S'more Challenge Results and BOTM Winners and V1 Closure
Posted by Curly
Sunday, September 1, 2019 (2 Comments)

Hello! Community announcements incoming. :D

Summer S’more Challenge Winners

Smoke Team - 14,260

Flame Team - 13,608

Congrats, Smoke Team! You’ve received 1 credit.

The Master Collector with a reward of 20 credits goes to `Roze` with 4,543 points collected. 

August BOTM Winners

The August BOTM contest was a fun way to pull the BOTM into gameplay. Here are the winners of a shiny Shetland Pony coin:

We also had several questions posted on social media throughout the month.

Next Breed of the Month - Clydesdale

For the month of September, we’ll celebrate the gentle giant, the Clydesdale. Join us for fun and games both on social media and another in-game contest which can be found here.


Eqcetera first opened to the public on December 1, 2012. It's been such a wild ride the past almost 7 years that it's been open. A lot of you have been around for most of it. V1 had its ups and downs, but there was something there for all of us to enjoy. This new version will live on in the spirit of V1, but today is the last day for V1 to be online

If you'd like to say your goodbyes, please do so before around 6-7 pm EST. It'll be closing forever then. We'll remember you fondly, V1! 

The V1 database has been stored so if anyone still needs to transfer their V1 account over, the transfer functionality is still functional. 

New breed, training centers, feed master, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, August 31, 2019 (7 Comments)

Happy Saturday (aka Breed Release Day)!

New Breed Release Format

Now that we’re in a groove with new art and can predict when new breeds arrive, we’re switching up the structure. When a new breed is released, it will be released first as a breed coin. One week later, it will become available in the foundation store. Remember that breed art is funded by credit purchases so this is a long-term solution to hopefully encourage credit purchases for the next breed art. :D

New Breed - Marwari

This is the first breed that will be released in the new format. Marwari coins are now available in the credit store! They’ll become available in the foundation store on September 7.

Did you know that there are only a few thousand Marwaris in the world? Because of the rarity of the Marwari in real life, we want to have that reflect in the game. Marwaris will only be available like other breeds for one month after they hit the foundation store (they’ll become limited on October 5). After that, they will only appear in the foundation store one day per month, and the Marwari Coin will only be available in the credit store one day per week. We hope to continue this trend with super rare breeds in the future as they’re added. 

Boarding Centers

You now have boarding centers! You can purchase boarding stalls under Construction, and boarding stalls do not count towards your estate acres. Basic players can have up to 50 stalls. Upgraded players can have up to 500 stalls, but stalls after 250 cost 1 credit each.

There are now kick rules! You can set rules for feed, inactivity time, and frozen time. Boarders will be automatically kicked. You can edit the rules in your estate settings, and rules are displayed prominently at the top of your boarding center.

Note: You cannot board your own horses at your boarding centers. This is a way to give players a place to board, not an estate addition for your own expansion. :)

Feed Master

You can now hire the Feed Master for your estate. He adds a section to Feed Management that allows you to see all your horses’ feed and add feed to all horses at the same time. This is an upgrade that is available to both basic and upgraded accounts for a very expensive price. 

Support Tickets

Support tickets are now private. We’ll continue to build upon this system to provide tools for you to report your issues.

Brood Mares

You can now put your mares up for brood. This system works exactly the same as the stud system. The stallion’s owner keeps the foal.

Association Forum

There is a new forum named “Association Hub.” This forum is to connect with other people, advertise your own association, etc. If this gets a lot of interest, we may add a forum inside each association although we’ll have to figure out the best way to moderate those.

Summer S’more Challenge

I hope you’ve had fun with this event! We definitely plan to do similar events in the future, probably for 2 weeks instead of a whole month. If you haven’t gotten in all the s’mores you can, you have until tonight at midnight! Remember, the winning team all get 1 credit and the Master Collector will receive 20 credits.

Forever Upgrades

Remember that forever upgrades are only available for 2 more months! Get them before October 31 when they’ll disappear except for special events. There is now a countdown for the days they have available in the dropdown.

If you want to see why you should upgrade, there is now a comparison chart in the credit store.

V1 Donations

We are still honoring donations made during V1 toward V2. Message Curly with the email you used to make the donation and compensation will be added to your account.

$2.50 Tier

5 credits

$5 Tier

10 credits

$25 Tier

2 month upgrade + 1 Magic Horse Token + 20 credits

$50 Tier

1 year upgrade + 2 Magic Horse Tokens + 30 credits

$100 Tier

Infinite upgrade + 4 Magic Horse Tokens + 40 credits


  • To make the forum listings cleaner, avatars have been removed. Total posts are now more prominently displayed. 

  • Recent activity page has been styled to be more condensed and now has last 20 posts instead of last 10.

  • When a horse is sold, a notification is sent to the seller.

  • If your account is frozen, you can still access news, messages, forums, and online players.

  • Train all is now limited to 100 horses at a time. Only 100 horses will show. Once those are trained, the next 100 will show. 

  • Breed lists around the site should now be alphabetical.

  • There is now a kick selected button at the top of the boarding list.

  • Search for horses now has sorting and levels.

  • Association horse registries now has a sale column.

  • The horse breed has been added to the dropdown for registering a horse for an association.

  • There is now a warning before spaying or gelding your horse.

  • There is now a warning for transferring money to another user.

  • Fixed estate management styling.

Bug Fixes

  • Players can no longer have the same URLs. If someone else has the url your display name creates, it will automatically add a number to the end to preserve uniqueness.

  • You can no longer send a message in a thread from a different account if you log into your side account in another tab.

  • Account freezing has been fixed.

  • Fixed where going to an association from a horse was showing a blank page.

Vote for the next BOTM!
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 (22 Comments)

As we're wrapping up August with Shetlands, we need to decide on September's Breed of the Month. Please vote for one of the 3 breeds below on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter if possible, but if you don’t use social media, you can reply to this post.

Image © our fabulous Middy

August Recap:

Middy has been posting some trivia questions on social media and whoever got the most correct during the month of August will be receiving 5 credits. In the game, there is a BOTM Challenge for the highest leveled Shetland, and the prize for that is a Shetland Coin. We also had some Shetland fun in our August chat party.


We want to combine education and fun with these BOTMs so as we vote for September's breed, feel free to suggest more things we could do to celebrate the next breed.

New Server!
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, August 19, 2019 (6 Comments)

We're now on a bigger faster server that will hopefully make pages load faster. This is the first step in really optimizing the site and allowing us to expand. :D

If you find anything wonky or not working, let me know!

Bug Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Sunday, August 18, 2019 (13 Comments)

So last night's update brought about a few bugs. :x

You should now be able to purchase estate upgrades again. If you purchased one between last night and now that didn't "take", let me know and I'll add it to your estate. Training should now also be fixed.

I went through all the upgrade purchases since launch and made sure the dates added correctly. I've re-upgraded you if you had an issue with the date extending since that time.

Let me know if there are any other issues. I'll be traveling today, but I'll get to them this evening. :D

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