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Latest News: Tack, Somatic Mutations, Mass Buy/Equip!

Good morning everyone! Today's update is the long-awaited tack and somatic mutations!!



Tack has been added for all breeds and is now available in the general store! Tack prices are in EQD and are designed to be low enough for new players to enjoy tack while also not breaking the bank for those with a large herd. NOTE: Since Andalusians are being re-done shortly they do not have tack visible yet. 


Special thanks to our tack artist Darya! She has done an amazing job of equipping all our horses with the English tack sets and is busy working on the gem-encrusted tack. 


Based on feedback from our polls, tack has been decided to give a very minimal show boost. We believe this is a good in-between for those who wanted tack to be useful and those who preferred it to be purely cosmetic. All pieces of tack add +.33% to the show score, which is a 1% boost overall.


On that note, across all the polls and feedback, we have gathered that when something is added to the game, the majority of players want it to have a purpose rather than just looking pretty. From here forward, I will be planning features to have more benefit to you and your gameplay that is not game-breaking nor give a large advantage to those who can spend more EQD or ingots.


Somatic Mutations


Somatic mutations are now in for the following breeds: Appaloosa, Arabian, Irish Cob, Mustang, and Thoroughbred. These are only available via the foundation store or through breeding at a 0.1% chance. Meaning, they are extremely rare. Note, horses with somatic mutations do not have a higher chance of passing on the marking.


There are 10 somatic mutation horses up for auction starting at 500 ingots to cover the cost of art. These will help cover the cost of other somatic mutations for the next set of breeds. Each breed currently has 2 mutations so a mare and stallion of each breed is in the auction to display all 10 new mutations for you. These auctions are set for 24 hours!

Appaloosa Auction

Arabian Auction

Mustang Auction

Irish Cob Auction

Thoroughbred Auction


Mass Buy & Mass Equip

A mass buy option has been requested to be added for the general store. This has been added into the general store so now you can indicate the number of an item you wish to buy. Mass equip has also been added to more easily equip tack, backgrounds, companions etc. This is in the top right of the inventory page. We hope this makes both buying and equipping easier for everyone!


New Discipline

A new discipline has been added! Now horses can have Hurdle Racing as a discipline. Hurdle Racing uses endurance, speed, and agility. A Race Track training arena is needed to train horses in Hurdle Racing. Note shows for this discipline will not populate until tomorrow.


We hope you all enjoy today's update and seeing those tack sets and somatic mutations!



The Dev Team