Akhal-Teke Foundation Release #2
Posted by Curly
Saturday, July 17, 2021 (3 Comments)

Hello everyone!

Akhal-Teke is now available to everyone! They will then be removed at 11:59 pm EST/game time and will only appear every month on the 17th. 


Akhal-Teke Foundation Release #1
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Thursday, July 15, 2021 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! 

Today begins the release of the Akhal-Teke into the foundation store! Akhal-Teke is now available to players with gold and platinum upgrades. On Saturday at midnight (12 am EST/Gametime), the breed will be fully released for everyone to purchase at the foundation store. They will then be removed at 11:59 pm EST/game time on Saturday and will only appear every month on the 17th.


Cron Changes, Discipline Perks & More!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2021 (1 Comments)

Happy Tuesday! We have a fairly exciting update for you today.


⌛ Cron Time Changes

After reviewing the times that various crons run, we decided to make some changes. There are at least 2 benefits we could think of for this change: 

  • Horse age would be more accurate meaning there would no longer be that weird gap when horses show the wrong day that they next age. 

  • Pushing off the show cron will give people in west coast and mountain times another hour to show every night.


Old Times (in EST/game time)

12:00 am : Shows run and new shows are created

1:00 am : Horses age + care

2:00 am : Daily tasks (various processes running every day that don’t fit into the other 2 crons)


New Times (in EST/game time)

12:00 am : Horses age + care

12:30 am : Daily tasks (various processes running every day that don’t fit into the other 2 crons)

1:00 am : Shows run and new shows are created


🦄 Rare Breed Update

The rare breed limits are now in place for Akhal-Tekes. They will still go into the Foundation Store for gold and platinum players on Thursday at 6 pm EST/game time, but they will appear at midnight (12 am EST/game time) on Saturday for regular players. They will then be removed at 11:59 pm EST/game time on Saturday and will only appear every month on the 17th. Their next appearance in the Foundation Store will be August 17th.  This information can now be found on the help site.


We are giving Marwari breeders a bit more time to prepare for the rare breed change. This is to ensure they are able to achieve the level 25 requirement for breeding. Once the new requirements are added in for Marwaris, they will begin to count towards the 5 offspring and 3 clinic retrievals.  These changes will be added on August 5th when Marwaris go into the foundation store. 


✨ Discipline Tier Benefits

Discipline tier benefits are now in! We have added these benefits to give more purpose to climbing tier ranks and reward everyone's efforts. Like halter title benefits, they will be kept secret. See if you can figure them out.


💡 Big Announcement

Don’t forget that a big announcement will be happening on August 7th. We’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on. It's been hard not to reveal what it is, but we’ll be posting sneak peeks on our social media accounts. Don’t forget to follow us!

[Facebook] - [Instagram]


Because of this big announcement, we’ll be taking a small break from Eqc updates over the next few weeks to focus on getting things ready for August 7th. Does anyone have a guess on what we’re up to? 🤔


Upcoming Art Updates

August 14 - Draft Crossbreed

September 11 - Light Draft Crossbreed (This will complete all crossbreed bases! 🥳)


See you in a few weeks!


Bed & Curly

New Breed, Rare Breeds, and Fixes!
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Saturday, July 10, 2021 (6 Comments)

Happy new breed day! On to the exciting part…!!


🐴 New Breed: Akhal-Teke

The Akhal-Teke has trotted into Eqcetera! Known as the most beautiful horse in the world, the Akhal-Teke sports an iconic metallic coat. The breed comes in a variety of colors including roan! Roan Akhal-Tekes are noted in old stud books but are non-existent today. However, roan Akhal- Tekes in Eqcetera will be present in very minimal numbers.  Akhal-Tekes are now available via custom token and will go into the general store for gold and platinum members on July 15th and for everyone on July 17th. There is however some extra information about their release below. 


The only way to get a roan Akhal-Teke is through breeding to the game-owned brood which will have strict breeding quality requirements. Eligible studs must be at least level 70, have a total PS of 1,000, training boost of 10, and BS star value of 4 or higher.


🦄 Rare Breeds

The Akhal-Teke is a rare breed which means it must be limited in-game. To do so, we are bringing back the limited foundation store availability and adding in new requirements for rare breeds. This means Marwaris will also soon return to the foundation store.


 Akhal-Tekes will only be in the foundation store on the 17th of each month and Marwaris the 5th of each month. These breeds will cost $10,000 per purchase. On top of their more costly price point, these breeds will have breeding requirements to keep their numbers down. The dates these breeds are available will be added to the game calendar for future reference.


Rare breeds may only be bred when at level 25 or higher, can only produce 5 offspring (excludes twins), and can only have 3 successful Breeding Clinic retrievals. This is to ensure rare breed numbers are kept as well, rare. 


💎 Ingot Sale

A lot has gone on behind the scenes with Bed and I doing many long days of planning and strategizing. To say the least,  we have a very large surprise in store which will be coming soon. On August 7th, we will be announcing The Big Thing. In order to prepare for the announcement and The Big Thing, we have been busy funneling most of our revenue toward preparation. This means, we’re a bit low on funds and needing a little boost to keep on schedule. 


From now until July 11th at 11:59 PM EST/gametime ingots will be on sale for up to 35% off. Purchase of ingots will be going directly to funding several development projects and ensure we get The Big Thing to you in a shorter time-line. 


🌈 Grade Horse Colors

We have had quite a few grade horse colors successfully bred for! Our list thus far:


Anadalusians - Varnish Roan by Middy

Arabian - Palomino by Raine

Arabian - Golden Palomino by Raine

Arabian - Leopard by Stir Fry

Arabian - Varnish Roan by Stir Fry


Congrats for successful grade projects! All new image layers for these colors are now in and ready to be seen. :)



🐛 Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue where transferring money would throw an error. This has been fixed!

  • Some horses were remembering old deleted clubs and were refusing to load their info tab. They should be fixed now.

  • If a grade horse has been downgraded to a regular crossbreed image because of missing art, the tack should now match the crossbreed instead of trying to fit the purebred art.

  • There was an interesting issue where horses that placed the same in the same type of show were receiving a different set of points. This should be fixed now!

  • Sooty should now show for black-based horses if they have modifiers in the custom generator.

  • If you try to use a breed coin from your inventory and switch to spectral, it should now appropriately update the color points and the total ingots due.


We hope everyone is staying comfy and enjoys their weekend!


Bed & Curly

Show Payout, Breeding Clinic, & Coming Soon!
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Saturday, June 26, 2021 (7 Comments)

Greetings everyone and happy weekend! We have an update for you today.


💸 Show Payout Change

Show payout for discipline shows has been adjusted to give more EQD across all placements.  Higher tier and higher discipline rank means winners will earn more EQD for winning but a higher percent of horses will break even or lose EQD.  Ex. Tier 1 Universal will have fewer horses winning EQD than Tier 1 Foundation.  Other adjustments have been made to help boost EQD payout in discipline showing for those who have foundation or local horses at low tiers.  This means foundation and local horses starting out in discipline shows have more leniency when showing. 


💯 Show Point Reward Tweak

If there are less than 10 entries in a discipline show, it will now reward based on placement rather than percentile. This means that if you score 3rd out of 4 horses, you will earn the same as if you scored 3rd out of 10 horses. Hopefully, this helps horses in smaller shows level a bit faster.


📋 Show Results

Show results on the show page are now split by tier.


💰 Breeding Clinic Prices

Breeding Clinic retrieval prices have been adjusted to better reflect the current economy. 


🗣️ Shout Length

A shout length limit of 125 characters has been added to reduce the occurrence of lots of top text.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Entry fee input for show creation has been removed.

  • Feed storage prices have been adjusted to reflect the $3 for feed and $1 for water.

  • Horses can now enter secondary disciplines from their page.

  • Stars for training certifications and halter shows should now show up.

  • Sable Cream and amber Cream color names in the generator now displ for the correct genes.

  • Age has been added to the CSV export on the Herd Management page.

  • We’re monitoring a few ongoing bugs and will report back with fixes soon!


🔮 Coming Soon

Championship Shows

To keep discipline shows interesting, we will be implementing monthly championship shows. They will run on the 25th of each month and will require a specific number of discipline points to enter that must be earned during that month. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be significantly more to entice you to enter.


Hall of Fame Changes

We will be splitting up horses into discipline, halter, and career sections so you can better keep track of how your horses are doing.


Discipline Tiers

Higher discipline tiers will soon receive benefits. More info coming soon!


As mentioned in the last few news posts, we are working on a ton of things behind the scenes. We’re not yet ready to reveal our plans yet - just know that they’re exciting and HUGE! We will start giving some hints soon. 😉



Bed & Curly