Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation Release #2
Posted by Curly
Saturday, January 23, 2021 (3 Comments)

Happy Saturday!

Today is the day! Tennessee Walking Horse is now available to everyone via the foundation store! Be sure to run on over and buy yourself a few (or a lot)!


Tennessee Walking Horse Foundation Release #1
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Thursday, January 21, 2021 (1 Comments)

Hello everyone! 

Today begins the release of the Tennessee Walking Horse into the foundation store! Tennessee Walking Horse is now available to players with gold and platinum upgrades. On Saturday at noon, the breed will be fully released for everyone to purchase at the foundation store.


House Cleaning
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Tuesday, January 19, 2021 (1 Comments)

Hello everyone! Over the next few days, I will be cleaning out the bug box and changing the status of many tickets to "fixed". When I do, many of you will receive notifications but don't worry! It's just a bit of early spring cleaning. :)



I have completed the bug box clean and updated all tickets and left comments as needed. If you have a bug that was marked as "fixed" please re-report with info.

New Breed: Tennessee Walking Horse!
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Saturday, January 16, 2021 (14 Comments)

Happy new breed day everyone! Today we are excited to welcome our first new breed of 2021!


🐴 New Breed!

Today we are celebrating our first new breed of 2021! Due to popular demand for a gaited breed, the Tennessee Walking Horse (TWH) has “running walked” into Eqcetera! This breed comes in an array of colors and even...leopard! After researching the breed, it was found that there are a few registered TWHs that carry the leopard gene. This means TWH in-game have been given all possible leopard patterns. 


Leopard TWHs

Leopard TWHs will join us at the end of the month when straws and eggs are launched. There will be a drawing for 2 eggs and 2 straws which will open in the forum once straws and eggs are added. We will also be auctioning 1 egg and 1 straw in the Auction House afterward for those who wish to have a chance to purchase if they did not win via random drawing. 


Somatic Mutation TWH

A forum post is open with bidding for one of 2 somatic mutations TWHs. To view the horses and bid click here.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Smaller images for liver chestnut American Warmbloods, Abstangs, and Friesdales fixed.

  • Flaxen no longer shows in color names for grey horses.

  • Greying horses with black bases have been fixed to correctly say “Steel Grey”

  • Greyling layer fixed for Brumby foals.

  • Bay + Dun horses should now show the dun layer.

  • Autobuy can no longer be lower than the reserve for both the Horse Market and Auction House.

  • Chestnut based Norwegian Fjords now show Dun in their color name.

  • Brown Bay + CrCr now makes Brown Bay Cream and layers as Brown Bay base + Cream overlay. A new color!!


📜 Terms of Service & Rule Update

We have updated both our Terms of Service and Community Rules. Please review both of these before continuing to play and direct questions to [email protected].


🚘 Road Map Update

We have made an adjustment to the 2021 Road Map which includes a change which will happen in just a few weeks! Straws & eggs will be added this month instead of quests & lore. We have decided to move quests and lore to July inorder to more easily incorporate features from now until then into the overarching story. 

2021 Roadmap
Posted by Curly
Saturday, January 2, 2021 (7 Comments)

What a year 2020 was! As we look towards the future and kickstarting 2021, we wanted to lay out some plans for you so we can all be excited together about what's to come! 

After evaluating Eqcetera’s status compared to other games, we’ve decided that it is classified as Early Beta. This means that existing features are still quite volatile in that they could change without notice. Please know that all changes are in line with our vision of the game. We take months to plan a single feature and a great deal of thought goes into every change. While changes may seem disruptive individually, we’re building towards a greater and more complete experience of gameplay, and we’ve valued your patience and enthusiasm up to this point. Thank you so much!

Looking into 2021, we see Eqcetera coming out of Beta in August. For context, most games are in Beta for several years with a team as small as ours! This gives us about 8 months to finish up game features, work out all the kinks, and generally deliver a more rounded product for you to play and enjoy. During V2, we made a lot of changes in the heart of the gameplay that expanded what we could plan. The move to V3 has expanded our possibilities even further by providing a stable codebase, more cutting edge technology used in the code, and streamlined code design. These changes mean we can add some really cool new features that would’ve been impossible on V2’s codebase – more on these in a sec.

As a reminder, while we are in Beta, we will not be accepting any new suggestions or feature requests. This isn’t actually a change; we’ve been doing this since we moved to V3! Instead, we will be reviewing suggested tweaks to current features that could help improve gameplay but anything outside of this will be planned for after we move out of Beta. 

What does moving out of Beta mean? It means that we will not make any more drastic changes to existing features, other than QoL updates. We will be opening up player suggestions again and only adding new features. It also means that we’ll start advertising on social media and other channels to increase our reach and grow our playerbase. 

Want to see how we will progress out of Beta? Check out our 2021 Roadmap to see details for each month! This is definitely worth a look — some of the new features are super-popular requests we’ve been getting for a long time and are thrilled to be able to implement in the coming year!

[ Link to the Roadmap page ]

For 2021, we will continue our goal of making horses more unique as individuals while also adding features to improve gameplay and help the economy. Since we’re moving to a once per month dev update schedule (more on that below), we will have a monthly focus. You can view each month’s focus on the 2021 Roadmap page! We decided to create a separate page so that it can be referenced throughout the year. Note that it’s difficult to plan a full year ahead and when we dive into 2021, we could see changes to this roadmap. If this happens, we will keep you updated!

Some highlights include:

  • Quests

  • Exploration

  • Player and Horse Careers

  • Updates and additions to Associations & Clubs

  • Eggs & Straws (woo!)

  • A few features that haven’t been revealed yet!

The roadmap does not include art updates or new breeds – though we have the next year planned for those, too. 👀

Looking at 2021, most of the changes left to be added to Eqcetera are quite large. This means it will take more development and testing time than our previous schedule accounts for. Thus, we will be moving our development updates to once per month. This does not mean that smaller updates can’t happen in between such as bug fixes, updates, and smaller tweaks. However, for the large game-changing updates, we need more time.

Development updates will not be scheduled on the calendar since large features require lots of testing, fixes, and code time. However, we do aim to keep on the once a month update schedule. 

At this point in time, we will also be moving our art updates to once per month. This allows us to better budget for art and potentially get a stockpile of art going so if Solo ever needs a break, it will be possible in the future. If revenue for the game picks up this year, we will likely move back to a more frequent art schedule.

As a reminder, to ring in the new year together, we are bringing back a player favorite, BINGO! We will be hosting a few rounds of BINGO on our Discord on January 2nd at 7 pm EST/Gametime. A round of BINGO will also be held in the forum for those without Discord on January 2nd at 5 pm EST/Gametime. Our BINGO theme revolves around everything we completed in 2020. :)