Art and Color Updates!
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, August 14, 2019 (0 Comments)

Hello! Welcome to any new players! Here's a small mid-week update. :3

Chat Party

Our chat party will take place at 1 PM Game time/EST this Saturday August 17th. The theme for our chat party is Shetland Ponies in celebration of Breed of the Month! As always, there will be prizes for the chat games! We'll also be releasing the first crossbreed art at the end.

Barn Images

When buying barns for your estate, they now have their own images!

Color Fixes

Note: These will be for all future horses created. Past horses are not a part of this. If you're interested in an in-depth view of all genetics for each breed in the game, check out this spreadsheet.

  • Leopard colors should now generate correctly in the game based on Lp, Patn1, and Patn2 genes.

  • Pearl should now generate correctly. The horse's base will change to Pearl if they have Crprl or prlprl.

  • Bay and chestnut roans are now specific to the shade. So if you have a Seal Bay horse that has roan added to it, it will now be a Seal Bay Roan instead of a Bay Roan.

  • Red duns are now specific to the chestnut shade.

Custom Generator Fixes

  • Tovero should now show if Tobiano and Overo are both selected.

Other Fixes/Tweaks

  • Edited timestamps should now only show once with a total of how many times the post has been edited.

  • The offspring list should now show the correct breed.

  • Saturday shows are now limited to being created 1 day in advance.

  • Train all should now be mobile friendly.

  • Profile description editing has been fixed.

Sparkly New Custom Generator :O
Posted by Bedouin
Sunday, August 11, 2019 (3 Comments)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!

Custom Generator

After a LOT of work, we now have a new custom generator! You do not need a Magic Horse Token or a breed coin to play with it. It's available in the Lab. This generator goes off a points system. All customs start with 10 points but if you go over that, you will have to pay 1 credit per point. You can also now choose white markings. Customs have a better chance of getting a decent BS.

Past customs with errors can be sent to Curly. Name the horse with your username, send to Curly, then message Curly your horse(s) have been sent. Your credits will be applied shortly. Those customs that you want to keep and not send can be fixed by posting to Discord in the "horses-needing-fixing" channel or posting to this forum.

Breed Coin Sale

To celebrate the new custom generator, there is a breed coin sale lasting until August 18 at midnight EST. 

National Shows

National shows will start being created tonight.


Whether you're new or a veteran player, check out the FAQ. It has many of the basics of gameplay there. If you have anything to add, make sure to suggest it!


At some point this week, all upgraded accounts on borrowed time (ie still upgraded past their expire date) will be forcefully downgraded. This means that non-premium features such as boarding and training will become inactive on your account. Just a warning ahead of time. :)


Not as big of an update this week because the custom generator took so many hours, but we're working towards some new features so keep a lookout!

Custom generator is down for improvements
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, August 5, 2019 (0 Comments)

Hi all!

With all the errors the custom generator has been giving lately, I'm removing it until I can fix all the errors and potentially make some changes.

If you have any error horses from it, you can post in Discord, the forums, or create a support ticket for it, and I'll manually fix them. If you purchased a custom breed coin, hold onto it and you'll be able to use it when the generator is back up. :D

If you'd like to throw in your 0.02 on how we move forward with the custom generator, please go to this topic and add them there.

Summer event, white markings, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, August 3, 2019 (12 Comments)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Can you believe it's been 2 weeks since launch already? 

If you haven't had a chance to join the Shetland contest, make sure you [join here].

Summer S'more Challenge

Eqcetera's first site-wide event starts today! You can find event information in the menu. 

For this event, you are divided into teams, the Smoke Team and the Flame Team. You will find 3 different items around the game which can be combined into a s'more. Every time you create a s'more, it will add both to your personal points and to your team points. Teams have been randomly assigned and each new registration on the site will be assigned to the team with the fewest amount of members.



Anyone who participates in the event will receive a participation trophy/badge. You must create at least one s'more to receive this. 

Winning Team

Each member of the winning team will receive 1 credit. 

Champion Collector

The player with the most s'mores combined will receive 20 credits. You can keep track of who's winning in the Hall of Fame.

Horse Markings

While we don't get a new breed or crossbreed art today, Solo has been working her fingers to the bone to go back and add white markings to all purebred horses. The following markings are now possible: 

  • Leg markings: coronet, pastern, sock, and stocking

  • Face markings: bald face, blaze, irregular blaze, large star, small star, snip, and stripe

  • Body markings: bend or spots and birdcatcher spots

Horses can have any marking in the following “slots”: face, body, left front leg, right front leg, left hind leg, and right hind leg. Different breeds have different possibilities for markings. Body markings are especially rare. 

Now, you're probably asking: can these markings be passed down to foals? The answer is… mostly. Foals have a chance of inheriting markings from their mother. However, they also have a small chance of getting a new marking. 

Maximum Markings

Another project Solo did was going back to add maximum markings for sabino, tobiano, rabicano, and roan. This means that if your horse has two copies of any of these genes, the marking will be displayed more than if there is only one marking. The color names do not change.

Association Money Till

Associations now have money! Past member and horse registrations have been added to this. Right now, you can't do anything with the money, but more functionality is coming soon!

Small Changes

  • Removed pages from the top of the bank transactions page.

  • Community training is now scrollable on mobile.

  • If you're on a horse's page and enter something that is not a number in the feed input, it will now show “ERROR (Must be a number to calculate)” instead of NaN (code jargon for not a number).

  • You can now hover over the up arrow next to your horse's level to see how many points you need to reach the next level.

  • Training facilities that do not have any training upgrades should no longer appear in the list.

  • Horse image layers should now be correct on horses - no more sooty over white!

  • Changed the greyed out “Accepted” button to a “Complete” link for objectives. Hopefully, this makes them easier to navigate until we can focus on making them more user friendly. 

Bug Fixes

  • You should no longer be able to edit a horse if you're still on its page after it gets sold.

  • Fixed an issue where the horse's paternal grandmother was not showing up if she was retired.

  • Fixed member profile links in the association member roster.

  • Horses should now show up for stud in the association list.

  • Crossbreeds should now correctly show in the association list.

  • Varnish blankets should now come out as actual varnish blankets in the custom generator instead of snowcap.

  • Sabino tobiano customs should now have images displayed correctly.

  • Messages are now required to have a subject.

Note: Still working on manually fixing horses from past bugs. All newly created horses should not have any problems.

Introducing: Breed of the Month!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, August 1, 2019 (4 Comments)

Hello Everyone! Happy first day of August!

To celebrate each new month we are kicking off our monthly “Breed of the Month!” starting today!

This months breed is….

Shetland Ponies!

Our social media posts will be centered around Shetland Ponies and include games with a prize! There is a forum contest to compete to gain the most levels on your new foundation bought Shetland Pony. To enter go to the forum contest! The pony that gains the most levels during the month will win a Shetland Pony breed coin!

At the end of the month there will be a vote for next months Breed of the Month!

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