Magic Horse Tokens -- Retiring soon!
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 (1 Comments)

Don't forget that the magic horse tokens will retire on May 31st.

Magic Horse Token

After that date, they will disappear from the credit store and be replaced with individual breed tokens. If they reappear in the future, it will most likely be during an event and for an increased price.

Tokens coming June 1st:

Once new breeds begin to released after public opening, the custom token will be released one week earlier than when they are available in the foundation store.

Public Opening Announcement, Crossbreeds, Sterile Mares, and more...!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, May 11, 2019 (2 Comments)

Happy Saturday!

We had an awesome chat party last night. Huge thanks to Myra for organizing and running that. Look forward to more chat parties in the future with more games (and prizes!).

Public Opening!

It's right around the corner! We've set a date! :o

The public opening date is July 20, 2019. We'll create some banners and fun things in June to help everyone spread the word. All purebred art in the game should be completed by this date.

If you need more invites, let me know and I'll manually add them to your account.

Obviously, there are some bugs and a couple more features that we need to finish up before then but we have a little over 2 months to get it all done. :D

New Breed Art - Thoroughbred!

New Crossbreed

You can now breed for Friesdales by breeding Friesians and Clydesdales.


Higher level shows now give out a bit higher winnings. This means it's more profitable to move your horse up and not just let them stagnate in a level forever and beat all the other horses.

Geldings and sterile mares now have a small boost in showing. :O


Now if you breed higher level horses together, the foal will get a boost in performance stats. Because of this, I've added levels to the stable page. :)


A huge part of this update is that crossbreed breed standards now work correctly! They are not a direct average of the two parent breeds but they should be fairly close.

Sterilizing Mares

You can now spay mares in the vet. After mares are spayed, they will appear as Sterile Mare instead of regular mare.

Bug Fixes

  • Auctions should now go away when they're done.

  • Fixed auctions going on forever and ever.

  • Users who are active between 12 am and 1 am should now get an invite for the day before.

  • Fixed the horse profile where the image was clipping over next and previous buttons. Also fixed how PS was displayed.

Weekly Plans

As requested in the chat party last night, there is now a page linked in the news page that will show weekly plans for the game. Curly and I plan to have weekly meetings at the beginning of every week to set goals for us in development and in the community. This is where notes will go. It will also be the place to check if one of us has to be out.

Bedouin is Unavailable 5/18-5/23

Speaking of which, I won't be available between 5/18 and 5/23. I'm going to a conference in Canada so I'll either be exploring or attending breakout sessions and won't be available at all during that time. Curly will be available if you need her though!

Future Focuses

It seems that other more pressing features/fixes always push these things down, but here's what we want to focus on next:

    • Creating an easier showing system

    • Creating an easier training system

    • Associations - especially presidential elections and halter shows

    • Fixing all the pesky genes

    • Frozen storage for stallion straws and mare eggs

      Chat Party!
      Posted by Curly
      Tuesday, May 7, 2019 (4 Comments)

      Hello Everyone!

      We will be hosting a chat party on our Discord server this Friday, May 10th, at 7 pm EST/Game Time.

      Out chat party will be hosted by our moderator Myra and

      will include chat games with prizes and a reveal!


      7-7:10 Welcome to the party! 7:10-7:20 Game Updates with current progress 7:20-7:35 GAME: Who Am I? 7:35-7:55 Suggestions and Feedback 7:55-8:10 GAME: I Spy Game 8:10-8:15 A Reveal 8:15 Closing

      See you there!

      New Genes, Showing Update, and Andalusians!
      Posted by Bedouin
      Wednesday, May 1, 2019 (3 Comments)

      Happy Wednesday! Here's a mid-week update for you guys. :)


      Using the same formula, shows now have a slight boost. Hopefully, this makes showing more worth it. The impact of the wildcard has also been greatly reduced so you should start seeing more stable results from your horses.

      Show creator earnings have been decreased a bit too.


      A huge part of this update is that a single KIT gene now combines the white, tobiano, sabino (Sa1), and roan genes. Cream and pearl genes have also been combined into a cream/pearl gene.

      All horses have been updated to have this new set of genes. If you find any horses with errors, please contact Curly or me and we'll fixed it. :)

      The custom horse generator has been updated so that marking 1 has KIT genes while marking 2 has all the other marking genes.

      New Breed Art - Andalusians

      New breed art is here! Check out the new Andies! <3

      Login Reward

      To help people make money, you're now rewarded for logging in multiple days in a row! The first day will earn you $100. Every day you log in after that will increase by $100, up to $500. If you miss a day, you'll be reset down to $100.

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed rescue prices to accurately reflect how long the horse has been in the rescue. This has also been updated on the horse profile.

      • You can no longer have more than 10 bookmarks.

      • Changed the flaxen and silver mane layer to be on the very top of horse images.

      • Changed “Claim” button on objectives to “Accept” so hopefully it makes more sense.

      • Fixed a leopard gene combination (LpLp + Patn1 + Patn2) to show Fewspot.

      Economy Changes
      Posted by Bedouin
      Monday, April 22, 2019 (10 Comments)

      Hang on to your seats, ladies and gentlemen! This update is quite large. :O


      You may have noticed the economy has blossomed in the past month or so. Several pieces of this update are made in an ability to tone this down. Please keep an open mind about these updates since we're trying to tweak the game to both be manageable for new players and still a challenge for veteran players. There are a lot of things to take into consideration and we would love your feedback over the next few weeks to see if there are any other things we can change to make the economy better.


      The showing payout has been changed again… we think for the last time. It has been a journey trying to find the best dynamic formula that would incentivize both high entry fee and high entrant shows. The new formula has taken on a distribution model where the total prize pot is distributed among entrants depending on place. A small percentage is also generated that goes above the prize pot to give new money into the economy.

      The good thing about this new formula is that it's even more dynamic than the last one, meaning the five entrant limit for a show to run has been removed. This will prevent shows from building up and not running, even at higher levels.

      It is now possible for your horse to have a bad day (and an even better day!). This small chance of a random event happening during showing will allow the show “monsters” to not have perfect placement every time and horses that are lower in placing to place higher. This should provide a broader range of placement for your horse across all the shows it enters.

      Please note that although the winnings from shows will go down, several costs in the game are being reduced as well so that everything evens out.

      Boarding & Feed

      Feedback about the $100/day feed cost boarding at your own stable has been heard! Feed now costs the same throughout the game and is now priced at $10/day. If you board at your own stable, it will cost $10/day to feed your horse.

      Boarding stables can still set whatever price they want to charge. However, feed cost is taken out of this fee. If a boarding stable charges $15/day, they will receive $5/day after feed costs have been taken out. If they decide to charge $5/day, they will lose $5/day after feed costs have been taken out.

      Feed storage now works! If your horse is boarded at your stable, you can set it to feed from storage. You can still feed it like regular but if it is set to eat from storage, feed will be reduced from storage instead of from the horse. If your storage is empty, the horse will have feed reduced like usual. The benefit here is that horses “auto feed” from one place and as long as you keep your storage full, you don't have to feed your horses. :)


      Again, feedback was heard about having the retirement age at 10 years old. This limitation has been removed. You can now once again retire your horse at any age.


      The rescue seems quite crowded, huh? This should help with that. Horses that have been in the rescue for 7 days will now be deleted. The rescue price has also been increased to $500. Every day the horse stays in the rescue, it will be reduced in price. The range varies from $500 to $71 on its last day. This should help newer players be able to afford horses more easily.

      Horses in the rescue now don't lose feed while in the rescue. Feed is not reset and will stay the same as when the horse is surrendered. You can also now see the horse's gender in the rescue.

      Horses in the rescue center have been cleared out.

      Credit Store

      The credit store has been split into tabs to better organize it. Two new tabs are: Purchase History and Transfer Credits. Purchase history will allow you to see your past payments to the game. Transfer credits allows you to transfer credits to other players instead of using the auction house.

      Small Changes

      • Horses no longer appear in training dropdown if they have been trained.

      • Genetic testing now costs $125.

      • Added a couple more forums - Game Discussion, Art Gallery, and General Store.

      • Removed the ability to upload a file through the file editor. Links only!

      • You can no longer go down to 0 in a PS stat when creating a custom horse.

      • If a stable is unnamed, added a generic "Unnamed Stable" to horse profile where boarding name appears.

      • Set a maximum of 150px x 150px for avatars.

      • Set avatars to only be 150px wide max on messages.

      • Added a profile description with the editor turned off.

      Bug Fixes

      • Fixed issue with timestamps on edit topics.

      • Fixed AA not showing as positive for Agouti.

      • All bays made with the custom generator now have EE.

      • Fixed where crossbreeds were showing up as purebreds in search.

      • You can no longer breed a stud on cooldown.

      • Removed staff forum from recent posts.

      • Fixed where auctions weren't subtracting money from the bidder when an auctioner accepted the bid.

      • Stripped out a lot of possibilities for javascript, forms, etc on things around the site. Thanks to Vishera to pointing out that this was possible.

      Thank you all for being patient on these bug fixes! I know I missed some and I'll be reviewing the color bugs in more detail and fixing in the next update. :)

      Some text some message..