Art Update: Gypsy Vanners
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, April 11, 2020 (16 Comments)

It’s that time again! A new breed has made its way onto Eqcetera. <3

New Breed: Gypsy Vanner

Like always, Gypsy Vanners will be only available through the credit store for the first week. They’ll be available in the Foundation Store next Saturday. Gypsy Vanners are available in all colors. Leopard genes are rare and will be unavailable except through the few Gypsy Vanners released by staff. 

In other news, we’ll have a small development update tomorrow to catch up on some bugs. We’ll still have a development update next week as well. :)

Art Update: Quarter Paints
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, March 28, 2020 (12 Comments)

Happy Art Update day! A few small association updates are also included. ;)

Quarter Paints

Quarter Paint art has been added! This brings us down to only 4 recognized crossbreeds who need art. Once they’ve been added, we’ll start looking into adding more crosses.

In the next art update, we’ll see a new breed added to Eqcetera. There have already been a couple hints dropped: I’m a popular suggestion, and I’m from Europe. What breed do you think it is?

Association Shows

So… the shows goofed this week. But no worries! They’ve been run again today. Let us know what you think!

Horse Page

Associations now have their own little section on the horse page. You can see all registrations for a horse, whether they are pending or active. You can also see whether the registration is for a club or association.

You can now also view the show results and total 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places for association shows in this section and can show a horse from this section.

Bug Fixes

  • Badger face now shows up for Azteca, American Azteca, and Friesdale.

  • The link on horse pages should now appropriately link to a club or association.

Next week will be a development update, still with a focus on associations and clubs. We’re stretching this out over many updates because it’s a major part of the game.

Quick Update on Association Shows
Posted by Bedouin
Wednesday, March 25, 2020 (1 Comments)

Association shows will not run until 10pm game time (EST) tonight.

It was originally stated that they would run at 12pm game time, but it was brought to our attention that entered horses might not have been groomed today so we decided to move it to later in the day.

Please note that association shows are pretty "bare bones" right now. A lot of data will be stored, and we're working on show results similar to regular shows so you can keep track of things. A lot more features to come! This was a big piece in the game so we're adding things as we go. :3

We're taking any and all suggestions and noting them. There will be a couple small updates for ease of use with the art update this weekend.

Development Update #2: Associations, Part 2
Posted by Bedouin
Sunday, March 22, 2020 (11 Comments)

Happy Sunday!

Association/Club Changes

Associations and clubs now have their own pages as we start to differentiate between them more and more. You can find both locations in the World.

Associations Page

You can now see both breed and discipline associations split out. If you are a member of an association, you will see it highlighted in yellow.


You can now have images for a club which will show up in the club directory. Associations have game images which cannot be changed.

Short Description

There is now a separate short description. All clubs will have to write a new one. There is no HTML allowed in this field and it’s limited to 250 characters.

Breed Standard Tiers

If a horse is registered in a breed association, you will be able to see its BS Tier. This will appear as a star rating where it can have 1-5 stars.

1 star = Tier 5 | 2 stars = Tier 4 | 3 stars = Tier 3 | 4 stars = Tier 2 | 5 stars = Tier 1

BS Tiers can be seen before a foal reaches 2 years old and can give you an idea of if the foal will have good BS or not.

Association Shows

This update only applies to breed associations. Breed associations can now create association shows. These shows will cost both money and EXP to enter. A horse can enter 5 association shows per week, and associations can make 5 shows per week. They will run on Wednesdays at noon game time. 

Note that breed associations are only for purebred breeds. These act more as real life registries. The next update will most likely allow for clubs to create shows which will include all crossbreeds.

Association shows for breed associations will judge horses on both BS and grooming with a random factor thrown in. You will still earn money for placing, but this system will be a lot more linear than regular showing with a percentage of the showing pot going to horses. The money given out will never be larger than the show pot, unlike regular shows where there is some inflation. 10% of the money from shows will go to the association so it’ll also be like fundraising for them.

Association shows are for horses of all ages so foals can also participate. 

Unlike regular shows, these shows have no disciplines or levels. Instead, they are split by BS tier who then compete against each other. There are a few benefits of doing it this way including clubs not having to manually keep up with different show levels. Because the same show could have up to 5 BS tiers, this also means there could be 5 first place winners, one for each tier. 

Club Ranking

Clubs are now ranked based on Association Points (AP). AP can be earned through showing horses in association shows. Rankings won’t begin to show until the first shows on Wednesday have been run.

Future Updates

As you can see, associations and clubs still need a lot of work. We’re trying to tackle a bit at a time in each update so that we can get closer to them being completed. Between this update and the next development update, we will be closely monitoring show results and player feedback for association shows. Expect to see them slightly tweaked in the future based on those results. :)


  • If you have no water storage, it now shows a message like the feed storage.

  • Barrel Racing Association has been added.

Bug Fixes

  • Horses should no longer appear twice in the rescue.

  • Greying foals should now show white markings.

  • Studs and broods should now show up in your breeding grounds.

  • The club transfer log should now show member fees for public associations/clubs. It should also now only show horse fees upon approval.

Chat Party at 4pm EST Tomorrow
Posted by Vulpine
Friday, March 20, 2020 (2 Comments)

You can join our discord with this link!

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