Board All, Bug Squishes, and Additions
Posted by Curly
Sunday, September 20, 2020 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! We are back again this weekend with an update!


🏠 Board All at Home

The long-awaited “Board All at Home” option is back! This will board as many horses as can fit in your stables and place them in the Uncategorized tab or old tab they were in. Do I see some foundation raids in the near future?


❌ Surrendering

Some shows were being broken because there were horses without owners. Now, if you surrender a horse, it will be removed from shows. You will not receive a refund for these shows so surrender carefully.


➕ Small Additions

  • When editing your horse, the tabs should now show up in the correct order.

  • When viewing other horses, you can now see their offspring and show results. Go google at those offspring!

  • Unverified accounts no longer show up on the New Players page.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • When transferring to and from frozen accounts, horses are now frozen and unfrozen appropriately. Brrrrr!

  • Foals that have already had a Magnifying Glass used on them should no longer appear in the dropdown for the Magnifying Glass. 

  • Fixed some errors on pages while not logged in.

  • Horses with grey horses in their lineage will no longer have lineages infinitely load.

  • Fixed some infinitely loading non-grey horses from the grey update.

  • You can now remove tags from horses.


✨  Art Contest

Just another reminder the Avatar Art Contest has been extended to end September 25th at 6PM EST/ Game time. View rules and the $65 prize packages here! We have lots of amazing entries so far!


Enjoy these additions and fixes! As a reminder, any bugs must go into the bug box to be added to our fix queue. Whoo is that...far up in the sky…? Its a...?



The Dev Team

Update: Avatar Art Contest
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Saturday, September 19, 2020 (0 Comments)

Good evening everyone! Hope today has gone well for you so far! 

✨ Avatar Art Contest

Due to several requests, we have decided to extend the avatar art contest for an additional week. We understand many of us are having tough times in real life but also wish to participate. We hope an additional week allows for all of those busy with life a bit more time to submit entries.


The Prize Package

  1. 2 Spectral tokens

  2. 1,500 ingots

  3. Choice of any combo of 5: Cherry Background(s), Truffle(s), or Mistletoe(s)

  4. Featured in the winners news post and social media.

  5. Credit on our credits page.

Prize package is valued at $65. All 5 winners will receive the same prize package. 


To view the contest rules click here. The contest will officially end Friday, September 25th at 6:00 PM EST/ game time.


We look forward to everyone's beautiful entries!



The Dev Team

Dev Update: QoL Additions, Fixes, and Bug Squishes!
Posted by Curly
Friday, September 18, 2020 (2 Comments)

Happy Friday everyone! We have been busy working on bug fixes and additions.


🏆 Enter All II

The Enter All II is now available in the newly renamed Ingot Store! The Enter All II allows you to enter all eligible horses directly from the show page. Depending on your herd, this could potentially save many clicks. Purchasing the first Enter All is required before purchasing the Enter All II.


💪 Training Manual II

The Training Manual II is also now available! Like the Enter All II, it requires the Training Manual first. The TM2 allows for training settings to be saved per horse. This was something that has been available to everyone since V3 launch, but it’ll no longer be available if you don’t have the Training Manual II. 


All training settings for horses have been reset to 5 primary and 0 secondary. For those with the TM2, you will see disciplines start saving again after purchase.


There is now a new page found under the Estate menu: Estate Overview. For those with the TM2, you’ll see a log of when all your horses were last trained and the stats they gained. If you don’t have the TM2, you’ll see a coming soon message. Don’t worry; we have a lot of plans for this page!


🔃 Sort By Setting

The Sort By setting has been brought back! This setting can be found in Estate Settings and can be toggled between sorting horses by ID or by tab. Clicking through your horses is now much easier!


🔀 Enter All: Randomly Enter Shows

You can now randomly enter shows. When defining your Enter All settings, you can choose to sort OR randomly enter but not both. Randomly entered shows will still meet other set criteria such as entry fee and number of entrants.


📋 Register Horses in Associations

You can now register horses in associations! We’re working on adding back in the rest of the functionality for associations and clubs, and we thank you for your patience as we work on bringing over the rest of the features from V2. 


Horses no longer have stars if they are not a member of a breed association. However, a change from V2 is that registered crossbreeds now have their own association! 


💰 My Auctions Pages

You can now see your current auctions in both the Horse Market and Auction House. 


🏆 Show Data Change

Horse performance stats are now stored when they are entered into a show. This will prevent horses from being trained in between the time they enter and the time shows run. During this time, horses could be moving up into a different level which is unfair to all other entrants in the show. Now, this is prevented because the stats are “frozen” at the time of entry.


➕ Small Additions

  • You can now see in the Ingot Store whether you have purchased the Enter All, Enter All II, Training Manual, or Training Manual II.

  • The Auction House and Horse Market now display a message if there are no auctions.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Show host payouts should be fixed for sure this time.

  • If a training center goes offline, there will now be an error when training horses at that center.

  • When using the Training Manual, you will now be charged appropriately for training if using someone else’s training center. 

  • The second Minimum # of Entrants on the Enter All settings has been fixed to Maximum # of Entrants. Whoops typos :)

  • You can no longer board at your own boarding center.

  • There is no longer an error when purchasing the Half Bucket and Half Water Bucket. No more thirsty horses!

  • The Training Manual now shows 100 horses instead of groups of less than 100.

  • The number of ingots shown on the auction page has been fixed.


✨  Art Contest

The art contest ends TODAY at 6:00 PM EST/ game time! Get your entries in to win one of 5 $65 prize packages! Rules and how to enter can be viewed here. We look forward to seeing all those lovely entries!


🔮 Upcoming

We have a chat party tomorrow at 12 PM EST/Game time on the Discord server! Come hang out with us!

  • Quests & the tutorial will be back with some improvements!

  • Private Sale offers will soon allow you to conduct sales well..privately

  • Bookmark that page! The bookmarks will be back for you to bookmark pages across the site.

  • Pony foals are soon to gallop into Eqcetera. Who's excited for some cute baby ponies?!


That’s all we have for this dev update! Oh.. is that the fall season I see off in the distance?



The Dev Team

Bug Fixes & Reminders
Posted by Curly
Monday, September 14, 2020 (3 Comments)

Hello everyone!


We have been working on a few bug fixes for an early in the week update!


🐛Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed items not being returned to inventory if auction is cancelled

  • Fixed horse auctions ending without bids (horses returning to owner)

  • Fixed show host earnings, these should now pay out!

  • Fixed foals greying too early

  • Fixed training manual bars stuck in the middle on horses without a secondary discipline

  • Messages no longer show the 2 most recent replies

  • White horses with grey genes should now be created properly


❤️ HEART 9/11

We had our donation day on 9/11 in which all revenue went to HEART 9/11. In total we managed to make $210 to donate. This has been donated to HEART 9/11 to aid in their efforts. To learn more about HEART 9/11 you can click here. Our historical donation page has also been updated.

❗❗ Reminders

Forever upgrades will be going off sale tonight at midnight! Also, we have our art contest still going on until the 18th at 6:00 PM. Get in those entries!



The Dev Team

Art Contest Reminder!
Posted by Curly
Saturday, September 12, 2020 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! 

This is a reminder for those interested in submitting for our art contest! We have opened submissions for avatar art to add to our default avatar list. In your account settings page, you can view the few default avatars we currently have. We are wanting to expand this selection and what better way than to introduce some of our players' art!

We will be adding 5 new avatars to our collection. This means 5 submissions are eligible for winning! 

The Prize Package

  1. 2 Spectral tokens

  2. 1,500 ingots

  3. Choice of any combo of 5: Cherry Background(s), Truffle(s), or Mistletoe(s)

  4. Featured in the winners news post and social media.

  5. Credit on our credits page.

Prize package is valued at $65. All 5 winners will receive the same prize package. 

For rules and contest info check out this forum!

Contest Ends September 18th at 6:00 PM