and how tack is now made. A few Q&A questions are at the end as well!