Fundraiser Update + Bug Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 (1 Comments)

Super quick update. :3

Australian Wildlife Fundraiser

We’re 3 days into the fundraiser and have raised a total of $324.02 so far! We haven’t decided yet on which fundraiser to donate to so if you have ideas, let us know in this forum post. I’ll continue to keep that post updated through the rest of the week with how much we’ve raised. It’s exciting to see the number rise!


  • You can now see how many times you’ve been gifted on the event page.

  • You can now gift boxes to players every 30 minutes instead of every hour. Hopefully this helps offload some of your box stash!

Bug Fixes

  • The bug with no breed foals for the second foal when trying to breed for Half Brumby twins has been fixed.

  • The custom generator now correctly shows brown buckskin instead of brown bay with cream overlay.

  • The custom generator now shows tovero correctly when overo + max tobiano are both selected.

  • When selecting both cream and dun in the generator, it should now show the correct variation of palomino. 

  • Chocolate palominos should now appear correctly for ee aa.

  • Golden palominos now appear for both ee AA and ee Aa. Before, they were only appearing for ee AA. This change is only for horses created from this point forward.

  • Thoroughbred has had pearl eradicated once again. There were 7 horses who had it who have been reverted to a non-pearl status.

Brumbies, Chocolates, and Show Tweaks!
Posted by Bedouin
Sunday, February 2, 2020 (8 Comments)

Update time! Yes, it’s on a Sunday instead of Saturday but what can you do? (I was sick this week and had a wedding yesterday :x)

New Breed: Brumby

Our next breed is here! The Brumby is a wild horse found in Australia. The recent fires have severely damaged their population so we wanted to send them some love from Eqcetera. When you purchase a Brumby coin this week, 50% of revenue will be going to a fundraiser for Australian wildlife, including the magnificent Brumby. 

Brumbies will be available for the next week only through a Brumby Coin or Magic Horse Token. Next week, when purchasing a Brumby from the Foundation Store, you’ll find that they mostly come in some pretty plain colors. Cream and pangare are possible but very rare from the store. The custom generator has slightly more colors with the additional option of sabino and dun genes.

Brumbies also have a special implementation on Eqcetera. See the pretty guy above? You cannot get him directly from the Foundation Store. In real life, Brumbies don’t automatically come in flashy colors but because they’re wild horses, they mix with other more colorful breeds to produce them. 

If you breed a Brumby with another breed, you will get a Half Brumby. Half Brumbies can then be bred back to Brumbies to get another Brumby.

There are also now associations for both Irish Draughts (whoops) and Brumbies.

Valentine’s Day Event

We have something fun for you! You’ll see that you’re either on the Creme or Caramel Team. When browsing the game, you’ll find 3 different pieces of chocolate.


You’ll need all 3 to make a chocolate box. You can gift chocolate boxes to someone on the opposite team through their profile page. They must be online and you can’t have given them a box in the last hour. 

You’ll not only get +1 point for you and your team, you’ll also have a chance to get a Horse Friendly Chocolate Truffle. When equipped, this item will increase your horse’s chances to have twins from 0.5% to 30%. 

Horse Friendly Chocolate Truffle

The winner of the Valentine Event will receive a $50 gift certificate to Godiva for their own RL chocolates. Who wouldn't need chocolates after all of this?? Second and third place will receive Magic Horse Tokens. Have fun!

Show Points

You’ll notice quite a difference in show points going forward. This is because there was an error with how the show points were calculated before, allowing horses with 1st place and last place to have almost the same amount of points. This has now been fixed.

There has also been a greater multiplier added to national, international, and elite shows to encourage level progression at the higher levels.

As with any show change, please give feedback. We will tweak it if it is not working. :)

White Markings

With the recent complaints of increasing plain horses in lineages, I’ve modified the chance of inheriting white markings to this:

50% sire/dam markings | 25% new marking | 25% nothing

Previously, it was 50% nothing and 25% sire/dam markings so hopefully you will start to see foal markings look more like their parents.

Magic Horse Tokens

To make Magic Horse Tokens more valuable than regular breed coins, they now have 15 color points instead of 10. This gives them a RL value of $7.50 where normal breed coins have a value of $5. For those of you who are hoarding them, maybe now you’ll be more enticed. >.>


  • Elite shows should now be added to the show table on the Create Shows page.

Bug Fixes:

  • Stud fee should now be refunded properly. 

  • You should now be able to create auctions with a lot of horses without them getting stuck.

  • You can no longer DNA test other players’ horses.

  • You should no longer receive double notifications when breeding requests are accepted.

  • Removed the brown bay cream base in the custom generator so that this variation looks the same as the generated horse.

Next Update

The next update will once again be in 2 weeks. We’re working on a lot of plans behind the scenes and the 2 weeks helps us to better implement things than the 1 week time period. :)

The Brumby will hit the Foundation Store on Sunday, February 9th. We’ll post a short update then to remind you!

Eqcetera 6 Month Anniversary!
Posted by Bedouin
Monday, January 20, 2020 (6 Comments)

Can you believe it's been 6 months since public launch for V2? Time flies!

To celebrate, we're holding a contest on social media. Complete actions in the contest to accumulate entries and at the end, winners will be randomly drawn.


  • 1st: Limited edition Foundie t-shirt
  • 2nd: 6 month upgrade
  • 3rd: Magic Horse Token

Crossbreed Art, New Navigation, QoL Changes, and more!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, January 18, 2020 (10 Comments)

Happy update day! This one is a fun one with plenty of quality of life updates. :3

Discord Chat Party

Don’t forget about the Discord chat party happening today! Join us for some fun and games at 1 pm EST/ Game time. We’ll also be talking about changes in this update and what’s coming in the future. :3

Crossbreed Art

We no longer have the default art! All horses should now appear on the background and look consistent. They should also have all colors in the game so no more broken images. This new art will appear for all unrecognized crossbreeds, aka those that appear as “Crossbreed” as well as any recognized crossbreeds that do not yet have art.


You’ll see a major change in the game’s navigation. News has moved to the sidebar as “Site News” while Estate links have taken a more prominent role. Inventory has also turned into an icon. Note that the stable navigation has disappeared from each page in favor of the top navigation. However, if you visit someone else’s stable, you will still see it in order to view all their properties. 

The mobile menu has been redone so that you can click the item for the dropdown menu underneath. 

New Foal Tab/Barn

Foals are now a separate area on the stable page from the Transport section and will appear there immediately after a successful breeding. This tab is visible to all players so you no longer have to board a foal in order for it to show for other people. It functions the same as the Transport so once you board a foal, it will move into its designated tab.

Foundation Store

The Foundation Store has gotten a facelift! It’s now one of the interactive pages on Eqcetera. When purchasing a new horse, you will be able to immediately see the horse, how much you’ve spent, and see your available stalls in real time. 

Breeding Grounds

Another page with an updated interface is the Breeding Grounds. Now, when you select a mare and stallion, you can see them directly on the page along with more information like color, PS, and BS. 

When selecting two horses, you will see the “Breed” button update to the foal breed. For example, if you’re breeding a Friesian and a Clydesdale, the button will update to “Breed Friesdale Foal.” Once you click the breed button, you’ll see an error or success message. If the breeding is successful, you’ll also see your foal with a link to their page. If you have twins, both foals will be shown. You can click over to your foal or click “Breed Again?” to see your list of stallions and mares.

Additionally, you can also now “search” for the horse you want to breed. Just start typing the horse’s name, breed, level, or ID number to narrow down the selection of horses for both the mare and stallion. Once selected, the dropdown will disappear and the horse information will show up.

Horse Offspring

Instead of the list on the horse’s page, offspring is now listed on its own page. This page shows more information such as BS, genes, level, and lifetime earnings.

Bank Transactions

Bank transactions are now grouped by day and category. You can see the date, type, and total. The type is clickable if you want to review a specific type of transaction. Please let us know if “type” is missing for any reason.

New Players Page

Feeling generous? You can now see who has joined in the past 7 days, the date they joined, and if they’re online. The link to this page is at the top of the Community page.

DNA Testing

Purebred and registered crossbreeds should no longer appear for DNA testing. You can also click DNA test directly from a horse’s page and have it be selected in the dropdown.

Pages Open to Public

Thanks to this suggestion, there are now a lot more pages open for players to browse before joining. You can now see the custom horse generator, news, forums, world, and help pages. Some basic stats have also been added to the home page. 

Future Changes

Boarding Centers

Boarding centers will become an upgraded only feature. All basic accounts will be refunded any money spent on boarding stalls. Boarding stalls above 250 stalls will also go from 1 credit per stall to 1 credit per 5 stalls, and anyone who has purchased stalls for credits will be refunded their credits.

Converted Stalls

Converted stalls will no longer be an option. This is to prevent both confusion and unnecessary kicking of boarders.

Daily Boarding Bill 

As a solution to the issue of boarding horses without paying (basically free board because the horses already have feed), a daily boarding bill will show up for your account each day. So instead of paying boarding fees upfront, you will pay a boarding bill each day.

Rare Breed Vouchers

Each month, you’ll get a specific amount of Rare Breed Vouchers to purchase rare breeds (Marwaris and future rare breeds) from the Foundation Store. The official name and number are still to be determined.

Update Schedule

This will be the last functionality update for the next 2-4 weeks. We’re taking some time to really think about how things work in the game, and that includes changes that are hard to fit into a one-week update. We’d also like to knock out a lot of bigger features all in one go.

Note that we will still have an art update in 2 weeks, this time with a new breed. Any guesses to what it could be? Hint: it has to do with world events.

Bug Reporting
Posted by Vulpine
Monday, January 13, 2020 (1 Comments)

Hey, guys! There has been a small change to bug reporting.

To make bug reporting more efficient, we want to encourage you guys to only submit bugs through the support center, the Bugs & Errors forum, or the Discord #bugs channel. If you have any questions as to properly reporting a bug to the Bugs & Errors forum, please read Curly’s post! If her post does not cover your question, feel free to ask it below. c:

We’ll keep you updated if there are anymore changes!

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