Community Update
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, July 18, 2020 (3 Comments)

Hello all!

Regarding the previous news post with the Arabian art update, we have received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative. We are reviewing all constructive comments and for now, the art is staying as-is. 

When providing feedback, please refer to our Community Rules. “Everyone is expected to be respectful and have a good attitude toward others.” Comments personally targeting Solo or any other player or staff member will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is welcomed but should not become personal.

We appreciate those who have taken the time to give us their thoughts. If anything changes, we will update you through a news post.

Art Update: Arabians
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, July 18, 2020 (25 Comments)

Happy art update day! Hope everyone is well.

Arabian Update

Today, we have something a little different! Over the time Solo has been doing art for us, her style has changed and improved. We’re updating some of the older bases so all breeds have the same style. The first for this is the Arabian!

Livestream Chat Party Tonight

Don’t forget that we’ll have our first ever livestream chat party tonight at 8 pm EST/game time where we’ll be showing off V3. We’ll post details on how to join in a news post closer to that time.

V3 Testing

Testing is just 2 days away! We’ve been working hard on getting V3 playable so you can actually play the game. However, don’t expect this to be a smooth launch. There will definitely be bugs and we’re relying on you to help us find them all before the official launch. You’ll be able to join V3 on Monday evening. A news post will detail how to join. We’re so excited for you to see the improvements!

Christmas in July End Date

Christmas has to end at some point, even if it’s in the wrong month. ;P The end date for purchasing packages is August 7 at 8 pm EST/game time. Thank you to everyone who has purchased so far! It’s helping to continue to fund V3.

V3 Chat Party Update!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, July 16, 2020 (2 Comments)

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce our first live stream Q&A! We will be streaming live for our chat party scheduled for July 18th at 8 PM EST/Gametime.

We will be showing off parts of V3 and answering your questions. A live update document will be posted in the forum for anyone who is unable to attend. Hope to see you there!

Chat Party on July 18th at 8pm EST/Game time
Posted by Vulpine
Wednesday, July 15, 2020 (5 Comments)

We are having a discord chat party on July 18th at 8pm EST/Game time. We will discuss Eqcetera's development and have games for a chance to win prizes!

You can join our discord with this link!

Development Update: V3 Progress + Christmas in July
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, July 11, 2020 (6 Comments)

Happy Update day! Today is more of a visual update with the following video.

V3 Update

Watch the update here: 

Discussion Points:

  • New colors and layout

  • Better navigation

  • New custom generator

Christmas in July

A couple weeks ago, we posted a riddle that no one guessed. 

Sun or snow, seasons mangled

Listen close to hear the jangle

Now it's time to spread the cheer

Because V3 is almost here

The answer was Christmas in July! We have bundles for sale in the credit store that include 2 new items: the Throwback Mountain Background and the Spectral Horse Token. These bundles pay homage to the new items we have added during our time in V2 and cover old backgrounds, old event items, and added a few new items.

The Throwback Mountain Background is a throwback to our old default horse background when we first began V2. This background will only be available during summer sales and won't reappear until next summer.


Spectral tokens have 20 color points, 160 performance stat points, and a breed standard variation of +/- 7 meaning all horses created with spectral tokens will be either “Good” or “Excellent” in stats. These tokens will be extremely limited after the Christmas in July sale.

Note: Magic Horse Tokens have also been edited to have 150 performance stat points and a breed standard variation of +/- 8.

These bundles are for sale for V3 funding. We’ve been ordering a lot more art than usual and I’ve been working less for my contractor job in order to get everything done. Any purchases are appreciated and help us achieve a better V3! <3

Expect a few more updates this week. It was hard to fit them all into one update! :D

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