Contest Results, Additions, and Bug Squashes!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, July 18, 2019 (2 Comments)

Happy eve eve of launch day! More bugs have been squished! More additions have been made!


The results are in for the Patriotic Art contest!

1st Solo with "Red White & Blue"

2nd Guy with "King of Racing"

3rd Middy with "Old Faithful"

Most creative: Middy with "Thug Life"

Most cultural: Guy with "King of Racing"


Bugs Squished:

  • Credit purchases FOR SURE have been fixed.

  • You should now be able to train at public training centers without getting an error that they don't have the correct facilities.

  • Colts and fillies now age up to stallions and mares.

  • You now be able to breed from the horse's page.

  • The show button should now grey out once max shows have been reached.

  • Bonus login notification now appears.

  • Stud management now showing up for 2 year old stallions.

  • Alerts go away when viewed.

  • Discord app now loads on site.


  • A better explanation for email verification with a link to account settings and the support email.

  • Development Status link added on News page.

  • Changed auto retirement ages to 20-30 instead of 25-35.

  • When you geld a horse, it is now removed from stud.

  • You can now board at home without selecting a discipline.

  • Previous and next button on show page.

Suggestions Additions and Subtractions of Bugs!
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, July 17, 2019 (4 Comments)

Happy 3 days until launch!

Todays Fixes:

  • Removed ability train horses without having the correct training areas at your own stable

  • Locked down training centers where if you directly visited the link, it won't let you use it if it's not "active" (the owner hasn't been online in the last hour)


  • Placed current feed beside buying feed option

  • PS updates as you train on the page

  • Removed the 3-5 day options in show creation

  • The train all now shows discipline level beside each discipline

  • Breed now shows in breeding dropdown on horse page

  • When selecting boarding, there is now a message to select disciplines first. This should automatically allow you to select boarding once a discipline is selected.

  • Moved level to own column on stable page

  • Reordered show results page to show newest first

  • Moved save button to top of horses management page

  • Removed “Viewing” and “Editing” from horse name

  • Horse name now shows on browser tab

Thank you all for the great suggestions! Keep 'em coming!

Squashed Some Bugs!
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, July 16, 2019 (0 Comments)

Hello our wonderful players! There are a few bug fixes for you to go check out!

  • Fixed where you can train your horses without selecting its disciplines

  • Fixed feed not automatically get attributed to horses when saving

  • Purchasing horses now works from their page

  • Now not able to feed horses from own storage if they are boarded elsewhere

  • Made it where 2 disciplines can't be set to the same thing 

  • tooltips - You should now see the reason buttons were greyed out

  • Now able to log out of frozen accounts

  • Breed management page is now responsive on mobile

  • Surrendering horses no longer makes them disappear -- There was a limit on the rescue center - Going forward, there will still be a limit of 500 horses to make sure it loads quickly. This is only the view limit. Once a horse is purchased, another will take its place :D

  • Retired horses' names were missing. Mom and dad IDs are now stored on retired horses to keep the lineage intact. This is something just added for retired horses moving forward

  • Accounts can now only be frozen every 7 days. This starts from when you freeze the account, not when it is unfrozen.

We're continuing to review and prioritize bugs. If you find anything, don't hesitate to post! :D

Bug Fixes! :O
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, July 15, 2019 (0 Comments)

Lots of bugs after the update! Here are some fixes.

List of Fixes

  • Fixed credit purchases. Whew, that was an important one.

  • Aging and show resetting should now be fixed (another biggy!). I've run the cron manually today.

  • Stable tabs should now open and collapse individually.

  • You should now be able to edit tabs again. This link will probably move to a tab management page that will include reordering at some point.

  • Training centers should no longer appear closed to the public.

  • Training centers should also get disciplines for horses now.

  • Pagination has been removed from the tables.

  • Bank page now only shows 10 transactions again. Added in paging on the transactions page to make it more viewable.

  • Added back in ribbon placements to horse pages.

  • Fixed custom images - you should now be able to only enter the URL. Also fixed the sizing on these.

  • Fixed the order on the finances page.

I'm looking into the rest of the bugs and suggestion list. Also looking into why Discord suddenly decided not to work.

Thanks for your patience and help with bug hunting! :D

Big Update Time!
Posted by Bedouin
Sunday, July 14, 2019 (8 Comments)

The big update is finally here! I'm sure you're all grumbling that it took long enough. But you'll see that it was worth it. :D

It's Official - V2 is no longer V2!

We've moved to and have now become THE Eqcetera. V1 can still be referred to as V1 but from here on out, when referring to V2, we'll simply call it Eqcetera. :D

New Layout

As you can see, Eqcetera has gotten a shiny new layout. While most pages haven't changed that much, the horse page has seen a lot of changes (more on this later). There are a couple updated layouts or tweaks here and there. For instance, you can now see a preview of your recent messages and notifications in the header, bookmarks in the menu, and a nifty breadcrumb navigation at the top. As always, if you find anything wrong or broken, please let us know!

Email Verification

Some of you got the message to verify your email before viewing the game. You can no longer play until your email is verified. This will help bot registrations in the future. Unverified accounts will be deleted after 30 days although this could be subject to change.

Account Freezing

You've asked and we've delivered! You can now freeze your account. This will freeze your horses from aging and they can no longer be sold or studded, but auctions will continue to run and show entries are still valid.

Train All Button

This is here! You can purchase it as a Training Manual in the credit store for 25 credits. It's a one-time purchase and will be applied to the account you purchase it on. :)

All Purebreds have Images!!

This is a huge milestone for V2. All 9 breeds have art now. This will allow us to introduce new breeds to the game (as soon as next week :O) and begin on crossbreed art. I've heard rumors of foal images as well.

Side note: Quarter horses also now have sabino, overo, splash, and flaxen layers.

Horse Pages

This is the biggest change of this update. Horse pages are now DYNAMIC! This means that no page refresh happens while interacting with the page. Eventually, I'd like to convert the whole site to be like this because it makes it a lot easier to show reactions to your actions on the page.

You can see that there are a few important things at the top of the page. Important actions have moved to the top in the form of buttons. If you can't show, breed, or train, the buttons will be greyed out and you can hover over them to see the reason why. You can also brand your horse with a button which will then disappear. The brand button will not appear if you do not have a brand.

Tabs have been removed. You can easily see all information now. Show results have been moved to another page to keep this page clean and not overflowing with information. 

You can now trace back bloodlines to grandparents on the horses' page. 

Horses now have backgrounds! All breeds have been resized to be relational to their RL size.

If you're gene testing a horse from its page, it will automatically redirect you back after the test is complete.

Horse Images

All white layers have been separate now so those missing white layers should be fixed. The Sa2 gene has been removed due to it not reflecting RL genetics. Color names were not changed after this so if you have a sabino without the sabino gene, that's why.

Stable Page

The stable page has an easier navigation that allows you to see all links instead of having to click into Estate Management to get to half of them. You can also sort and order your horses. Information has been broken out into more columns to make sorting easier. You can also see whether a horse is boarded at home or away in a little icon by its feed.


You can now sort the rescue! :O


You can now view your bids and auctions from the Auction House. You can also add items to auctions.

Bug Fixes

  • Horses should no longer get stuck in auction. All horses currently in auction have been removed.

  • Allowed breeding times should now go down to 0. You can set it to unlimited by entering -1.


Don't forget that launch this Saturday! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your grandma! We're going to try to get as much done as possible before then.

Also, as a note, bugs are inevitable with this big of a change. Please be patient as we fix things and work towards perfection! :D

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