Chat Party on May 16th @ 12pm and 8pm EST/Game time
Posted by Vulpine
Friday, May 15, 2020 (1 Comments)

We are having a discord chat party on May 16th at 12pm AND 8pm EST/Game time. We will discuss Eqcetera's development and have games for a chance to win prizes!

You can join our discord with this link!

Art Update: Quarabs
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, May 9, 2020 (11 Comments)

Happy art update day!


Quarabs now have art! This leaves only 2 breeds left to do art for! :O

Eqcetera User Spotlight

Don’t forget to vote for a deserving player for our monthly Eqcetera User Spotlight. Starting this month, we’re going to have a monthly User Spotlight to highlight players who are being wonderful Eqcetera citizens — players who are exceptionally funny or kind, active in the forums or Discord, who are breeding great horses, are helpful to new players, or who are otherwise shining examples of the EQC community. So nominate someone you think is deserving. There is more info in this post.

Status Update :)
Posted by Bedouin
Thursday, May 7, 2020 (9 Comments)

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. 

You might have noticed that things have been more quiet lately. Let me tell you, it’s only that way on the surface. Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work on something big. It’s a bit too early to reveal what it is yet, but more details (and sneak peeks!) will be arriving in the next development update so stay tuned.

Also, please bear with us with some of the bugs that are occurring. A lot of our energy is being poured into the big, secret thing which will address most, if not all, bugs. 

Because this big, secret thing is… big, we’re going to need all the help testing it we can get. We’re going to be reviewing old tester applications and encourage anyone interested to apply for the position. We’re looking for 5-10 testers who can actively test and provide feedback. Testers are required to communicate through Discord so you can apply through the #positions-available channel.

Hope everyone is staying safe! We will have an art update as planned this weekend. ^_^

Development Update: Monthly Bug Fixes + Referral Contest Reminder
Posted by Bedouin
Thursday, April 30, 2020 (1 Comments)

Hello all! Can you believe it’s almost May already? We’re posting this today so that a few of the monthly bugs will be fixed for tonight’s rollover.


There has been a change to how referrals are credited to accounts. Instead of them immediately being credited, the new player referred now has to both verify their email and complete the tutorial for the referring person to get credited with the referral.

Referral Contest 

Don’t forget about the referral contest that officially kicks off tonight at midnight. Once it starts, you’ll be able to see rankings in the Hall of Fame.

Below are the prizes:

  • 1st Place: $100 Amazon Gift card + Leopard Gypsy Vanner + Forever Upgrade

  • 2nd Place: 1-Year Upgrade + Leopard Gypsy Vanner + 50 credits

  • 3rd Place: Leopard Gypsy Vanner + 25 credits

Points earned during the referral contest will also count towards regular prizes which can be found in the Referral Shop

Credit Store & General Store

All of the items available in the credit store are now found in the General Store. Account purchases that are one-time and do not result in an item will stay in the Credit Store. 


  • The Hall of Fame has been reorganized so it’s easier to find things. 

Bug Fixes

  • The monthly RP has been fixed and will be running for the month of May.

  • Association elections have been fixed. They should now open on the 25th and end on the 1st of the next month. They will all end tonight at midnight for the month of May.

There will be another development update on Sunday. :)

Art Update: Appendix Quarter Horse, New BG, New World Location
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, April 25, 2020 (6 Comments)

Happy art update day! :3

New Art: Appendix Quarter Horse

The Appendix Quarter Horse has arrived! Can you believe we only have 3 more crosses left that need art?

New Location: General Store

The world has a new location called General Store! This is where all game items that cost money will go. Right now, we only have backgrounds available, but who knows what the future will bring. ;)

New Background: Stable

You can now find a new background, the Stable Background, in the General Store.

Staff Page

The staff page has gotten a bit of a revamp! All staff now have images and a blurb about them. 

Association Shows

As you have probably noticed, association shows did not run this past week. We’re going to pause them until this weekend when a few more of the kinks can be worked out. If you’ve entered them already, your entries will stay and you’ll receive winnings when they run.

FAQ and Wiki Page

The FAQ has undergone an update and now has the most up to date information. The Wiki Fandom page is also undergoing updates which includes new breed pages and image updates. The Wiki will take time to update so check in regularly. 

Feedback Channels/Posts

Please continue to post your thoughts and feedback in the Discord channels and forum posts. We’re reviewing all ideas. Because a lot are fairly complex and would require a lot of planning and testing, we’re actually going to do something a bit different to implement these changes.

After next week’s dev update, we will be creating a completely separate sandbox Eqc. Anyone is welcome to join and provide feedback. Anyone who is registered on Eqcetera will have their account, horses, money, etc copied over. By moving to an isolated environment, we can make changes that could otherwise be disastrous if done wrong here. We could also reset everyone back to the “beginning” multiple times with no worries about affecting anyone’s real account. 

We will most likely suspend one or two dev updates as we work out some kinks on the sandbox version. 

Cherry Blossom Background

Just a reminder that the Cherry Blossom background will be retiring on April 30th at midnight until next year. 


  • Horses now have ID in their miscellaneous information.

  • The Create Bookmark link in the sidebar has been renamed to Manage Bookmarks.

  • The enter all entrant limit has been raised from 1,000 to 2,500.

Bug Fixes 

  • If you unequip an item, it should now go back into the owner of the horse’s inventory instead of the original item owner’s.

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