Showing Changes and Minor Tweaks!
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 (10 Comments)

We have some show updates and bug fixes coming your way!


Show Updates

You can now earn more EXP and money for showing. EXP depends on how many horses you defeat in shows. If you get 1st place out of 10 horses, you get 10 EXP. If you get 10th place out of 10, you’ll only get 1 EXP. This should expedite how fast you receive EXP and help expand your estate.


Payout for shows has also been updated. You should now profit more when placing (and not placing) and show creators now receive a payment worth 50% of the pot. We hope this will help more money flow into the game. Remember that more entrants = more profits for everyone. Everything is influenced by the total pot and will hopefully be more profitable as the economy becomes more stable.


Other Fixes

  • Feed now accumulates instead of replacing your horses’ feed with whatever you purchased.

  • Available stall count should now be accurate.

  • Fixed a weird issue with emojis in brands.

  • Stable descriptions should now update.

  • Association founders should now have instant membership and will have membership for life.

  • Horses should now age and convert over to mares and stallions at 2 years.

  • Shows now run at 12 am instead of 7 pm game time.

  • Bank interest should now correctly be paid out to upgraded and basic players.

  • Auction bidding should now work.


We’re working on a couple of big features! Upgraded players with training centers will soon be able to offer them to the public. This will be available for a fee and only by players who have been online within the past hour. Expect this update soon!

Bug Fixes
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (5 Comments)

Hello! Boy, have we all been testing. I believe we’ve knocked out most of the bugs that popped up since the last major update on Saturday.



  • Added boarding limit option for upgraded players. You can now set a limit on how many stalls to board out.

  • Fixed stall wording on foundation and stable management pages to reflect how many stalls are left.

  • Rescue now works to surrender horses.

  • Auction now works to auction horses.

  • Feed price now reflects boarding stable feed price.

  • Stallions can be removed from stud.

  • Breeding not giving foals now works.

  • Horses no longer need to be sorted into tabs to edit. However, they do still need to be boarded in order to be fed.

  • Error popping up after payment should no longer show.


Thanks to everyone for being patient with us as we make fixes! Remember that V2 is still in closed beta and while we try to keep everything as bug-free as possible, a major update like last week made a lot more than we expected to pop up.


We’re still continuing to take feedback and will continue to tweak the new system and game as a whole over the next few weeks. Expect more updates soon!

Changes and Transfer Tool
Posted by Curly
Sunday, February 17, 2019 (1 Comments)

Hello! Thanks to everyone for trying out V2. We’ve seen a lot more activity yesterday and today which will definitely help with testing.


Keep in mind that V2 is still a work in progress. If something is broken, we will do our best to fix it.


I know there are a lot of people who are confused about the new estate system. We’re working to take constructive feedback and make it into something that is very accessible to new players while providing a challenge of rising to the top. While we’ve run scenarios and spreadsheets, it’s hard to predict all the possible actions a new players can take so we’re relying on you guys to help us make V2 awesome. :)


Some changes to the current system:

  • All players now start with 2 free horse stalls that don’t count toward acreage.

  • Barns in the construction page have been renamed to “Stall Blocks” to avoid confusion.

  • Basic players can now feed at their own stable for $100/day.


Future system changes:

  • Basic players can train at stables that offer training without being boarded in the center. This will allow all players to train their horses, no matter where they’re boarded.


Transfer Tool:

It’s here! The transfer tool took a bit to get done and a bit of time to be tested. To transfer your v1 account go to:


Remember, you can only transfer from ONE V1 account to ONE V2 account. If you have multiple accounts on V1 be sure the one you transfer from has everything you want on it to transfer. The transfer page tells you what will transfer.


Also, if you haven’t gotten a V2 account yet, there are still some invites left on Bedouin’s link:


V2 Closed Beta!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, February 16, 2019 (0 Comments)

It's here! Closed beta has arrived and with it is more goodies!

V2 is evolving to be something that is taking a life of its own. Here are some updates.

Stable Management

This is a big one! Veering away from the barn system on V1 where you could have a limited number of barns that act as an organization method, the stable management system allows you to purchase barns to increase the number of horse stalls you have. An independent tab feature allows you to still organize horses but with no limits. Need one tab with 50 horses or 50 tabs with one horse each? This system accommodates it all.

When you enter V2, you own an estate with 10 acres. What you do with that acreage is totally up to you. The possibilities are:

  • Barns - These increase the number of horses you can board at your own stable.
  • Feed Storage - This will allow you to store feed and give some sort of autonomy to feeding your herd.
  • Training Areas - Like on V1, this allows your estate to train horses in specific disciplines.
  • Showing Arenas - This increases the number of shows your estate can host.

Then you can upgrade your estate to increase its acreage size, giving you room to purchase more upgrades.

Seem doable? Great! Because you can’t just purchase these estate upgrades with money. They require EXP too which as stated in a previous news post you can acquire through training, showing, and breeding. You also must balance what you need vs how many acres the upgrade requires.


The other huge update is that crossbreeds are now expanding! You can breed any two horses together to either get a purebred, acceptable cross, or simply a “Crossbreed.” Curly is working on researching crossbreeds, and as we add breeds, we’ll easily be able to add any appropriate crossbreeds.

Eventually, it’ll be neat to have features that analyze the lineage of a horse to determine breed % and whatnot.

Credit Purchases

Credit purchases are now available on V2 at $0.50/credit. Infinite upgrades are available and will remain available throughout Closed Beta. They will become unavailable after that except at special times during the year.

Transfer Tool

With all the other updates, we did not get this one pushed live today. I’m hoping I can get it wrapped up tomorrow. It's one of those things that can’t go wrong or else it could mess up both sites so it needs lots of testing. :s

Closed Beta!

The chat party was a huge success! Everyone asked great questions. We’ll have to do more like it. :D

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