American Warmblood Art
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, December 21, 2019 (7 Comments)

We now have American Warmblood art! This brings us up to a total of 7/15 crossbreeds with art. We're almost halfway!

Nothing else in this update as I have been super busy with a big project for work. There will also be no update next week because of the holidays. The next update will be on Jan 4.

Holiday Event
Posted by Bedouin
Thursday, December 19, 2019 (5 Comments)

‘Tis the season! Hope everyone is having fun as we move closer to the holiday season.

You’ll see a holiday event link in the sidebar. This event allows you to add a piece to a gingerbread barn each day until 12/26 at midnight. You must add at least 5 pieces between now and then to receive an extra special new item, the Mistletoe. Mistletoe will allow you to have a higher chance of a successful breeding when equipped to a horse.

There are no teams with this event, but you can see other people’s gingerbread barns on their profiles. Each item added to the barn will get you a special prize. ;P

Chat Party, TOS Update, and Crossbreeding!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, December 14, 2019 (8 Comments)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! No new art today, but we do have some interesting updates.

Chat Party

There is a chat party on Discord in a few minutes at 1pm EST. Please join us for some fun and games!

Update to Terms of Service

Please read the Terms of Service as it has now been updated to clarify certain rules. The changes are shown in red. 


It has always been possible to breed any breed together and get a crossbreed. Horses that were not registered crosses did not have any breed standards (BS) so they would always have 6 poors. Now, all crosses should have breed standards. 

As a breakdown, there are now 3 ways to breed:

  • Pure x Pure - There is a set BS for all purebreds in the game. The closer a foal is to the perfect number, the higher the rating is. A pure x pure breeding with the same breeds will result in a pure while those of different breeds will result in either a registered or unregistered cross.

  • Reg Cross x Reg Cross OR Reg Cross x Pure - If the registered crosses are the same, the foal will be a registered cross. If the registered cross is bred back to a parent breed, the result will be the registered cross. If neither of these conditions are met, the foal will be an unregistered cross. Note: Registered crosses have their own BS and are not a direct average of the two parent breeds.

  • Unregistered Cross x Anything else - This foal will always be an unregistered cross. Breed percentages are calculated on parentage. You could, in theory, have 10+ breeds in the same foal, with lower percentages of each breed. 

So you may ask… how is BS for these unregistered crosses calculated? That’s where these percentages of breeds in the foal become important. The BS will be a straight calculation of the weighted average of each BS stat. 

Ex: You breed together a Friesdale with a Clydesdale x APH cross. The resulting foal will have 25% Friesian, 50% Clydesdale, and 25% APH. Say, for example, those breeds had the following Topline stats: Friesian - 34, Clydesdale - 56, and APH - 77. You can then use the following formula to determine the perfect stats:

(34 * 0.25) + (56 * 0.50) + (77 * 0.25) = 8.5 + 28 + 19.25 = 55.75 => 55

This is pretty much the next level of breeding beyond registered crossbreeds. You will have to know all the parent breeds in order to have a calculation of the perfect BS. Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will create a spreadsheet for this. ;) If not, here’s a calculator that can also help: 

Note that after this next crossbreed release, we will be creating a generic cross base. This will eventually become the light body type base when body types get added to breeds. 

We’re also exploring the possibility of player-created breeds. This is probably a bit of a ways off as we figure out how it would work. If you have any ideas, feel free to let us know!

Note: I added a poll about the old generic crossbreeds. This update does not include them and will be for any newly bred horses. So should the old crossbreeds be deleted? Would you guys be okay with just retiring them?

Another note: You must give the horse a DNA test through the lab in order to see the breeds. Whoops for forgetting this very important element. ;P

Show Tracker

Shoutout to Alfalfa for keeping track of player made shows. There is now a show tracker for current player made shows that run in 1 day. You can see the breakdown by discipline and by show level on the Create Shows page.


  • Messages now show the correct account types.

  • Association election tie breaker extension has been changed from 6 hours to 24 hours.

Bug Fixes

  • International shows should now be boosted correctly.

  • If you are running for an election and you are the only candidate, you will now win the election if you had votes.

  • When rejecting a horse for an association, it should now say you have successfully rejected the horse.

Abstangs, Barrel Racing, and Future Plans!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, December 7, 2019 (21 Comments)

It’s that time again! We have an art update for you. :3

New Crossbreed Art

This time, it’s Abstangs! The reason we chose Abstangs is that 1) they have the most layers of the crossbreeds left, and 2) neither Arabians nor Mustangs have a crossbreed with art yet. This brings us up to 6/15 crossbreeds with art! We’re making progress. :)

New Discipline: Barrel Racing

There’s a new discipline in town! Barrel racing requires that you have the outdoor arena in your training center to train.


You can now donate to associations and clubs. This money will go directly into the club’s money till. Club presidents can now transfer money from the till to players. Expect that some restrictions will apply to this soon so that the till can’t be drained from the club into the owner’s account.

Game Calendar

You’ll notice in the sidebar that we now have a game calendar. Hopefully this answers questions like when the Marwari is in the foundation store and when the next chat party is going to happen. We’ll try to keep this planned for one month out.

Trial Mods & Community Manager

Please welcome Roze, Rhea, and caberneigh to the team! They’re going to be trial modding for a couple weeks while they learn the ropes. 

Vulpine, our other mod, is now moving into a Community Manager role alongside being a moderator. She’s helping Curly and I with planning new features and figuring out ways to keep the community engaged.

You can now clearly see each part of the staff on the online page and when they post on forums. 

Discord Link

To make it easier to see, there is now a link to Discord in the sidebar. For those of you not on Discord, this is where a good portion of the community is. We’d love to have you join us! This is also where chat parties take place. :)

Future Plans

That brings us to some future plans. I wish I could say they were all implemented for today’s update, but now that we have the details worked out, they’ll appear in the next couple ones.


Association/club shows has been something “in the works” for a few months. Every time I would start to work on it, I’d run into something else that would need to be considered. Now that we’ve figured out a plan for them, here’s an explanation of how they will work.

For now, we’re going to focus on associations/clubs who specialize in breeds. These clubs will be able to create their own shows which will evaluate based on BS with a random factor thrown in. They will only allow for 20 entries before automatically running. Shows that haven’t run at midnight will then run, no matter how many horses are in them. 

The club will be able to set the entry fee for their own shows. All entry fee money will go into the club’s money till. 

To discourage players from making their own clubs just to put their own horses in shows, clubs will be required to have at least 25 members before being able to create shows. We’ll also have a minimum horse requirement as well, although we’re still working out a few details on that.


One gap in the game currently is unregistered crosses. No one wants to or even should breed them right now because they have no BS set, meaning they’ll always result in 6 poors. This new planned system will fix this and offer another level of breeding.

Either the vet or lab will offer a DNA test which will show you what % of breeds the horse has in it. This could be 2, 3, 4, or even more breeds. An example of this is if you breed a Friesian and APH cross to a QH and Appy cross. The resulting foal would have 25% of each breed. Foals could also have combinations such as 50/25/25, 50/25/12/12, 75/25, and 8/8/8/8/25/25/25 (o.o). The possibilities would be almost endless!

So even with knowing the percentage of each breed, how would BS be determined? This would become a weighted average for each BS stat. Definitely calculable in your spreadsheet as long as you know the perfect BS for each parent breed. So that example of the 25/25/25/25 Friesian/APH/QH/Appy cross would have the same perfect BS every time it’s bred. You could start to work towards all greens and 6 E for this combination.

Yes, this seems a bit complicated, but it will allow you to go a bit more crazy with future breeding projects. Also, this opens up some possibilities in the future for new registered breeds. There’s still a lot to think through on that, and we want it to be both fair and scalable, but this is the foundation we need to even start thinking about that.

As a side note, we’ve also been thinking about how the artwork would work for this system. We would implement something similar to how foals are planned with generic body type images for pony breeds, light breeds, light draft breeds, and draft breeds. The dominant body type would win in the breed combination of the cross. If there is more than one body type winner… we’ll just have to figure that out. ;)


We are still working on this! We’re going to be converting the tutorial into a series of objectives that reward prizes. This setup will be easier for people to navigate back to than the current tutorial and will also be an introduction for objectives.


  • You can now see the days left in their upgrade in the boarder list.

Bug Fixes

  • You should no longer be able to kick boarders out of other players’ boarding centers.

  • Stylesheets are no longer allowed in forum signatures.

  • You should now receive the appropriate brood fee.

  • You should now be able to enter the correct horses into game associations.

  • Money is now removed only if a member or horse is approved into an association/club. This money is also only added to the money till upon approval.

  • You should now be able to click on the auction link if a horse is part of an auction with multiple horses.

  • Horses over 30 will retire on their next age day.

Bug Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, December 3, 2019 (4 Comments)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it)! Here’s a quick update on some bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • The registration bug has been fixed! If you didn’t have acreage before, you should have it now.

  • Feed Manager should now update correctly.

  • If you edit a game association, it should now keep the breed/discipline it was supposed to have.

  • When converting stalls in your estate, it should now show the correct number available for the stalls you can convert. It will give an error if you go over that amount of stalls.

Thank you for your patience with these bugs. I’ll continue to go through the bugs list this week, but these bigger ones should be knocked out now.

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