Boarding Changes, Bug Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, February 22, 2020 (23 Comments)

Happy unplanned Update Day! This one needed to happen with the boarding situation despite the plan to update every 2 weeks. :D

New Player Boarding

Players who joined less than 30 days ago can now board at New Player Boarding which has infinite spaces available. You’ll get a notification 3 days from when the 30 days is up saying your horses will be kicked in 3 days. Then on the 30 day mark, your horses will be kicked and the boarding center will no longer show up in the options.

Hopefully this helps new players get their feet under them a bit more. The prices are bare minimum at $10, $50, and $100 so they don’t have to worry about the market prices for the first month they play.

Boarding Price Changes

To help this stay fair for everyone, boarding prices and livery options will now be contracted. This means that if there are any price changes at the boarding center your horse is staying in, your horse will stay grandfathered in at the old price. If you change to a new livery option, even at the same boarding center, your contracted price will change to the new one.

Boarding Management

Herd Management has now been split between Care and Boarding. On the boarding management, you can see all horses boarded away from home. You can see the boarding center, the livery option, the contracted price, their current price, and an option to board at home. 

Estate Sizes

It’s been requested quite a few times that estate sizes be increased. It’s happening today! Upgraded accounts will now see 2 additional upgrades of 250 acres each. Basic accounts will see that the Small Estate and Medium Estate are now available which allows them up to 150 acres.

Boarding Passes

With the boarding situation getting a bit out of control, we will be adding something called Boarding Passes in the next update (on 2/29/20). Boarding passes will limit how many horses you can board to outside boarding centers. Upgraded accounts will receive 250 passes, and basic accounts will receive 100. There will likely be a chance to purchase more passes for credits. We feel this structure will help the boarding market tremendously.

For this, remember a couple things: 1) horses/foals in transport will not be limited, and 2) you can have up to 3 accounts. Even with limits, it should be plenty to support most people’s hoarding habits. ;)

Clarification: Boarding passes have not been added yet. There is no limit right now. They will go into effect the next update (2/29). This gives people with outside boarded horses time to sort them between accounts or board at home.

Terms of Service and Community Rules

The Terms of Service have been updated and new Community Rules added. All changes to the TOS are highlighted in red. The Community Rules can be found in the footer beside the TOS.


  • Boarding center rules now include an auto kick at 0% health. If selected, horses will be kicked as soon as they reach 0% health at rollover.

  • Game calendar now appears on mobile.

  • All care buttons should now become active if a horse is cared for without a page refresh.

Bug Fixes

  • Horses should now age if they are uncared for.

  • The bank log should now no longer show as blank if you purchased water for your storage.

  • Livery type should no longer default to DIY.

  • You should now be able to change a livery type after saving it.

  • Fixed some private breeding checks for health.

  • Fixed where private breeding bank transactions said that you, the owner, requested the breeding.

  • Bank statements should now appropriately show red or green based on the total.

  • The boarding base cost is now being deducted from boarding income.

  • You can no longer care for your horses more than once in Herd Management.

New Update Schedule

What was planned as a single update every 2 weeks that includes both a development and art update will now be alternative updates every week. This was due to concerns that larger updates like the one last week overshadows new art updates. The game calendar has been adjusted to reflect this.

Coming up:

2/29 - Art update + Boarding Passes

3/7 - Development update

3/14 - Art update

Daily Care Follow-up + Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Sunday, February 16, 2020 (29 Comments)

Today’s update is a small follow-up to yesterday’s massive update.

Clarification on Daily Care

One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was that if you manually care for your horses, each action gives you +1 EXP. This allows players who have to manually care for their horses to gain EXP faster so they can afford to hire employees.

Besides doing so manually, there are actually 3 different options for feeding, watering, and grooming.

Part and Full Livery: If you’re boarding at an outside place, there are 3 options: DIY, part, and full livery. Part livery takes care of feeding and watering for you automatically each night at rollover. Full livery takes care of feeding, watering, AND grooming for you so you don’t have to worry about care for your horses at all.

Food and water storage: You can choose to feed your horse from storage if they are living at home. This means that their food and water will not go down each night while your storage does. Note that you actually have to have food and water in your storage for this to work.

Hiring Employees: With some money and EXP, you can hire employees for your estate. This allows you to take care of care with three clicks for your entire herd. Here’s a video that Roze took of what it looks like: Video link.

Each night, health will go down 0-60% if a horse is cared for the day before (depending on various care options). If the horse was not cared for the day before, health will go down 20% the next 2 days until it reaches 0%. 

We aren’t trying to make the game more tedious, but this step was really necessary for the growth of the game. With a bit of work, you can have fully automated care without having to pay a dime of real money. :)

Health Care Bar

The health bar now changes colors based on percentage. 

0-40% = red | 50-90% = yellow | 100% = green


After looking into how the level bar for horses is displayed, I ended up having to slightly tweak how to points converted into levels. Some horses may have lost a level because it’s now rounding down instead of general rounding. However, that makes the calculation a lot more stable.

I’ve also changed the display so that it’s more intuitive on what the points mean. There were questions of how the percentage was calculated. If a horse had 12,000/13,000 points, why was the percentage not higher? That’s because it’s looking at the progress between levels instead of an overall progress.

Boarding Situation

The team is keeping an eye on how boarding plays out over the next few days. If the boarding market becomes strained, we will look into implementing fixes.

We are planning on a new player boarding option that would be provided by the game. This still needs some planning to figure out how best to implement this so we will keep you updated. We’re also planning more features that will help manage boarding costs and changes per horse. So stay tuned!


  • The total and confirmation button are both now available at the top of the Herd Management page to reduce scrolling.

  • Livery option has been added to the list of boarders so you can see which they are paying for.

  • Because our invisible Rescue Center workers care about the health of their horses, any horses you adopt will now be at 100%.

  • Starting at tonight’s rollover, boarding income and fees should now be two separate categories in the bank.

  • Horses that have not been fed and watered will not show up in search if they are for stud/brood.

Bug Fixes

  • The ghost boarding stable issue should now be fixed.

  • You should no longer be able to double click and over-care for a horse.

  • Chestnut Friesians should now appropriately have 20% chance of liver instead of all coming out as liver.

HUGE Update - Please read!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, February 15, 2020 (28 Comments)

Happy Update Day! They’ve now returned to Saturdays like normal. If you look at the game calendar (the little calendar icon on your sidebar), you’ll see that updates will now come every 2 weeks for the foreseeable future. This allows us to squeeze in more quality changes and features into each update.

Please read this update all the way through. There are changes to everyday gameplay, and they are important for every player.

We’ve been working on plans surrounding each update in 2020 so that we can both be better organized and intentional about priorities. In the past, we’ve raced to add something new as soon as it received a positive response from players. Now, with plans in place, we will determine how new suggestions fit in with what is already planned for each update. If you don’t see a suggestion immediately added, it’s not because it’s been rejected; it’s because we already have plans that are of higher priority.

New Art: Warlander + Liver Chestnut + Reverse Badger

Warlander art is here! With it comes a tiny color update: you can now get liver chestnuts! A new white marking has also made its way to Eqcetera… the reverse badger! 

This brings us up to 9 recognized crossbreeds with art, leaving us with 6 left. The game calendar has been updated to show when each of these 6 breeds will be released so you know what to expect. As of right now, the plan is to have all crossbreed art currently in the game completed by July 4, 2020. 

Daily Care

Let me preface this section by saying that we felt that that daily care was a necessary step for the growth of the game and gives us countless new avenues for future features. 

The biggest change in this update is that horses no longer have numbers for feed. Instead, they have a health bar with feeding, watering, and grooming. Do not panic. This has been an idea that has been met with a lot of criticism in the past so we’ve made every effort to make it as easy and seamless as possible. The last thing we want is to become a game with more grinding. ;)


Feeding is now a daily task that is worth 20% health. You can still either feed at your own stables at $10/day or potentially have a boarding center take care of feeding your horse for you. This is explained more in the Boarding Centers section below.

Feed is no longer a number. You have been refunded for all feed for your horses at $10/lb. Instead, it contributes to health. Your horse will last for 3 days before it reaches 0% because it goes down 20% each day. This means you can feed it multiple times to get it back up to full health.


Watering is very similar to feeding. It is worth 30% of health and can also be automated by boarding. It is required for showing, training, and breeding just like feed.


Grooming, on the other hand, is not necessary for showing, training, or breeding. However, grooming will have an impact on breeding. Before, your foal could have a +/-5 for each BS stat. This could increase to +/- 6 or 7 depending on if one or both parents are groomed or not. Grooming will also be included in the show formula for halter/conformation shows once they’re added.

Boarding Centers

Boarding centers have expanded! They now have their own names separate from your estate. You can edit their name, description, fees, and rules on their settings page.

Boarding centers are now only available to upgraded players. Basic players have been refunded $5,000 for each boarding stall they purchased. 

The cost for stalls after 250 stalls has changed from 1 credit = 1 stall → 1 credit = 5 stalls. So instead of 250 credits needed to reach the maximum of 500 stalls, you will instead need 50 credits which is a lot more realistic. If you have already purchased stalls, your stall number has been increased to reflect this new pricing.

Converted stalls are no longer available. If you had any horses that were kicked for no reason, it was likely because the owner of the stalls decided to reclaim them. The converted stalls did not follow the boarding center rules which was making the boarding market more volatile. All horses using converted stalls have been kicked.

There are now 3 different levels of boarding: DIY, part, and full. If you were around in the days of V1, these terms will be familiar to you. Here’s a breakdown of what they mean now:

DIY Livery: This means you are paying for the boarding service only. You will still have to care for your horses just as if they were at home.

Part Livery: This means that the boarding center takes care of feeding and watering for you.

Full Livery: This means that the boarding center takes care of feeding, watering, and grooming for you.

Since feed is now a daily thing, if you are under part or full boarding, your horse will automatically be cared for. This means that you are spending money while you sleep and will see a transaction in the morning. If you fail to pay a bill, you could get kicked from boarding based on the Bad Payments kick rule. Boarding centers can set this to whatever they want.

There were a few reasons for making this change:

  1. Boarding is now a daily expense instead of a pay-all-at-once expense. This allows for boarding centers to get the money for horses taking up space.

  2. Horses can no longer have negative feed. After 3 days, their health will remain at 0%. 

  3. This could allow us to introduce health issues down the road for horses who haven’t been fed for a while. Not something we’re planning on right now, but there is the possibility to add it.

In the future, boarding centers will have their own upgrades which will determine what type of livery you can offer. Right now, everyone can offer all 3 options. We’re still working on the details of what the upgrades are and what could be offered in boarding.

Herd Management

The old Feed Management page has morphed into Herd Management. This allows you to see at a glance who needs care. Horses with 100% health will disappear from this page.

You can hire a few people to help with your herd management:


You know him as the Feed Master.


She’s obsessed with keeping ponies shiny.


Morgan helps hydrate your herd.

Even without hiring these people, you will still be able to use the Herd Management page to monitor care for your herd. 

Estate Upgrades

You can now get water storage for your estate. You can select water storage the same food storage from the horse’s page. You can view your storage and purchase more water on the Herd Management page.

Horse Pages

With all of this, there have been some changes to the horse pages. You’ll notice that the top 4 boxes are gone along with the Quick Look section. This has now become the care center, quick look for showing, breeding/sale info, and equipped items. There is lots of information on the horse page and it would be nice to squeeze it all into a neat little square. However, that’s not possible and I tried to organize the information in the best way possible. If you have any feedback on the usability of the horse page, please let us know!

Also, the transfer, retire, and surrender buttons have been combined to make for a cleaner user experience. 

Please give these changes some time to get used to them. I think you’ll find that most, if not all, are better than before. :)

Frozen Accounts and Aging

With this update, I rebuilt the aging and feeding cron from the ground up. It should have more consistency with freezing horses’ ages and care while your account is frozen.

Coming Soon

The next update, as mentioned, will be 2 weeks from now. We’ll try to include community updates in between the development updates and get into a regular schedule so it’s not 2 full weeks of nothing for you guys.

2/29: Araloosa art, Breed of the Month game feature, bug fixes from this huge update :D

3/14: Draft foal art, rare breed voucher system, association basic features

3/28: Quarter paint art, association shows

As always, let us know if you find any bugs! We did our absolute best to test this update but there is a lot involved. Please be patient as we work through anything you guys find. <3

Valentines Event, Chat Party, and Downtime
Posted by Curly
Saturday, February 15, 2020 (5 Comments)

Valentines Event

Congratulations to the Creme team for winning the Valentines Event. Creme won with 12,590 points with Caramel not far behind at 12,548. Phew! That was close!

Our player winners are:

1st place: Roze with 3358 - $50 gift certificate to Godiva

2nd place: Nomad with 2853 - Magic Horse Token

3rd place: AlfAlfa with 2028 - Magic Horse Token

Prizes have been sent!

Chat Party

Our chat party will be today, Feb 15th at 1:00 PM game time/EST. There will be some game discussion and prizes!


As a reminder, we will have downtime later today to push a larger update. Expect this to take a bit longer than usual.

Chat Party at 1pm Game Time Tomorrow
Posted by Vulpine
Friday, February 14, 2020 (0 Comments)

Just a quick reminder that we are having a discord chat party tomorrow at 1pm game time / EST. There will be a game discussion and then a chance to win prizes!

You can join our discord with this link!

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