Summer event, white markings, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, August 3, 2019 (12 Comments)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Can you believe it's been 2 weeks since launch already? 

If you haven't had a chance to join the Shetland contest, make sure you [join here].

Summer S'more Challenge

Eqcetera's first site-wide event starts today! You can find event information in the menu. 

For this event, you are divided into teams, the Smoke Team and the Flame Team. You will find 3 different items around the game which can be combined into a s'more. Every time you create a s'more, it will add both to your personal points and to your team points. Teams have been randomly assigned and each new registration on the site will be assigned to the team with the fewest amount of members.



Anyone who participates in the event will receive a participation trophy/badge. You must create at least one s'more to receive this. 

Winning Team

Each member of the winning team will receive 1 credit. 

Champion Collector

The player with the most s'mores combined will receive 20 credits. You can keep track of who's winning in the Hall of Fame.

Horse Markings

While we don't get a new breed or crossbreed art today, Solo has been working her fingers to the bone to go back and add white markings to all purebred horses. The following markings are now possible: 

  • Leg markings: coronet, pastern, sock, and stocking

  • Face markings: bald face, blaze, irregular blaze, large star, small star, snip, and stripe

  • Body markings: bend or spots and birdcatcher spots

Horses can have any marking in the following “slots”: face, body, left front leg, right front leg, left hind leg, and right hind leg. Different breeds have different possibilities for markings. Body markings are especially rare. 

Now, you're probably asking: can these markings be passed down to foals? The answer is… mostly. Foals have a chance of inheriting markings from their mother. However, they also have a small chance of getting a new marking. 

Maximum Markings

Another project Solo did was going back to add maximum markings for sabino, tobiano, rabicano, and roan. This means that if your horse has two copies of any of these genes, the marking will be displayed more than if there is only one marking. The color names do not change.

Association Money Till

Associations now have money! Past member and horse registrations have been added to this. Right now, you can't do anything with the money, but more functionality is coming soon!

Small Changes

  • Removed pages from the top of the bank transactions page.

  • Community training is now scrollable on mobile.

  • If you're on a horse's page and enter something that is not a number in the feed input, it will now show “ERROR (Must be a number to calculate)” instead of NaN (code jargon for not a number).

  • You can now hover over the up arrow next to your horse's level to see how many points you need to reach the next level.

  • Training facilities that do not have any training upgrades should no longer appear in the list.

  • Horse image layers should now be correct on horses - no more sooty over white!

  • Changed the greyed out “Accepted” button to a “Complete” link for objectives. Hopefully, this makes them easier to navigate until we can focus on making them more user friendly. 

Bug Fixes

  • You should no longer be able to edit a horse if you're still on its page after it gets sold.

  • Fixed an issue where the horse's paternal grandmother was not showing up if she was retired.

  • Fixed member profile links in the association member roster.

  • Horses should now show up for stud in the association list.

  • Crossbreeds should now correctly show in the association list.

  • Varnish blankets should now come out as actual varnish blankets in the custom generator instead of snowcap.

  • Sabino tobiano customs should now have images displayed correctly.

  • Messages are now required to have a subject.

Note: Still working on manually fixing horses from past bugs. All newly created horses should not have any problems.

Introducing: Breed of the Month!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, August 1, 2019 (4 Comments)

Hello Everyone! Happy first day of August!

To celebrate each new month we are kicking off our monthly “Breed of the Month!” starting today!

This months breed is….

Shetland Ponies!

Our social media posts will be centered around Shetland Ponies and include games with a prize! There is a forum contest to compete to gain the most levels on your new foundation bought Shetland Pony. To enter go to the forum contest! The pony that gains the most levels during the month will win a Shetland Pony breed coin!

At the end of the month there will be a vote for next months Breed of the Month!

New Discipline, Association Elections, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, July 27, 2019 (2 Comments)

Happy Saturday! We've seen a lot of growth over the past week, and it's so exciting! 

Here are some fixes plus a few new things for you guys.

New Discipline 

The first new discipline is out since Eqcetera has been in development!

Pole Bending (Agility, Flexibility, Speed)


Elections are in! Any member of an association can elect themselves or another member. Votes are tallied and after an election ends, the president is automatically assigned. If there is a tie, the auction will be extended for 6 hours to hopefully break the tie.

All game associations (discipline associations) have been opened for elections. These will happen every month, regardless of if there is a president and last from the 25th of the month to the 1st of the following month. 

When a president leaves a player-made association, an election will immediately become available and will last for 7 days.

Player-made associations no longer have to have a breed speciality. You can also make crossbreed associations if you do decide on a specialty!

More coming soon for associations! This was the first step to get in before moving to other more fun things. :D

Site-wide Stats

A few stats have been added. Totals have been added to the welcome page for the following: new players, total purebred horses, and total crossbred horses. Number by breed has been added to the Hall of Fame.


  • Most recent posts are now grouped by topic to keep everything clean.

  • The single message page has been styled.

  • Bank transactions now show red/green again.

  • Stable page is now HTML friendly.

  • Notifications are now sorted from newest to oldest. They also delete after 30 days.

  • FrFr horses should no longer be able to be purchased from the Foundation Store.

  • You can now see the feed amount for horses in the Rescue Center.

  • Image data is now stored on retired horses (for something in the future :]).

  • You can now surrender horses directly from their page.

  • Rating letter has been removed from the breeding management page.

  • Sales price has been added to the Sales Pen page.

  • User profiles now show a join date.

Bug Fixes

  • Disciplines should now be able to be changed after purchasing and rescuing.

  • Bank pages now wrap and all pages should now be clickable (even if they are long right now - we're working on fixing that!).

  • Multiple estate upgrades should now be able to be demolished at one time now.

  • Fixed last place entry winnings in shows.

  • Made it where 1, 2, and 3 horse shows act off entry fees instead of the formula. This way, you won't lose all your money on a low entry show.

  • You can no longer show someone else's horse. x_X

  • Profile descriptions should now save.

  • Fixed wonky support center.

  • Styled the create ticket page.

There are a few bugs I'm still looking into, but I'm adding more logging around the site to help debug some of these harder issues. :D

Stud search, sales pen, tab reordering, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, July 23, 2019 (3 Comments)

Hello all! Hope everyone is enjoying Eqcetera!

Here's a few bug fixes and a few new things. :D

Stud Search

The long awaited stud search is here! It works the same as the sale search where you have to put in a minimum and maximum price to see results.

Sales Pen

If a stable has any horses for sale, there is now a new area called Sales Pen. This shows horses for sale for that stable. They will still appear in the appropriate tabs on the stable page.

Tab Management

There is now a tab management page under Estate Management where you can reorder tabs and click in them to edit. This will later become more streamlined, just wanted to get the requested reordering functionality in. :D


Horses under 2 years old can now have disciplines changed. Horses that are sold, transferred, surrendered, or auctioned will now have their disciplines unset so they can be changed.

Surrendering a Rescue

Rescues no longer have to be boarded before being surrendered. Hopefully this makes it easier for culling your horses!

Small Tweaks

  • After retiring a horse, you should now be redirected back to your stable page.

  • The show results and messages pages should now be mobile friendly.

  • The first letter of the rating has been added to the breeding management page so you can sort by rating instead of number.

  • Rearranged stable columns to be Name, Age, Gender, Breed, Color, Level, PS, Feed.

  • Added a “Back to Horse” link on the show results page.

  • Primary discipline is now automatically selected in the training center for regular training.

  • There is now a checkbox next to a horse's level on the stable page if they have been shown.

  • Added brands to the lineage section of the horse page.

Bug Fixes

  • The list of boarding stables should now be accurate in terms of which discipline is chosen. You should now be able to select any boarding stable on the list.

  • The training manual should now charge when training at someone else's training center.

  • Fixed an issue where estate upgrades weren't showing.

  • You should no longer be able to train without first selecting a discipline.

  • Customs should no longer have sa2 genes.

  • Fixed an issue where horses were not showing up for stud on the stable page but they were on the horse page.

  • The show filter should now work.

  • Crossbreeds should now show correctly on the boarder list.

  • You can no longer keep breeding a horse on its page after a failed breeding.

Thank you all for reporting bugs and helping us to get everything working correctly!

Eqcetera is now Public!!!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, July 20, 2019 (12 Comments)

It's finally here! Today is the day that Eqcetera goes public. After 3 years of development and 5 months of intensive testing, it's available for anyone who wants to join. 

Eqcetera is now in Public Beta

While we'd love to say that Eqcetera is leaving beta, that is not the case. We're going to call this public beta because there are still a good bit of features that we'd like to add. However, the core gameplay elements of showing, training, and breeding are complete if not really close to being so. We're turning a corner where we can focusing on features outside of the core gameplay like associations.

Welcome New Players!

Welcome to anyone who is newly joining Eqcetera or returning after being gone a while. As a community, we strive to be helpful and friendly to any new players. Also know that staff reads every suggestion and comment about the game and is always striving to make it better for you guys. If you see anything at all, don't hesitate to suggest something better! Just please keep it constructive and polite. :P

Chat Party at 6 pm EST

To celebrate, we're holding a chat party today at 6 pm EST on Discord. We'll be chatting about feedback on the new interface and where we'd like to see Eqcetera go as a community now that we're officially open. Prizes will include Magic Horse Tokens, Magnifying Glasses, credits, and a couple 1-year upgrades.

Huge, Huge Thanks to Everyone!

We'd like to give everyone a thank you for sticking with us throughout the changes. There have been a ton of them! We're really proud of how far Eqcetera has gotten, and we wouldn't have gotten here without your feedback. As thanks, everyone should see +5 credits in their account. We love you guys!

Brand New Breed! - Mustang

Our first new breed in a while is the Mustang! The beautiful art is in place and Mustang Coins should be in the credit store.

Change to Performance Stat Inheritance

This change is now in place. Foals will receive a lot lower PS to start with, but remember that they can be trained immediately. Over their lifetime, foals with training boosts should pass their parents' PS. If anyone has any feedback on how this has been implemented or has a better solution, we are open to suggestions and feedback. If a foal has 6E, they will receive a training boost as well. This is only with foals born from this point forward.


There is now a tutorial in place for new players. We hope it helps at least get you familiar with new gameplay. If anyone has feedback on the contents, we'd love to hear it. We'll be adding to it over the next few months. Note: The tutorial gives monetary rewards so new players should have more than they used to starting out. Discord has been disabled for those who haven't completed the tutorial yet. Since it's only 5 steps right now, there is not an option to disable it.

New Art

The Training Manual now has art:

Feed storage also now has images:

More estate upgrade images coming soon!

Small Changes

Here are some changes that weren't actually bugs.

  • Last place in showing has been bumped up to be the same as second to last place. No more obscenely low last place money sinks.

  • Feed purchase now resets after you save your horse. This should help prevent accidental feed purchases in the future.

  • If you view the home page or the login page and you are logged in, it will redirect you to the welcome page instead of making you login again.

  • When breeding horses, you can now see their levels.

  • When registering, you are now automatically logged in.

Bug Fixes

We're getting through the list! Remember if you find a newly fixed bug that doesn't seem like it was actually fixed, try hard refreshing the page.

Here are the most recent fixes:

  • Horses should no longer age up at 1 AM if they were born between 12 AM and 1 AM.

  • Training should now give the correct stats for the discipline trained in.

  • Regional shows should now reward more money than state shows.

  • Adoption button on the horse's page should now work.

  • The age cron should be fixed and age the correct day of horses.

  • Entering more than 10 shows should no longer charge you for the extra shows.

  • Showing and breeding buttons should now become active after feeding if there are no other messages to show.

  • You should no longer be able to interact with horses while logged out.

  • Horses not showing checked as Cr should now appear checked.

  • The image uploader in the text editor has been disabled again.

  • The association join fee has been fixed and should show the correct amount.

  • Silver dapple should be fixed on horses.

  • Prl has been changed to n on horses who had it.

  • Splash white for Quarter Horses has been fixed.

  • Brown dun and bay dun layers should be fixed now.

  • Fixed some issues with verifying emails.

2014-2015 Donations

If you donated way back when there was a fundraiser for V2 and have not received your perks, please contact Curly. You will need to tell us your email you used if we do not already have you recorded. Since there are no longer account numbers on Eqcetera, we are offering credits instead depending on what level you donated at. Please contact for more details.

Transferring from V1

If you had an account on the first version of Eqcetera, you can still transfer over any credits, upgrades, and custom horses purchased after 1/1/18 by going to your Account Settings page and clicking “Transfer Account.”

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