Welsh Pony Cob Type (C) Foundation Release #1
Posted by Curly
Thursday, November 12, 2020 (1 Comments)

Hello everyone! 

Today begins the release of the Welsh Pony Cob Type (C) into the foundation store! Welsh Pony Cob Type (C) is now available to players with gold and platinum upgrades. On Saturday at noon, the breed will be fully released for everyone to purchase at the foundation store.


Fall Event Winners
Posted by Curly
Sunday, November 8, 2020 (11 Comments)

Hello everyone! Today our news is dedicated to those who have won the Fall Event contests!


Our winners are….


✒️ Novice Writing



✒️ Advanced Writing



 🎃 Pumpkin Decorating



🐴 Breed Celebration







Romany Gold






🐎 Discipline Celebration






🏳️ Banner Contest

Only one player entered the banner contest so this has not been given a winner. We plan to make this a larger event at a later date. Those who entered will receive the prize package for their efforts, however.


I will be in contact with the winners tomorrow about prize packages.  A full list of winners and their entries can be viewed here on the help site!  :)


🗳️ Feedback Polls

Don't forget!! We have a couple of open polls for you to give feedback on horses and new potential game features. Follow the links below so we know what you like!


Game Features - Vote on a few suggested game features from tack to jobs!


Horse Preferences - Vote on your preference of horse from body type to mane length!


🐛 Bug Fix

There was a bug with downgrading which affected those of you upgraded. This was manually fixed and took most of the day. Everyone who had issues should now have their normal acreage, feed, and water storage. If you still have issues please make a bug report.


Congrats to our Fall Event winners! Be sure to congratulate them on a job well done!



The Dev Team

NEW BREED: Welsh C's & Tweaks!
Posted by Curly
Friday, November 6, 2020 (10 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today is an exciting day because we are adding another new breed!


🐎 Welsh Cob (C) 

Welsh Ponies of Cob Type have joined us! They are named Welsh Pony Cob Type (C) to reduce the name size a littlefor tabs. Welsh C’s will be our first breed with custom-only genes as these can be bred to Welsh A or Welsh B to produce a Welsh C with markings limited to the custom generator. These are our 18th pure breed and bring us to a total of 39 unique horse bases in game! Based on my calculations that's over 3,400 different layers. Whew, Thanks Solo!


Note: Welsh Cs will be the first V3 breed to be available early to Gold and Platinum accounts. From now on, eligible accounts will see new breeds in the Foundation Store on Thursday at 6pm game time/EST. Regular accounts will automatically see them in the Foundation Store on Saturdays at 12 pm game time/EST.


🗳️ Feedback Polls

We have a couple of open polls for you to give feedback on horses and new potential game features. Follow the links below so we know what you like!


Game Features - Vote on a few suggested game features from tack to jobs!


Horse Preferences - Vote on your preference of horse from body type to mane length!


💸 Horse Market Additions

The horse market has had a few additions added for ease of finding sale horses and studs/broods. 


❤️ Studs & Broods

Now you can view available studs and broods! These are all fed and watered so no more aimless searching for a stud or brood that's not hungry. This is also more visual and includes an image, color with DNA string, PS, BS bar, and price. 


💰 Sales

There is now also a sales tab to view horses up for sale. This is more visual than the search and shows images, BS bar, PS, color name, and price. 


🍁 Fall Event

Don’t forget the Fall Event ends tomorrow! Be sure to check out the following contests:

Writing: Novice and Advanced

Banner Creation

Pumpkin Carving/Coloring

Foal Color Bonanza!


🎆 Tweaks

  • Auctions are now ordered by ending soonest.

  • Ingot bids should now work correctly.

  • Searching auctions now works.

  • New players now start with 100% energy.

  • New players are now immediately directed to the Quick Start guide.

  • Unverified players can no longer transfer horses to other players.


Run around and enjoy those Welsh C’s, maybe you’ll find a stud or brood using the horse market… Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 



The Dev Team

Dev Update Part 2
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, October 31, 2020 (8 Comments)

Happy weekend everyone! Today we have a late update since both Curly and I have had a wild and busy week. 


🌳 Layout Changes

We’ve heard feedback that Eqcetera doesn’t really feel like a game. Admittedly, we did add a good bit of fancier elements that detracted from the game feeling and leaned into an agency atmosphere which is Bedouin’s background. 


We’ve gone back to basics in how the layout is shown when logged out. There is no longer a separate home page, login, and registration page. Instead, you stay on the same layout throughout the whole experience. We’ve also increased the saturation of the main background to help the layout have more of a lively feel. Finally, we moved the online number back to the top bar.


🐎 Quick Start Guide

We’ve added a Quick Start guide to the Community menu. A lot of new players have been asking how to get started. Until quests are added in, we hope this provides easily accessible information for both new players and older players who need to recheck how things work. 


🗞️ Notifications

You will now see your last notification as an alert at the top of the screen. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep up with what’s happening since the pink dot is easy to miss sometimes.


😁 Display Names

Starting now, you will no longer be able to have special characters in your display names. This breaks some functionality of the game when certain special characters are used.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • New players should now see their leopard variation horses after registration.

  • Referrals should now be fully imported.

  • Imported crossbreeds should now be scored correctly in shows again. They will also have the correct stars.

  • Horses should no longer get stuck in auctions after the auction ends without bids. Fingers crossed!

  • Horses should now be removed from the list after DNA testing.

  • You should now be able to accept the highest bid for horse auctions again.

  • The logout button is now included in the mobile layout.

  • ID has been added to the horse dropdown for entering shows. All horses should now show up.

  • Unread private messages should now show at the top of your inbox.


As always, if you find something out of place, please report it to the Bug Box. We’re working to make the game run as seamlessly as possible and can only do so if we know where things are going wrong. Thank you for your patience over the last 2 months as we have ironed out over 200 reported bugs. We’re making progress every week towards a bug free game experience! 

Dev Update Part 1!
Posted by Curly
Friday, October 30, 2020 (26 Comments)

Happy weekend everyone! Due to a wild week for both Bed and I, we will be delaying any site changes and fixes until tomorrow. However, we do have a bit of an update for you all today in order for you to prepare for changes in the November 13th dev update.


A few weeks ago, we posted a “where we’re headed” post. Since then, we’ve planned even further into the future. This post outlines some upcoming changes that we want to bring to your attention. Note that we’re focusing on the short term… as in the next dev update on November 13


Changes Coming on November 13th

✨ Mindset

Before we get into the changes, we’d like to share a bit about our mindset and how we came to the decision to make these changes. In a lot of ways, Eqcetera has unlimited gameplay, lending well to its twist on the word “etcetera” which means “a number of unspecified additional persons or things” or in a word, unlimited. 


In reviewing gameplay, we realized that a lot of these unlimited possibilities are actually limited to genetics and horse colors. The game itself is really only played one way: by showing. If you show, you do well. If you don’t show, you could become a very poor player unless you have another source of income like artwork. 


We’re going to be revealing A LOT of plans on how to achieve truly unlimited gameplay with Eqcetera. One theme that has become apparent is the focus on making horses more unique and more of a living, breathing creature than a pixel that you can easily retire without another thought. However, there are a few foundational steps that we need to make first. The rest of this update outlines what will happen in the next update. We don’t want to blindside you with these.


🐴  Transport Cap

A while back, we mentioned that we will be adding a transport cap.  This is meant to slow the number of massive foundation pulls and the number of horses sitting in transport. As of now, we have multiple players with 10,000+ horses in transport and 100+ with 500 or more in transport. This is not sustainable for gameplay, economy, nor server space. 


This is a soft cap. This means that even if you are at your limit, you can still breed more horses and not have any penalty. However, if you are at your limit, you can not purchase horses from the Foundation Store, Rescue Center, Horse Market, or other players. You also cannot receive any horse transfers. 


🌟  Breeding Cooldown & Minimum Age

There has been a lot of talk about making breeding cooldown for mares more realistic to real life. We know that the opinion here is quite split down the middle. The tipping point for us was the fact that this change would not only be more realistic, it would decrease how many foals a horse can have in its lifetime. This will also help slow the rising number of horses ingame and promote a better game economy. 


Successful Breedings

In the next update, mares will have a 1-week cooldown for successful breedings. This reflects the timing RL mares can foal. Stallions will increase to having 48 hours cooldown. 


Failed Breedings

Also, failed breeding cooldowns will be 6 hours for both stallions and mares to simplify timing for you when re-breeding. Note, freezing horses also freezes cooldown!  


Minimum Breeding Age

Horses will need to be 3 years old instead of 2 years old to breed. 


We know this is quite a bit to prepare for but we wanted to give everyone time to adjust and prep their herds for any changes you all may need to do. Again, these changes have not been added in this update but will be added on November 13th.


🍁 Fall Event

Just a reminder we have the Fall Event occurring in the forum! Head on over to check out the on-going contests and the few contests that have opened for the weekend! Plenty of prizes are available to win! 

Have a great rest of the day everyone, we’ll see you tomorrow!



The Dev Team