New Breed, Showing Tweaks, Association Keys
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 (5 Comments)

Update time!

Helpful Guide


The show winnings have been increased slightly. The same type of formula still applies as before. Hopefully, the guide above will help explain how showing and stats work. To give less importance to BS, more PS is given in training so horses with worst BS will still have some chance in showing. Finally, shows have been increased from 5 to 10 default shows created per day.


Breedings can now fail! If a breeding to a stud fails, you get a 50% refund. If you experience too high of a fail rate, let us know and it can be adjusted. Based on feedback, cooldown for both mares and stallions has been reduced to 6 and 3 hours respectively. There is also a list of offspring on horse profiles. :D

For funsies, with all the spreadsheets going around, I created a breeding management page in your stable management. This lists all horses with their BS, PS total, levels, and links to their sire and dam. Hopefully, this will make it slightly easier to plan breedings without having to visit each page. It excludes horses that are not eligible to breed.


This is going to be one of the next focuses of the game. We hope to give a lot more capabilities to associations and have them play a larger role in the game than V1. Because of this, player made associations will be limited. An Association Key will be purchasable as an item and could become unavailable if there are too many associations.

Player made associations will focus on breeds. Game associations will focus on disciplines. There is now an association for each discipline. Only horses of that discipline can join.

More features such as presidents and side chat stuff will be added in the upcoming weeks!

New Breed

Shetlands are now available!

Bug Fixes

We've been working on squashing as many bugs as we could throughout the week so some of these have probably already been live for a while.

  • Forums are now fixed!

  • Fixed issue where crossbreeds were disappearing if the parents weren't an approved match.

  • Fixed some issues with the auction house where there was an error with not enough money and the appropriate amount of money and credits weren't getting deducted from sellers and buyers.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't rename horses.

  • Changed wording on the points page to make a bit more sense.

  • Fixed the boarding list.

Social Media Manager Application!
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 12, 2019 (1 Comments)

Hello Everyone!

With our growing player population and our desire to accelerate our growth, we are looking to bring a social media manager on to the team. Do you have social media experience? Do you love Eqc? To apply fill out the application below and submit.

Job Description:

* Schedule update posts for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

* Host contests and giveaways on social media channels.

* Create engaging posts on all channels that would encourage feedback and participation.

* Use appropriate hashtags when posting on all channels.

* Look for opportunities to keep up with current trends by posting relevant posts and expanding into other channels.



* Must be 18 years or older.

* Must sign an NDA since you will receive information about Eqcetera before the public.

* Must have knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

* Must be available to communicate through Slack with the team and coordinate social media posts with email blasts and news posts made on the website.

* Must be goal-oriented and able to take expectations and run with them.


Although the position would start off as a FREE position, it would eventually become paid. When this happens, you will be required to complete a W-9 form as an independent contractor. You will also need to sign a contract stating that you will protect the brand and maintain professionalism when managing Eqcetera social media channels.

Apply Here!



Showing, Training & More
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, March 11, 2019 (12 Comments)

First of all, thanks to everyone for playing so far and reporting feedback, bugs, and suggestions! Second of all, here are some updates based on that feedback. :D

Show Winnings

Based on how the past week has gone, show winnings have been adjusted yet again. This time, it's not a straight percentage of the purse that goes into your pocket based on where your horse places. Instead, there is a 50% entry fee base payout then a percentage added to it of the purse based on place. This allows us to have smaller percentages but people don't lose out as much.

Training Centers

Training centers are back! If you own training facilities, you'll be able to use your own training facility to mass train your horses. Players with public training facilities (those that have a training fee set) who have been online within the past hour will show up under “Community Training” in World. Based on their facilities, you'll be able to choose a horse and its discipline to train in. We hope this will fix the issue of basic players not able to train horses that they board themselves.


Somehow the time change fixed the cron to run at 12am. However, with that said, that created some aging problems so we're going to try it out at 1am to see if that takes care of it.


Creating shows has moved to Stable Management. You can now create more than one show at a time. A filter has also been added to the shows page to allow you to find things easier.

Retirement Age

A small tweak that will have a large effect on how you manage horses is a new retirement minimum age. Horses now have to be at least 10 years to retire. Horses that you want to “dump” under 10 years will have to go to the rescue.

Surrender Cost

Speaking of the rescue, there is now a fee to surrender your horses. Again, this is to slow the “dumping” of horses that have bad BS. Adopting is still free at this point in time.

Breed Standards

Breed standards are now visible to everyone if the horse is 2 years or older. The numbers are still hidden but this should make it easier to see a horse's worth.


You can now see your available acres on the construction page. You also can no longer purchase more than one of the Equestrian Barn (the small land upgrade). If you've purchased the maximum limit for an upgrade, the button will grey out so you can't purchase it again.

You can now also demolish upgrades. If you demolish stalls that are used, horses will get kicked out of your stable, whether it's your own or boarded horses.


Mobile Eqcetera now allows you to see currency. Also, various pages have been cleaned up around the site. The text editor has been replaced with a different one that is easier to use and handles copy/paste from Google (the other one did not x.x). The font size has also been increased slightly for the site.


Boarding stables now receive boarding fees. You can also now view who is boarded at your stable under Stable Management and kick them out if necessary. If your horse is kicked out, you will receive a notification.

Horse Images

Breed art won't be commissioned until there is enough money flowing in to support a horse artist. In the meantime, you can now add custom images to horses. Remember that you cannot use images without the appropriate copyright. There will be more information about this later.

Small Changes

Here are some small things that didn't fit under its own header.

  • Shows don't run unless there are at least 5 entrants.

  • You can now delete tabs!

  • Added gender to search.

  • Added owner profile to stable pages.

  • Fixed stall count in Stable Management.

  • Added discipline won, # entries, and EXP gained to show results.

Showing Changes and Minor Tweaks!
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 5, 2019 (10 Comments)

We have some show updates and bug fixes coming your way!


Show Updates

You can now earn more EXP and money for showing. EXP depends on how many horses you defeat in shows. If you get 1st place out of 10 horses, you get 10 EXP. If you get 10th place out of 10, you’ll only get 1 EXP. This should expedite how fast you receive EXP and help expand your estate.


Payout for shows has also been updated. You should now profit more when placing (and not placing) and show creators now receive a payment worth 50% of the pot. We hope this will help more money flow into the game. Remember that more entrants = more profits for everyone. Everything is influenced by the total pot and will hopefully be more profitable as the economy becomes more stable.


Other Fixes

  • Feed now accumulates instead of replacing your horses’ feed with whatever you purchased.

  • Available stall count should now be accurate.

  • Fixed a weird issue with emojis in brands.

  • Stable descriptions should now update.

  • Association founders should now have instant membership and will have membership for life.

  • Horses should now age and convert over to mares and stallions at 2 years.

  • Shows now run at 12 am instead of 7 pm game time.

  • Bank interest should now correctly be paid out to upgraded and basic players.

  • Auction bidding should now work.


We’re working on a couple of big features! Upgraded players with training centers will soon be able to offer them to the public. This will be available for a fee and only by players who have been online within the past hour. Expect this update soon!

Bug Fixes
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (5 Comments)

Hello! Boy, have we all been testing. I believe we’ve knocked out most of the bugs that popped up since the last major update on Saturday.



  • Added boarding limit option for upgraded players. You can now set a limit on how many stalls to board out.

  • Fixed stall wording on foundation and stable management pages to reflect how many stalls are left.

  • Rescue now works to surrender horses.

  • Auction now works to auction horses.

  • Feed price now reflects boarding stable feed price.

  • Stallions can be removed from stud.

  • Breeding not giving foals now works.

  • Horses no longer need to be sorted into tabs to edit. However, they do still need to be boarded in order to be fed.

  • Error popping up after payment should no longer show.


Thanks to everyone for being patient with us as we make fixes! Remember that V2 is still in closed beta and while we try to keep everything as bug-free as possible, a major update like last week made a lot more than we expected to pop up.


We’re still continuing to take feedback and will continue to tweak the new system and game as a whole over the next few weeks. Expect more updates soon!

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