General Care

It is best to start with a small herd made up of no more than 20 adults. Show them every day and you will make enough money to be able to afford more horses!

Your horse ages at 1 am the weekday it was created. Their age day is shown on their page below their image.

They have a 10% chance of retiring when turning 21 and each year adds another 10%. For example, a 21 year old horse has a 20% chance of retiring when turning 22. No horse lives past 30 years old. Foals can also be stillborn if they are born with a double frame gene (FrFr).

There are two options when boarding your horse. You can either board at your home stable (every user starts with 2 stalls) or use one of your boarding passes to board at another user’s stable for a fee! You will have to assign at least one discipline to be able to board at another user’s stable. It is suggested to use part or full livery if you do not want to manually care for horses.

You are allowed 100 boarding passes as a basic user and 250 boarding passes as an upgraded user.

DIY requires you to care for all your horse’s needs, Part will feed and water your horses every day, and Full will feed, water, and groom your horses every day.

You can feed, water, and groom from your horse’s page by clicking the feed bucket, water bucket, and brush.

One real life week is equal to one year on Eqc.

No, your horse will not die if not fed or watered. You will just not be able to train, show, or breed.

Feed and water storage estate upgrades allows you to automate feeding and watering for horses boarded at home. You only have to care for the horses once, but then you will not have to manually care for them as long as you keep enough feed and water in storage to care for all horses assigned to it.

Nothing like the feed and water storage exists for grooming, but you can hire Davita the Diva from construction to make grooming by mass easier!

Yes! We have staff available under construction. You will get the mass click option for the care that the staff represents. For example, you will be able to mass feed your horses if you buy Feed Master Fred. Mass care is found under “Herd Management” under “Estate”.


BS - Breed Standards: is a way of measuring how perfect a horse is physically according to the conformation of the breed. BS is calculated by horse from the the breed standard your horse is. The range is: excellent 0-3 points off, good 4-7, Fair 8-11, and poor 12+.

Your horse has to be at least 2 years old, off of cooldown, not spayed or gelded, fed, and watered.

If the breeding was successful, then mares rest for 48 hours (2 days) and stallions rest for 6 hours. If the breeding failed, mares rest for 6 hours and stallions rest for 3 hours.

Foals receive 25% of each of their parents’ total for that stat. The foal then receives a lifetime training boost based on a) their parents’ level average (based on multiples of 5), and b) if they have 6 excellent ratings in their own breed standards.

Yes. A foal receives the average breed standards from its parents with a small variation. With the right planning, it is possible for parents with poor and fairs to produce a foal with excellents.

You cannot see the foal’s breed standards because he or she is still growing! You either have to wait till they are two years old (2 weeks real time) or buy a magnifying glass which will allow you to peek at the breed standards earlier.

No. That breed standard information is just for the owner of the foal. However, if you sell the foal, the new owner will be able to see the information.

Each breed has its own perfect BS that is kept secret. This is to allow players to implement their own strategies to find that perfect horse. Publicly posting BS information is frowned upon although they may be shared privately.

If you are concerned with finding the exact number for what makes an “excellent” stat, you will need to make what users call a BS chart! This is where you take all the stats from your current horses of the same breed and record their BS numbers for each region of the horse (Head/Neck, Shoulders/Chest, etc). With enough generations (or foundation horses), you’ll be able to get a good idea on what you need to do to make a perfect horse!

Yes, you are allowed to inbreed. There is no penalty to inbreeding.

There is a lovely guide to genes in the wikia. You can always post to the help forum or ask in the #help channel in our Discord!

Yes! You have a 25% chance of a marking passing down from the mare, 25% chance from the stallion, 25% chance of something new, and 25% chance of having no marking.

Star ratings are unlocked once you register your purebred horse into the official breed’s association. Currently, only purebred horses have this feature. The stars are a type of ranking and they represent how perfect your horse is from its Breed Standard (BS). 5 stars are 0 - 12 points away from perfect, 4 stars are 13 - 24, 3 stars are 25 - 36, 2 stars are 37 - 48, and a 1 star is 49+ from perfect.


PS - Performance Stats can be changed through training. It’s important to evaluate your horse’s PS before determining which discipline it will specialize in. Different disciplines look at different stats which affects show performance.

You can find the stat information under Help > Getting Started.

Different estate facilities enable training centers to offer training in specific disciplines.

  • Indoor Arena: Hunter, Dressage, Reining, Cutting
  • Outdoor Arena: Show Jumping, Driving, Western Pleasure, Pole Bending, Barrel Racing
  • Outdoor Course: Eventing, Cross Country, Endurance, Trail
  • Race Track: Flat Racing

Once a week at 12am game time/EST on Sunday.

A horse may be trained 5 times a week. It’s up to you which day to train it on, although most players train their horses all 5 times on Sunday in order to maximize on the performance gain in shows.

That checkmark tells you if you have fully trained that horse for the week.


Horses earn performance stats by being trained 5 times per week in their chosen disciplines. They will only increase in the stats for the trained discipline.

You gain 1 EXP for every place your horse beats another horse in a show. For example, if the horse places 1/60, you will gain 60 EXP, if they place 26/43, you will receive 18 EXP.

The answer is… it depends. Cheaper shows will gain you less earnings per show but could also have fewer entrants. Show winnings scales with number of entrants so low entrant shows aren't as profitable as high entrant shows. If your horse places higher, it will gain you more EXP and the horse will gain more points towards its next level.

The more entries in a show, the better chance you have of gaining EXP depending on how well your horse places. If they place poorly one week, the next week they may do better after some training.

Shows begin to run at 12 am game time/EST and finish running around 2 am game time/ EST.

Basic users start with 3 shows a day but can build another show arena for a total of 6 shows a day. Upgraded players can have 20 shows a day once they build all the show arenas.

Yes, you’ll get a portion of the show purse.

Yes, there is a small boost for gelded or spayed horses.

If the horse was sold, then the new owner gets the show winnings. If the horse was retired, then no one would get the money.

That tells you that the horse was entered in its maximum amount of shows for the day.


There are currently no quests after the tutorial quests, but more are being made!

Rollover begins at 12 am game time/ EST and finishes about 2 am game time/ EST. You will know rollover has finished when you have your show winnings and horses are ready to be cared for and shown!

You can find all your items by clicking the cardboard box under your on hand money and credits.

A new breed is only available through the breed’s coin for the first week. The breed will be added to the foundation the following week.

Moderate swearing is allowed on Eqcetera as long as it is respectful. However, we do not allow for horses and player names to contain swear words.

Yes, you are allowed to talk about other games. Any mention of other games should be done with respect and not in a gossipy or accusatory manner.

The game calendar shows when all the future updates will drop. We also have a Google sheet with all bugs, suggestions, and upcoming features listed for the game. You can view it here.

Please report the horse on the forum under bugs & errors or on our Discord in the #image-errors and #horses-needing-fixing!


You can earn money by showing horses, hosting shows, playing mini-games or by selling credits/horses/art/etc in the forums.

On your Account Settings page, the top right corner has “Upgrade Status” -- this is where you will see the remaining time on your upgrade. For infinitely upgraded accounts, it will show “Upgrade Status: Infinite” and for accounts with subscriptions, it will show "Upgrade Status: Upgraded (Subscription)."

You are allowed up to 3 accounts.

On the Account Settings page, you will see a button “Transfer Account” -- you will need to know your V1 login to transfer your account information from V1.

Placing in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in shows or breeding a 6 excellent foal will earn you reputation points.

EXP is gained by showing, training, breeding, or manually caring for your horses. While you only gain 1 EXP for each training, breeding, and manual care, you can earn more EXP per show if your horse beats other horses. For example, a horse placing 1/20 will earn you 20 EXP while a horse placing last will only earn you 1 EXP.

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