Additions & Bug Squishes
Posted by Curly
Thursday, August 27, 2020 (5 Comments)

Good evening everyone! We have a new bug fix list for you!

👏 Additions from V2

The checkmarks for trained and shown have been added back to the stable page. Hopefully you can keep better track of who did what now. 🎉

➕ Small Additions

The notifications page has been updated! Notifications are no longer immediately marked as read. You now have to select the ones you want to mark as read. Hopefully this helps you better manage what you’ve viewed and what you haven’t. The colors have also been updated on this page to match the site.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • You can now remove horses from outside boarding. You should also be able to remove a horse from boarding then board at home in one step.

  • Customs now have +1 TB. If you need a custom adjusted, we can do that manually if you submit a bug report in the Bug Box.

  • Fixed the min and max entry fee bug. When using the enter all button, it should now stay within the limits you set.

  • Training horses have been limited to 100 at a time now to help with performance and making sure all horses get trained.

  • Ingot prices now show on horse auctions.

  • Items no longer get stuck in the auction.

  • Auction House and Horse Market notifications:

    • The auction owner is now notified if someone auto buys the auction.

    • The bidder is now notified if their bid is accepted.

    • The bidder is now notified if they are outbid.

  • You can no longer outbid yourself in horse auctions

  •  Horses for auction no longer appear in the auction dropdown

  • Frozen horses should no longer appear in the HOF.

  • You can now see post counts in the forums.

We’re slowly working our way through the list! Thank you guys for your patience! ♥️

Bug Squashing!
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! Today's list of bug fixes are below.

🐛Bug Fixes:

  • Those who didn't receive show fees 2 nights ago have had fees manually sent to them

  • Fixed foal body types, go check out those cute babies!

  • Removed breeding from breeding grounds for visitors

  • Fixed horse custom images, images should now show

  • Fixed retired horses missing level and total PS

  • Fixed feed storage showing as X instead of check

  • Fixed transfer ingot notification to show the correct player

  • Fixed shows on horse page showing the wrong date

  • Fixed auctions not taking/giving payment

  • Fixed breeding page on horse for studs/broods

  • Fixed inability to remove stud/brood

Bug Fixes, Showing, & Additions
Posted by Curly
Monday, August 24, 2020 (5 Comments)

We have a few late night updates here!

🐛Bug Fixes:

  • Foals going to the wrong person with breeding requests, foals now go to the requestor

  • Currency on breeding grounds, ingots no longer show with a $ before them

  • Fixed breeding failure text on successful breeding

  • Fixed breeding requests with ingots

  • Auction auto buying fixed, Note: If two auto buy at the exact same time, there will be a bug, this is being worked on.

  • Searching brumbies for sale now works and shows those for sale

  • Shows giving out EXP, money, and RP!

  • Spam clicking herd management no longer gives over 100% health

  • Boarding earnings taking out money instead of adding it


  • Added link to Breeding Grounds and Sales Pen from stable

  • Horse page: Show icon tab now has message for horses with no boarding, discipline or care

  • Horse Page: Breeding no has message for horses with no boarding or care.


Points earned for shows have been adjusted and fixed. Points earned are based on a percentile system. Earnings, EXP, and points should be awarded when shows run tonight.


Some have had issues with horses aging. This will be looked into tomorrow!

Bug Squashing, Sneak Peek, and Shows
Posted by Curly
Monday, August 24, 2020 (8 Comments)

Hello everyone! We already have a few fixes for you this morning. :)

🐛Bug Fixes:

- Fixed enter all ordering

- Fixed breeding requests

- Fixed issue with horse tab changing


Shows did not run last night and have been run now. The good news is, the time for all shows to run is much shorter than the 2-3 hours it used to take!

🗣️Reporting Bugs:

We are monitoring bug reports in the Bug Box. The list of known issues is updated once a new bug is reported. Please report all bugs and issues to the bug box. Known issues are updated if they are fixed, news posts won't be posted for individual fixes.

💥Sneak Peek:

A sneak peek was posted to the Discord during the chat party. Check it out in the sneak peek forum! What do you think it is?

Bug Fixes, Brands, And Forever Upgrades
Posted by Curly
Sunday, August 23, 2020 (2 Comments)

Happy day two of V3 everyone! We have a few fixes and announcements for you.

🐛Bug Fixes:

- Replaced broken avatars

- Edited recent posts to be only 7 posts to better fit the community management page

- Fixed horse loading issue

- Reordered forum posts

- Fixed an issue with the Billing Portal

- Fixed some bank bugs

- Fixed retired horses showing up in stables

- Removed foals from the Breeding tab in Herd Management

- Added 404 pages to forum posts and user profiles

- Reset all over 100% health horses back to 100%

💥 Brands:

Everyone has been given 1 brand reset due to the brand bug issue.

🗣️Reporting Bugs:

Any bugs or issues posted to news posts are not able to be reviewed because they are not added to the bug fix queue. All bugs and issues should be sent to the Bug Box where staff are notified and are able to add fixes to the queue. If you have posted a bug or issue to a news post or anywhere other than the bug box, you need to post it to the bug box so we can be sure to get it on the list!

✨ Forever Upgrades

Forever upgrade sales will end on September 14th at midnight EST/ game time. Those with transferred forever upgrades or those who buy forever upgrades now can upgrade to a higher tier at any time with the discounted price.

Bronze = 15,000 ingots ($150)

Gold = 20,000 ingots ($200)

Platinum = 25,000 ingots ($250)