Depending on the severity of the action, bans may be implemented without warning.

  • Everyone is expected to be respectful and have a good attitude toward others. Eqcetera is hatred free and will not tolerate any hateful act or allusion to hate toward any group of people(s). Trolling, picking fights, and arguing is not allowed.
  • Eqcetera is to be kept appropriate for teens. Some topics are not allowed such as violence, politics, illegal substances and/or acts, sex, religion, or allusions to any of the previously listed topics. Moderate swearing is allowed but should be kept respectful. Any graphic content that is seen as offensive (gory, detailed sexual acts or abuse) will result in immediate banning from the server.
  • Eqcetera is not responsible for any consequences if you decide to put out personal information about yourself, including pictures and videos, personal contact information, and location. Disclosing personal information about other people is not allowed and could result in immediate banning.
  • Giving out medical advice is not allowed in any form including but not limited to suggestions and/or treatments.
  • Spamming any form of chat such as shouts, forums or direct messages is not allowed. Spamming is considered multiple repetitive posts or some single posts such as ?Heeeeeeeelllllllllllloooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPPAAAM SANDWICCCHHH? or ?09849437fjnvjkbajof094? Spamming also includes begging and unsolicited messages.
  • You may have no more than 3 shouts at a time. Shouts must also pertain to the game and abide by all Eqcetera rules.
  • Sometimes player replies are slow and/or staff cannot respond to non-emergencies quickly. It is courteous to wait a bit between chats for someone to reply. Not doing so can become frustrating for players and staff and could be considered spam.
  • Some instances can come up that are not in our rules. These instances will be handled by moderators and staff for appropriate action.
  • Issues regarding a moderator decision can be directed to Bedouin or Curly.

Last updated: 01/16/21