Crossbreed Art, New Navigation, QoL Changes, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, January 18, 2020 (10 Comments)

Happy update day! This one is a fun one with plenty of quality of life updates. :3

Discord Chat Party

Don’t forget about the Discord chat party happening today! Join us for some fun and games at 1 pm EST/ Game time. We’ll also be talking about changes in this update and what’s coming in the future. :3

Crossbreed Art

We no longer have the default art! All horses should now appear on the background and look consistent. They should also have all colors in the game so no more broken images. This new art will appear for all unrecognized crossbreeds, aka those that appear as “Crossbreed” as well as any recognized crossbreeds that do not yet have art.


You’ll see a major change in the game’s navigation. News has moved to the sidebar as “Site News” while Estate links have taken a more prominent role. Inventory has also turned into an icon. Note that the stable navigation has disappeared from each page in favor of the top navigation. However, if you visit someone else’s stable, you will still see it in order to view all their properties. 

The mobile menu has been redone so that you can click the item for the dropdown menu underneath. 

New Foal Tab/Barn

Foals are now a separate area on the stable page from the Transport section and will appear there immediately after a successful breeding. This tab is visible to all players so you no longer have to board a foal in order for it to show for other people. It functions the same as the Transport so once you board a foal, it will move into its designated tab.

Foundation Store

The Foundation Store has gotten a facelift! It’s now one of the interactive pages on Eqcetera. When purchasing a new horse, you will be able to immediately see the horse, how much you’ve spent, and see your available stalls in real time. 

Breeding Grounds

Another page with an updated interface is the Breeding Grounds. Now, when you select a mare and stallion, you can see them directly on the page along with more information like color, PS, and BS. 

When selecting two horses, you will see the “Breed” button update to the foal breed. For example, if you’re breeding a Friesian and a Clydesdale, the button will update to “Breed Friesdale Foal.” Once you click the breed button, you’ll see an error or success message. If the breeding is successful, you’ll also see your foal with a link to their page. If you have twins, both foals will be shown. You can click over to your foal or click “Breed Again?” to see your list of stallions and mares.

Additionally, you can also now “search” for the horse you want to breed. Just start typing the horse’s name, breed, level, or ID number to narrow down the selection of horses for both the mare and stallion. Once selected, the dropdown will disappear and the horse information will show up.

Horse Offspring

Instead of the list on the horse’s page, offspring is now listed on its own page. This page shows more information such as BS, genes, level, and lifetime earnings.

Bank Transactions

Bank transactions are now grouped by day and category. You can see the date, type, and total. The type is clickable if you want to review a specific type of transaction. Please let us know if “type” is missing for any reason.

New Players Page

Feeling generous? You can now see who has joined in the past 7 days, the date they joined, and if they’re online. The link to this page is at the top of the Community page.

DNA Testing

Purebred and registered crossbreeds should no longer appear for DNA testing. You can also click DNA test directly from a horse’s page and have it be selected in the dropdown.

Pages Open to Public

Thanks to this suggestion, there are now a lot more pages open for players to browse before joining. You can now see the custom horse generator, news, forums, world, and help pages. Some basic stats have also been added to the home page. 

Future Changes

Boarding Centers

Boarding centers will become an upgraded only feature. All basic accounts will be refunded any money spent on boarding stalls. Boarding stalls above 250 stalls will also go from 1 credit per stall to 1 credit per 5 stalls, and anyone who has purchased stalls for credits will be refunded their credits.

Converted Stalls

Converted stalls will no longer be an option. This is to prevent both confusion and unnecessary kicking of boarders.

Daily Boarding Bill 

As a solution to the issue of boarding horses without paying (basically free board because the horses already have feed), a daily boarding bill will show up for your account each day. So instead of paying boarding fees upfront, you will pay a boarding bill each day.

Rare Breed Vouchers

Each month, you’ll get a specific amount of Rare Breed Vouchers to purchase rare breeds (Marwaris and future rare breeds) from the Foundation Store. The official name and number are still to be determined.

Update Schedule

This will be the last functionality update for the next 2-4 weeks. We’re taking some time to really think about how things work in the game, and that includes changes that are hard to fit into a one-week update. We’d also like to knock out a lot of bigger features all in one go.

Note that we will still have an art update in 2 weeks, this time with a new breed. Any guesses to what it could be? Hint: it has to do with world events.

Bug Reporting
Posted by Vulpine
Monday, January 13, 2020 (1 Comments)

Hey, guys! There has been a small change to bug reporting.

To make bug reporting more efficient, we want to encourage you guys to only submit bugs through the support center, the Bugs & Errors forum, or the Discord #bugs channel. If you have any questions as to properly reporting a bug to the Bugs & Errors forum, please read Curly’s post! If her post does not cover your question, feel free to ask it below. c:

We’ll keep you updated if there are anymore changes!

Estate Additions, Bug Squishes and Tweaks!
Posted by Curly
Saturday, January 11, 2020 (6 Comments)

Another update day is upon us. =D

Private Stud/Brood Option

You can now put your horses up for private stud or brood. If set to private, other players can send you a request to use the services. You’ll see a yellow heart on the stable page. You can also view any requests in the Manage section of the horse. 

A list of both incoming and outgoing breeding requests can be viewed in the Breeding Grounds with options to cancel if it’s your request or accept or reject. Any horses that are sold, surrendered, or transferred will have all breeding requests deleted.

Feed Storage

You can now increase your feed storage up to 2,000. For those of you with lots of horses, this can now be a viable option for feeding again.

Show Creation

You can now create 20 shows instead of just 15. Yes, for all of you who like perfect numbers, we’ve heard you. ;P


Associations now have transfer logs so you can keep track of where money is used. All association members can see the logs. If you’re not a member, you can now see basic information and donate.


  • Search is now less strict when searching by name. For instance, if you enter “New,” it will return all horses named New Horse.

  • When purchasing or transferring horses, the “Eat from Feed Storage” option is now reset.

  • There is now a search bar in the associations for horses.

Bug Fixes

  • The quests bug is now fixed! Anyone who hasn’t started or who is halfway through should now only see one quest for each of the tutorial quests like intended.

  • You should no longer have an issue with training centers appearing active in the training center but not letting you train at them. 

  • Training centers in Community Training should now show the correct facilities.

  • Pangare should now show in Shetlands where it’s supposed to.

Posted by Curly
Friday, January 10, 2020 (3 Comments)

Its time again to play bingo!

This Sunday at 5 PM game time we will be playing bingo on our Discord server! We will begin sending out bingo cards at 5 PM to those who wish to play. Three rounds will be played, the first two for bingo and the last as blackout. 

Note: A game of bingo will be played in the forums Sunday at 6 PM Gametime if you do not use Discord. Message Curly on Sunday to get your card!

State of Eqc, Crossbreed Art, and Quests
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, January 4, 2020 (14 Comments)

Happy update day! I don’t know about you guys, but I’m happy to be getting back into the groove of things after the holidays! \o/

State of Eqcetera

In the world of online sims, not many are transparent with their finances. Starting this quarter, we’ll be posting quarterly updates on where Eqcetera is financially so you guys can be in the loop too! This also shows that the money you spend on Eqcetera is being put to good use. :3





October 2019




November 2019




December 2019




Detailed report: Google sheet

Don’t be scared by the negative profit numbers. Everyone who needs to get paid does get paid. We have money for everything we need. But to explain this a bit more, this is everything that is being put into the game, including my time. Of course, I’m the last one to get paid and I never actually get paid in full (which is why there are negative numbers :D). The goal is to get there one day though!

This shows what you guys spend, what we pay for art and hosting, and a total expense of staff and marketing. We do have paid staff besides Solo, otherwise how do we all stay motivated? Our goal is for Eqcetera to succeed which is why we’re working on bigger picture plans like the marketing system integration in the background along with the fun things you guys see.

Lastly, this gives transparency on how much time I personally spend on the game. To be honest, I have my ups and downs with motivation to work on Eqcetera. However, I try to be consistent because it is a growing community and I have high hopes for it! But like many of you guys, I still have to work elsewhere to pay the bills which is why I try to budget my time for priority features/fixes. My long-term goal is to work on games full-time which would open up a lot of possibilities for Eqc.

New Crossbreed Art: Anglo Arabs

It’s that time again! It feels like we just got art. :O Anyways, this is #8/15 so we’re officially now over halfway through all the registered crossbreeds!

Next up (in 2 weeks) will be the generic crossbreed art! We’ll start with the light body base and have that be the same for all crossbreeds, similar to foals. Soon, there will be no more default art!

Credit Sale

In order to fund all this lovely art from Solo, we’re having a credit sale to ring in 2020! Credits will be 20% off until Sunday, January 12 at 8 pm EST.


The first round of quests are here! Everyone has been entered into the tutorial quest. This is a series of 10 quests that explain things about Eqc. Hopefully, this isn’t new information for anyone (except actual new players :D), but it should help get everyone familiar with how quests will run once the more complex ones are in. 

Please provide feedback for these. This is replacing the old tutorial so input is valuable! Also, let us know what you think about the flow of completing the quests. 

Equippable Items

You can now equip items to horses! Equipped items will disappear from your inventory and you will not be able to auction them. You can find and remove a horse’s equipped items below their image on their page.

You can now use your mistletoe items! Note that the item will only come in use in breeding if you are breeding your own horses. If a mistletoe is equipped to both the stallion and mare in the breeding, the stallion’s mistletoe will be used first.


All generic crossbreeds have been gelded or sterilized. This allows everyone to still keep them but not allow them to breed. The breeding would not work anyway with the new crossbreed breeding system. NOTE: Only crossbreeds that were created prior to the December 14th update are affected by this change.

The issue with crossbreeds placing last in shows should now be fixed. They’re competitive again!


  • Next/previous horse buttons now show on mobile when showing.

  • Purebred and registered crossbreed horses now automatically show breed percentages.

  • You can now see the number online from the user bar on mobile.

  • Elite shows are now being created.

  • HTML comments are now allowed in stable layouts.

Bug fixes:

  • Crossbreeds should now show the correct %. 

  • When sending money to players from associations/clubs, it will now actually take the money out of the till. X.x

  • New subscribers who were upgraded before will now have all their estate properties reinstated correctly.

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