Money Cut Information
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Friday, April 23, 2021 (34 Comments)

Hello all! As mentioned previously, we are opening up some special sales to help you all spend your money before the cut.


Money Cut Revisited

Why? Since V2 started, there have been numerous bugs and missteps in game features that artificially inflated the economy. It’s clear that there is no value in EQD anymore and that we need to take action to bring some value back, especially before August when we hope to officially launch the game and start welcoming many new players.


When? The money cut will be in our dev update on May 1st.


When we mentioned the money cut before, we didn’t give many details. We have those details now and we’ll list them below:

  • < $50,000 = no cut

  • $50,000 - $100 mil = you will keep 1% of your total money and be given an additional $50,000. (example: you have $100,000 - you will keep 1% ($1,000) plus $50,000 for a total of $51,000. )

  • $100 mil+ = you will have everything above $100 mil removed. Then revert to bullet point 2 above, keep only 1% of 100m, and be given $50,000 more.

 NOTE: There is a bug for some players where the amount input for the ingot exchange does not display the correct amount. Please click out of the input box before submitting to get the correct total. As a reminder, the total you pay for ingots is: # of ingots you are buying * 50,000 = EQD paid.

EQD, Ingots, and Spending

We’re telling you all this beforehand so that you can have a chance to spend your EQD, especially if you have accumulated over $100 mil.


We’re doing something that no other game (that we know of) has ever done before. We’re offering to purchase your money with ingots. In the Ingot Store, you will find a section to buy ingots with EQD. Note that the limit per account is 2,000 ingots. This means that each person could potentially purchase 6,000 ingots with 3 accounts. Each ingot costs the current market rate of $50,000.


If you still have money left over after purchasing your ingots, there are ingot only items that are available for EQD at the market rate of $50,000/ingot. 


If you have over $100 mil, please try to spend any excess over that. Any player that has over $100 mil that does not log in before the update will automatically get the max ingot transaction based on their EQD value over $100 mil. 


Long Term Plans

Such a large influx of ingots into the economy is bound to be interesting to say the least. We’ll be closely watching the currency exchange rates before and after the money cut. Our hope is that ingots will be more readily available in the market at a vastly decreased exchange rate, making them more accessible to those who can’t purchase them with real life money. 


Because of this ingot flood, we expect that site revenue may take a dip for a time. This could affect future art commissions so breed and planned feature art may slow down. We honestly don’t know what the effects will be on the game’s revenue, but you don’t know until you try. Please be aware that it could affect the game for months, but we’re willing to see it through to make sure that the economy is righted again, EQD becomes valuable, and ingots are more accessible. We wanted a way to ensure that everyone’s earned EQD goes towards both helping the game economy and rewarding players for their dedication to the game.


Thank you all for your patience! I know this is a lot to take in, but we’ve tried to compensate as much as we can for such a huge economy restructuring. As always, if things go awry, we will be in the background working on a solution as quickly as possible. 



The Dev Team

Spectral & Magic Tokens on Sale
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Tuesday, April 20, 2021 (12 Comments)

🥳 Item Sale!


In roughly 1 month we will be welcoming a new breed to Eqcetera! To prepare for our new breed, from now until the 23rd at noon both spectral and magic tokens are in the General Store! Hint: The new breed has some mighty good looks and can make a big entrance …





Community Tack Sets & Somatic Mutations
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Wednesday, April 14, 2021 (4 Comments)

Hello everyone! We have an art update for you tonight! :)


🔥 🦄 New Tack

The community-colored tack sets are not complete! The two new tack sets are now in the General Store for a cost of $25,000 EQD per set. Both the Enchanted Lake and Fire and Ice Sets are available from now until May 10th at 12:00 PM EST/Game Time. Each tack piece in these sets gives a .33% twin boost.


✨ Somatic Mutations

Somatic mutations have been added for American Warmbloods, Abstangs, Araloosas, and Appendix Quarter Horses. Horses with the mutations will be in auction shortly.



The Dev Team

New Blog & Tack (Coming Soon)
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Saturday, April 10, 2021 (2 Comments)

Happy weekend everyone!


🔥 New Tack

We just wrapped up our first community color tack...SETS! Yes, we will have 2 new tack sets being launched soon. Both have been posted to our Facebook and Instagram for you to view. These tack sets will be available for 1 month for 25k EQD for the full set and offer a small bonus. We aim to do a monthly community colored tack set to introduce new tack monthly. 


🌟 New Blog

Our new blog post “How Its Made: Tack” is now up on the help site. We outline the process of how tack came to be and how tack is now made. A few Q&A questions are at the end as well!




Pony Base & Next Months Update
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Saturday, April 10, 2021 (13 Comments)

Happy Saturday! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far.


🐴 Pony Cross Base!

Today, we are introducing the pony generic cross base! All horses in-game that are crossbreeds and have mostly pony DNA now display the new art. 


💸 Money Cut

In the next month, we will be implementing a whole new economy which requires a money cut.  This means every EQD aspect in-game is going to be scaled down and adjusted to start the market fresh. We understand this is coming as quite a shock but the economy is stagnant and desperately needs to be refreshed before we move out of BETA.


What about my earned money hoard?

Ah yes, those giant piles of cash sitting in the bank. Don’t fret, we understand you worked hard to make your EQD. You will want to take advantage of the special EQD packages we will be making and launching closer to the money cut time. This means we will be offering items and specials for EQD for one time only. This way, you get the option to spend all of your EQD before it is cut.


Why are we doing this?

When we moved V2 to V3, we did have a money cut but it had very little impact on our economy. During V2, we had lots of bugs which resulted in players making upward of 100 million EQD a night showing, a bank interest bug that handed out way too much EQD, and several other money issues that come along with many many bugs and developing a new game. Right now, there are 112 players who have over 100 million EQD, 31 of which have >1 billion,  and the total EQD economy is $146,258,235,169. 


This equates to 73.12 million foundation horses, 48.75 million tack sets, or 2.95 million backgrounds.  We believe cutting EQD now along with the cost of EQD aspects of the game, will help balance us back to a more normal economy. 


🥳 Community Tack Set

Join us on our Discord today at 4:00 PM EST/game time to help decide specifics about the community colored tack set! If you haven't already, be sure to vote on the tack theme!

Vote Here

🐛 Bugs

  • Being unable to train career horses with train all is now fixed.

  • Horses with 0% energy no longer show in show page dropdowns.

  • Auction ingot escrow now returns during the auction not after. This means if the highest bidder has no transport slots when the auction ends, the auction does not sell the horse and it is returned to the owner.


🌼 April Update

Since the last day of April does not fall on the weekend, we will be pushing April’s update to May 1st.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! Hope to see you at our live stream later!



The Dev Team