POAs, Enter All, Crossbreeds + More!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, September 28, 2019 (20 Comments)

Happy Update Day! We have quite a few things in this update so be sure to read everything. :)

Chat Party

There’s going to be a chat party on Discord at 3 pm EST! Be sure to tune in as we discuss this update and get feedback on some future plans.

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. Your input has been invaluable and has helped us get a pulse on where everyone stands with not only how the game is being run but also opinions on current features and how we can improve gameplay. There are a couple recurring trends I noticed which I’ll list here (that aren’t already being addressed in this update):

  • Discord vs the Forums :: Although our community is usually active within the confines of Discord, Eqcetera may seem like a ghost town for those who haven’t joined Discord. To try to balance the community between Discord and the forums, we’re going to make an effort to bring more activity into the forums.

  • More things to do :: This is definitely something we’re working on! It will involve several major updates to the game which will be completed over time. If you have any specific suggestions, we’re always listening to new ideas!

  • Economy Adjustments :: We are aware that show purse winnings to show creators are too high right now. However, until there are more ways to win money in the game, we can’t decrease this quite yet. Economy balancing will definitely be a focus over the next month or two.

…. Now onto the juicy updates! ^_^

New Crossbreed Art - Pony of the Americas (POAs)

Our next crossbreed art has been added! 2 down and 11 to go!

Please note that in 2 weeks, there will not be a new breed nor new crossbreed art. Solo will be dedicated to adding in some new colors variations and getting caught up on various tasks. Our art schedule should resume as normal in 4 weeks. :)

Enter All Button

It’s finally here! This much requested feature can be found in the credit store for 50 credits. Please make sure to leave feedback on the functionality of the button. We’re always willing to optimize current features!

If you purchased the Enter All on V1, you will automatically see that your cost is 25 credits. You get a 50% discount to honor your past purchase.

Better Showing Experience

We’re working on improving the showing experience for accounts without the Enter All button. The first step for this is to add a shift + click functionality so you’ll no longer need a browser plugin for this. Hopefully this speeds up your time showing.


It is now possible to get twins when breeding horses. The chance is very small to mimic real life, but it is possible. This will allow for future features such as chimerism.


First of all, I want to say that crossbreeds have not historically been added to obvious areas of the game to keep an air of mystery around them. It would encourage players to breed their own crosses to find recognized ones. 

However, this has caused both confusion and crossbreeds to be left behind. They are just as much a part of the game as purebreds are, but players forget about them because they’re left out of specific areas of the game. So they’ve now been added officially into the game although you still can’t purchase them directly from the Foundation Store or as customs.

You can now find the official list of parent breeds and resulting crosses on the Getting Started page (no more relying on The Crossbreed Queen for the list :]). They also now show up in both search and the Hall of Fame. 

I issue an official challenge to everyone to try to catch up the crossbreeds to some of the pures. :3

Crossbreeds Pt 2 - Breeding back to Parent Breeds

It is now possible to breed back to a crossbreed’s parent breed. However, because crossbreeds have their own unique set of breed standards, this may not always be advisable if breeding for BS. But it’s an option now. :D


Horses now must be approved in associations in order to join. The list of horses to register has now been limited to horses who have not registered before and qualify to join the association. Association presidents also have the option to reject the horse and provide a reason. After a decision has been made, the horse’s owner will receive a notification on the decision.

Poll Center

There is now a poll center! You can access this on the news page. When a poll goes live, everyone will receive a notification like a news post so no need to check back unless you want to look at the results of a poll you voted on. :)


In an effort to make forums more usable, I’ve completely revamped the backend logic for them. This has allowed for a few different things.

  • Bumps no longer have a “fake” reply associated with them.

  • Forums now have pages.

  • You can see if a post has been bumped or replied.

  • Creating a topic has been moved to its own page.

  • You now have pages to see which posts and replies you’ve made.

Help Icons

Around the game, you’ll start noticing little help icons. This is to explain specific features without having to go to the wikia or find your answer in help. 

Credit Transactions

Credit transactions have been moved out of the bank, and you will start seeing credit transactions related to your account from today onward in the Credit Store. Bank transactions are deleted after 30 days which was deleting credit transactions as well. Credit transactions will no longer be deleted.

Other Tweaks/Improvements

Here are some smaller improvements in a list.

  • You should now receive a notification if you had horses kicked from a stable that was downgraded.

  • You must board a horse to put it up for sale. Only boarded horses will show up in the sales pen.

  • Fixed the stall count in the Foundation Store. It should now accurately reflect how many home stalls you have.

  • The next and previous buttons are now confined to tabs on both the horse pages and showing.

  • You can now delete bookmarks. :O

  • Added an age column to Feed Manager.

  • Create a Tab section of the stable page has been moved to Manage Tabs page.

Coming Soon

We’re working our way down the list! According to the last big update, we have the following coming up:

  • Objectives revamp

  • Association shows

  • More ways to make money

As always, we appreciate everyone who has stuck with us this far! We’re constantly changing things to be better based on your input so keep it coming!

Discord Chat Party + Survey
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 (3 Comments)

Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Our September chat party will be at 3 pm EST/Game time this Saturday, September 28. Like every chat party, we're going to be asking for feedback on different areas of the game. 

Before Saturday, we ask that you take this simple 3 question anonymous survey. We would love to know how we’re doing running Eqcetera! Results will be discussed as a community during the chat party.

For the chat party agenda, here’s a high level list of things we plan to discuss so get your thinking caps on and come prepared on Saturday to discuss. :D

  • General feedback - Thoughts on updates, rare breed releases, and boarding centers

  • Grinding vs strategy - What keeps you online?

  • Associations - Game vs player associations

  • Genetic diseases

  • Motivation/prizes for upcoming referral contest

  • Objectives - What would you like to see?

  • Time permitting - Feedback on big planned feature

As you can see, we have a lot to talk about! If you’d like to have your thoughts heard in a group discussion, make sure to attend. Chat party feedback helps us plan the next couple months on Eqcetera. We’ll also have a few games with prizes to break up the serious talk.

Note: The chat party will be on Discord. You’ll see a separate channel created before the start time labeled #chat-party-2019-09-28.

Foal Art, Credit Sale, and Future Plans!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, September 14, 2019 (19 Comments)

It’s that time of week again! And look at what we have for you. :O

Foal Art

That’s right! All horses under 2 will now display foal art, including crossbreeds. This foal art is specifically for light build breeds but will show for all breeds. More foal bases will be added over time for draft and pony types.

Foals have a couple interesting aspects, notably greying. If a foal is grey, they will only have slight greying around the eyes and belly. The color name will also be the base color shown. The only way to know if they are actually going to grey out is genetic test them. A couple other markings such as rabicano appear differently than adults.

Red Chestnut foal who will become Rose Grey at 2. You can see the beginnings of greying.

Credit Sale

Eqcetera’s first credit sale since launch is here! Credits will be 20% until Sunday, September 22 around 5pm EST. Remember that infinite upgrades will go away on October 31, and there won’t be another credit sale between now and then. If you take a peek at the Future Plans section of this post, there is also an upcoming new credit item. :o

Quick Look

The quick look section on the horse page has been cleaned up a bit! A quick look at BS and indicators of whether the horse is a foundation or custom have been added. If you have any suggestions of what else can be added there to fill up the space, please suggest.

White Markings

You can now see the list of white markings your horse has in the Miscellaneous Information section.


A brood list has now been added to the breeding grounds like studs.


At age rollover tonight, Marwaris will be removed from the Foundation Store and as a coin in the Credit Store. They will appear every month in the Foundation Store on the 5th and in the credit store on the 3rd, 11th, 19th, and 27th. 

Quality of Life Improvements

  • A toggle has been added to the sale/brood and sale sections of the horse page to turn those options on and off. This should make this more user friendly than making those fields 0.

  • The size of the checkbox when entering shows has been increased for easier selection.


  • Horse status icons (hungry, for sale, breeding cooldown, etc) have been moved into their own column on the stable page. They’ve also been resized. More icons are in the process of being commissioned to replace text.

  • A training checkmark has been added to the PS column on the stable page.

  • There is now a limit on how much you can feed your horse. It is 210 which would feed a horse for 30 years.

  • You will now receive a notification for if your stud/brood service is used.

  • Fixed link to horses from feed management.

Future Plans

We’ve got some exciting upcoming plans! Just to loop you guys in, here are some things you can expect to see over the next month or two:

Show All Option

This will be a credit item just like the train all. We’re still working out the details of how exactly it will work. Because this will cause people to not stay online as much (no more 5 hours to show :o), we want to pair this with some new features that will encourage people to stay on and play the game.

Objectives Revamp

In theory, the objectives feature is a great idea. We want to bring it to its full potential by pulling in Thaddeus, our NPC, and changing how you start objectives. The plan is for him to give you your next 1-3 objectives and you have a time limit to complete the objective. Once an objective is completed, a new one will take its place. This is a completely optional part of the game, but we would like it to be challenging for those who want to use it. 

Objectives will also be locked down by RP. Players must reach a certain RP for Thaddeus to offer you the objective to complete. Prizes will also be reconsidered because we want this to be a viable part of the game for making money.

Association Shows

Associations will be able to make their own conformation shows. These shows will judge horses by BS only with a slight random factor. We’ll make sure to include more stringent rules for horses joining along with the ability to accept or reject horses into the association by the president before adding this. Only horses registered with the association will be able to join the shows.

More ways to make money

Again, we’re still working on the best way to implement this into the game. We have a few ideas, but nothing concrete yet. Once there are other ways to make money in the game, earnings from the show purse (making money from creating shows) will be drastically decreased.

Lots of plans! But this means that updates might be spread out a bit more because these are bigger features. So if a Saturday update is missed, know that we’re working on making the game better behind the scenes and the feature is just too big to complete and test in a week.

Gene tweaks + fixes, credit bids in auctions, and bug fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Wednesday, September 11, 2019 (4 Comments)

Mid-week update! :D


Curly and I have been working on straightening out some parts of the genetics. This includes a few fixes and a few new colors! 


  • Silver and flaxen should now show on horses.

  • Pearl has been eradicated from breeds that should no longer have it.

New Colors

  • Marwaris now have sooty!

  • Appaloosas are now allowed to have pearl. The image layer has been uploaded.

  • Brown Dun

  • Seal Dun

  • Amber Dun

  • Gold Dun

  • Classic Grulla

  • Amber Silver

  • Classic Silver

Keep an eye out for new color variations appearing soon! I saw something about chocolate palomino. :O


You can now set an auction to either be with credits or money. All bids will be in the chosen currency. Autobuys are now optional.

The auction house has been tweaked to be easier to browse.

 Other Fixes/Tweaks

  • Horses should now retire between 21 and 30 - there was a bug that made the likelihood of horses retiring at 21 way too high.

  • “Years old” has been removed from the horse search results for more consistent sorting.

  • Pearl should now be checked if a horse has it.

  • Feed management now shows horses with 5 or less feed.

Marwaris in Foundation Store + Bug Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, September 7, 2019 (3 Comments)

**drumroll** Ready for some Marwarrrrriiis?


They’re now in the foundation store! Due to some concerns about keeping them rare, they will only be available for one week instead of one month as previously announced. They will be available until September 14th around midnight. 

While they are in the foundation store, Marwaris will cost $10,000 instead of $2,000.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug where you could breed a stallion multiple times without a breeding rest has been fixed.

  • You can no longer transfer horses to yourself.

  • The login issue where you could log in on certain devices but not others should now be fixed. 

  • Items should no longer get stuck in auctions. 

Super short update this week because I’ve been busy with client work. I’ll be working on stuff tomorrow to play catch up though!

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