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Discover the unique land of Eqcetera as you build your estate, go on adventures, and compete against other players. Horses come in billions of genetic possibilities and range from the poor forgotten horse to elite champions. Open up training and boarding facilities, navigate through mysterious mines, and breed the best!

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Total Crossbred Horses: 24,819

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Latest News: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!


Many of us from the US are preparing for Thanksgiving today and it probably looks a bit different than our usual holiday. This year has been one that we will not be forgetting anytime soon. With the holiday today, the Eqc team wanted to send out a nice surprise for all in hopes it would bring a bit of enjoyment to all. A Turkey companion has been placed in everyone's inventory who has been active in the last 7 days as a small thank you from us. Note: If you would like more turkeys, they will be available for 50 ingots until 11/30.


We are thankful for everything we have accomplished with Eqcetera in the past year; it has been a group effort that largely includes you all, the players. We value and are thankful for our strong player base because it's what keeps us motivated and what makes us most proud of Eqc.


Today, both Bed and I will be gathering with those who live with us and enjoying a modified smaller Thanksgiving. Well...a 23.5lb turkey for two may not be “smaller”.  We are sending our best thoughts and wishes to those who are finding themselves in tough and emotional times and to those celebrating with those closest to them. 


We want to encourage you all to post below what you are most thankful for this holiday season and you may even see an extra turkey fly your way! Gobble gobble!


Hope everyone enjoys their day!



The Dev Team