V3 Launch Date Change
Posted by Bedouin
Wednesday, August 5, 2020 (16 Comments)

✨Launch Date Change

We mentioned before that August 8th was a tentative launch date. While we hate to push it off, we feel this is for the best as we finish testing and adding the final features. The last thing we want to do is provide anything less than the best. The new launch date (officially!) is August 22nd. V2 will go down at 12 pm EST/game time on August 22nd and V3 will become the official version of Eqcetera at 5 pm EST/game time. You will have to do another password reset at this time. 

To celebrate launch, we will have a chat party on August 22nd at 12 pm EST/game time and a second chat party August 23rd at 8 pm EST/game time. The 8/22 chat party will be during the downtime to help us pass the time! There will be games with some great prizes offered in both chat parties such as:

  • 1 leopard Gypsy Vanner

  • Spectral Tokens

  • 1 Training Manual

  • 1 Enter All

You can follow our progress on V3. We’ve knocked out a lot of the larger bugs this week and will be following up on the smaller ones over the next 2 weeks. Our list of things to move over from V2 is getting smaller and smaller. We’re so excited for launch and to be able to provide new content again. 

We encourage everyone to try to actively play V3 over the next 2 weeks. Your feedback matters! And the more people who play, the more bugs we can squash before official launch.

Link to V3:

Credit Store Changes
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, August 3, 2020 (20 Comments)

There are a lot of important updates here so be sure to read carefully. This has been copied from V3 but contains important information so it's being reposted here.

✨ Credit Store

The credit store is finished! There are a few changes so make sure to read over this part.

Credit Name

Credits are now named ingots. Ingots are rare and consist of various metals. They will fit in with a storyline we hope to bring to Eqcetera soon.

Individual Credit Purchases

We’re officially doing away with the custom purchase for credits from V2. This didn’t make sense with the new conversion. Instead, we’ll offer packages (which comes with some bonus ingots). You can view them in the credit store to see what will be offered. Note: images for the packages are coming soon! They’re just a grey square right now.

Decision on Add-ons

After discussing the add-on prices more, we decided to completely remove them. Instead, the subscription tiers will absorb the following:

Pricing is still as follows: Bronze - $3.99/mo, Gold - $6.99/mo, and Platinum - $9.99/mo. You can view the full list in the credit store or on the help site.

Some benefits were completely removed such as being able to view BS at 1 year and always having access to limited edition backgrounds. We felt these were too pay-to-win and tipped the balance a bit too much.

The additions to the training manual and enter all will be moved into a second tier account upgrade for both. So after you purchase the Training Manual, you’ll see the option to purchase Training Manual 2 which will include the saved training and training log. With Enter All 2, you’ll be able to enter horses on the show page. Both the Training Manual 2 and Enter All 2 will be one-time purchases available at the same price as the first versions. More info available in the Item Catalog.

Enter All 2 - Training Manual 2

Payment Methods

V2 was set up to only accept Paypal payments. While V3 will still have Paypal available for one-time payments such as ingot packages, there is another system that has been integrated for credit card payments and subscriptions. 

Packages: Click “purchase” and see a confirmation screen. You’ll be able to choose your payment method here.

Upgrade with Ingots: You’ll be able to upgrade with ingots for regular bronze upgrades like V2. For a limited time, you’ll be able to upgrade your account forever at the bronze, gold, or platinum level. If you’re already upgraded as a forever Bronze Account, you will always see the option to upgrade to the other two tiers for ingots.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions will always be by credit card (includes debit cards), not Paypal. This was a very hard decision to make. Paypal subscriptions are hard to maintain and are not as robust as the system we are moving to and as we grow, we need something simple and reliable. This system also allows players to switch between tiers easily without having to cancel and unsubscribe. The bronze level will be available for credit purchases just like V2.


  • You can use both Paypal and credit cards with packages, but you can only use credit cards (includes debit cards) for subscriptions.
  • The bronze level will be available for credit purchases just like V2.

Current Subscriptions

If you’re wondering what will happen to your current subscription, that is a great question. Over the first month after launch, I’ll be canceling all Paypal subscriptions about 5 days before they’re set to renew. You have fully paid for a month and as long as you re-subscribe with the new system, you’ll receive no interruption in your upgrade. If for some reason your upgrade is interrupted, everything purchased will be reinstated as usual if you re-subscribe.

Subscription Management

With the new system, subscription management will no longer be hosted on Instead, there will be a link to a portal where you can cancel your upgrade, change it to a different tier, change your credit card info, and view billing history. This is to keep all subscription management (except for updating accounts) off of for compliance reasons. 

Credit Cards

Speaking of compliance, I just wanted to make a special note here. Eqcetera will never see any of your credit card info, and it won’t be stored on our servers. This is completely handled by Stripe which is a PCI compliant software system, meaning it has passed all the required regulations for credit card handling. Please don’t think you can’t use credit cards because of insecurity. If you’re worried about the lack of Paypal’s dispute system, Stripe also has one that works in the same way. ;)

Art Update: Stock Foals
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, August 1, 2020 (14 Comments)

Happy Art Update day!

Stock Foals

These cuties will now show for any foals of stock breeds which include: Andalusian, APH, Appaloosa, Mustang, Quarter Horse, Warlander, Quarter Paint, American Azteca, and Azteca.

Christmas in July Sale

This sale will last until August 7th at midnight. We’re not sure when Spectral Tokens will be available again. 

We thank everyone who has purchased bundles through this sale! It’s helped carry us through the lull V2 has had while we’ve been focused on V3. 

V3 Progress

You can keep up with V3 progress in the news posts on V3. We’re working our way towards the finish line. In another few days, I’ll post with updated information about the launch on August 8th. 

Just a tiny sneak peek for those who haven’t logged into V3 yet. :P

Happy Anniversary!! (+V3 Testing)
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, July 20, 2020 (37 Comments)

Happy Eqcetera Anniversary!! Wow, can you believe it was a year ago today that we launched V2? This year has flown by. V2 has changed and grown so much over that time. We love this community and see a future with Eqcetera which is why we decided to bring to you V3.

V3 Testing

As mentioned previously, V3 is not 100% complete. We’re still working on some features and will continue to fine tune the existing ones over the next couple weeks. You’ll see that the gameplay remains largely unchanged.



You do not have to register, but you WILL have to reset your password in order to login. This is because the passwords are encrypted differently from V2 and for security reasons, they are impossible to transfer from one system to the other.

Please note that this is testing only. The V3 site is not final. If you see something that has not carried over from V2, feel free to point it out and we’ll try to get to it in the next 2 weeks before official launch. Our goal is to bring everything over and have it bug free by August 8th. However, we won’t launch if for some reason the new version is not stable enough to close V2, and that’s something we won’t know until closer to that date.

Testing V3 is completely optional. V2 will remain open and unchanged during this period so you can continue playing as normal. When V3 launches, all testing data will be wiped from V3. A fresh import from V2 will then be brought over. We’ll likely need a couple hours of downtime to make sure there are no changes to the database while this is brought over. Details will be announced closer to August 8th.

A quick note on some incomplete features on V3: 1) enter all, 2) breeding requests, 3) estate food and water storage, 4) private messages, 5) referrals, 6) quests, 7) regular auction house, 8) HOF, 9) associations and clubs, 10) game room, and 11) crater. We obviously still have a lot of work to do, and we’ll let you know what’s changing in the V3 news. We’ll summarize all the changes in regular news posts for V2.

Summer S’more Challenge

Hope you guys had fun with the Summer S’more Challenge. :D Below are the winners. 

Flame Team: 11,110 points

Smoke Team: 9,737 points

Our grand winner is Eachai with 2,012 points. Expect prizes soon!

V3 Live Stream!
Posted by Curly
Saturday, July 18, 2020 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone!

It is almost time for our first live stream! We will be going live at 8 PM EST/Game time. A countdown timer on the live stream link is there for you as well. :)

Live Stream Link

Watch the live stream from the link above. Register now!

Forum Post Link

Ask questions in this forum post and access the live update document. Questions may also be asked on Discord in the live stream channel.

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