Community Colored Tack Set!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, April 8, 2021 (4 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy almost weekend! We have an exciting small news post for you today.


🥳 Community Tack Set

Saturday will mark our second blog post which is centered around “How It’s Made: Tack” where we explore the process of adding and making Eqcetera tack! To have a bit of fun with the blog post, we will be hosting a Discord live stream party where players get to pick a theme and help design a new tack set! But first, we must do a community poll to choose our tack set theme.

Vote Here

Use the form above to place your vote for what tack theme you like most. This will determine the theme of the tack set being created. In the live stream, we will be asking specifics on hues, embellishments, and more. The live stream will be held on our Discord server Saturday the 10th at 4:00 PM EST/ game time for ~1 hour. I will be live streaming the tack coloring process, answering questions, and just hanging around to chat with you. All joins to the stream will be automatically muted and a text channel open for Q&A.




New Companion!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, April 1, 2021 (2 Comments)

🐛 New Companion!

After much searching and digging, we have finally managed to find enough of our new companion to add them to the General Store! The Earthworm is a cute little companion which will keep your horse company, bust a move doing the worm, or maybe even just crawl back in the dirt. We honestly aren't sure what they’ll do alongside your horse but, they do give a small show and twin boost. According to our sources, the earthworms have decided to only be in the General Store until April 2nd at midnight.  


🐴 Breed of the Month

This month's breed of the month is the Shetland Pony ...or as we know them today, Sheepland Poe Knees! Be sure to check out the forum to enter!


Enjoy the rest of your day everyone!


The Dev Team

Bug Fixes & Adjustments
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Tuesday, March 30, 2021 (1 Comments)

Hello and happy Tuesday! Thank you for being so patient with all the bugs floating around. Big updates always bring out pesky issues and it takes a bit of time to resolve them. 


🐎 Halter Shows Auto Running

We have added a “catch up” cron that runs any halter shows older than 24 hours with more than 6 entrants at noon each day. This should help keep the less popular shows moving along. Note that shows with 6 entrants or less still have no auto running and will stay until 1) they hit 20 entrants or 2) they go over 6 entrants and are at least 24 hours old.


🔀 Horse Transferring, Surrendering, and Registrations

If a horse is sold, auctioned, or transferred, it will now lose its registration in both registries and clubs if the player the horse is being transferred to does not have a membership. If the player does have a membership, the horse will stay registered. Horses that are surrendered now lose all registrations in both registries and clubs.


 If a horse loses its registration in a registry, it will be removed from all halter shows.


Note: An update is currently being run to all horse registrations to make sure they belong to the correct registry member. If your horse has lost their stars, that most likely means you do not have a membership of the registry it was registered at. 


💕 Studs and Broods

Studs and broods should no longer require energy. The horse that is breeding to the stud or brood will still have energy taken as normal. We hope this helps the stud and brood market to continue without fear of an energy penalty.


✨ Changes

  • The shown indicator (purple check) on the stable page now shows if a horse is at 0% energy.

  • You can now see the list of shows your horse has entered on the show tab but can no longer enter any new ones if there is not enough energy.

  • You can now see a horse’s energy on the stable page.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • When retrieving a straw or egg, there is no longer a fail cooldown.

  • Foals should no longer enter discipline shows when using the enter all.

  • There was an issue with entering other peoples’ horses and some horses not showing up due to the association membership not correctly linking horses with members. This has been fixed.

  • Enter All 2 should now appropriately calculate energy left for all horses.

  • Some people were having issues with caring for their herd due to a large amount of horses. This should be fixed now.

  • Halter shows that have ran should no longer still appear on a horse’s show page.

  • Showing foals from their page without the enter all should no longer throw an error that they cannot show.


We hope this update makes showing and organizing horses a bit easier! As always, any bugs should be reported to the Bug Box for us to put on our fix list.



The Dev Team

Personalities, Careers, Halter Shows & MORE!
Posted by Curly
Sunday, March 28, 2021 (21 Comments)

Hello and welcome to Eqcetera’s biggest update ever. Boy has this update taken some work, but it is well worth it!


Please note that there are a lot of fundamental changes to the game in this update. Each section in this news post links to additional information on the help site. It was entirely too much information to fit into a single post. We understand that when there are major changes, there are bound to be questions. We are here and available to help answer any questions and concerns that you have!


We hope you’re as excited as we are to see Eqcetera grow and expand. Before we get to all the changes we want to note that these new changes are designed to cater to new play styles and have only slightly changed the old gameplay style. This means for most of these new features, you can opt to do them or not but still be successful in the game. 


Now onto the details of each new change!


⚡ Horse Energy

Horses now have energy. This determines how many actions you can do with your horse each day. This was decided to level the playing field for basic players and make a few requested adjustments to breeding.

Read more about energy 


Energy brings about a couple of major fundamental changes. 

  1. Both upgraded and basic players can now compete with their horses the same number of times each day. This will put everyone on a level playing field.

  2. There will no longer be breeding fail wait times. You can breed your horse (while it has energy) until the breeding succeeds. Successful breeding cooldown still applies.

  3. There will no longer be any retrieval fail wait times. You can retrieve from the horse as energy allows. Weekly limits and successful retrieval cooldown still applies.

  4. You will have to make choices each day on what to do with your horse. All horses will start with 100% energy at rollover. If you breed, train, or show, this will decrease your horse’s energy. 


🏆 Regular Showing

Important! Please read.  The show formula has changed to add more weight to a horse's breed standards. Over our time of development, we have had lots of feedback on adding more weight to BS. The new formula will not be disclosed like our old formula. The show formula only uses breed standard and performance stats.


🏆 Read the updated help post 🏆


🧠 Personalities

What’s a horse without a personality? Horses on Eqcetera now have personalities which incorporate traits of gregariousness, predictability, reactivity, and sensitivity. 


🧠 Read more about personalities 🧠


All horses in-game have randomly been assigned a personality. All foals from this update onward must have personality revealed via foal training, see more info in the article above.


💼 Careers 

For horses that don’t seem to fit into discipline shows or halter shows, the third option is to enter them into careers! Careers allow horses to go to “work” and earn skills. Careers use skills, personality, and at a very low weight, performance stats. 


There are currently 4 careers available:

  • Working Draft - works on the Farm.

  • Education Horse - works in the Education Center.

  • Therapy Horse - works in the Therapy Center.

  • Lesson Horse - works in the Riding School.


💼 Read more about careers 💼

💪 Skills 

Over time, horses develop skills beyond just performance stats. There are 6 skills that are gained through competing in a halter show or completing a job in a horse’s career. Horses may complete jobs every 30 minutes at a career center.


💪 Read more about skills 💪


All horses in-game have been randomly assigned a skill percentage between 0 and 20%.


🐎 Foal Training

No RL horse is born to automatically enter competitions. To bring a little more realism into Eqcetera, there is now foal training! Foal training reveals your foal’s personality, earns their training boost, and can allow them to enter halter shows early.


🐎 Read more about foal training 🐎


All existing horses over 1 year old have had their foal training automatically completed. 


📜 Breed Registries 

Breed Registries, previously Associations, are now complete! The registries will work as associations did previously and allow you to join and register horses to their associated breed registry. These registries now have forums and halter shows which run hourly!


📜 Read more about breed registries 📜


No More Presidents

Unlike V2’s associations, breed registries will no longer have presidents. We felt that it was unfair for a single player to manage an entire breed. Therefore, all breed registries will be managed by Eqcetera. 


Halter Shows

Halter shows are tiered based on a horse's star rating and gender and are open to foals that have completed foal training. Halter shows run based on the number of entrants and reward halter points toward titles.


📜 Read more about halter shows 📜


Herd Management

There are now new tabs in herd management. These tabs are for: halter horses ,career horses, discipline horses, and foals. Each of these gives an overview of important information for each such as, age day for foals, personality for horses, and career tier.


🎉 Small Changes

  • “Regular” players in club member rosters have been renamed to “Member.”

  • There is now a Crossbreed Campaigns link on the Clubs page. This page lists out all active crossbreed campaigns, their breed composition, and their current completion percentage. 

  • The forum previously named “Association Hub” has been renamed to “Club & Registry Hub.”

  • The Welsh Registry has been renamed to Welsh Pony & Cob Registry.

  • Individual show pages should now show the countdown timer correctly.

  • Breed Registries now have links to horses from the horse roster.

  • The roleplay forum will no longer show up in recent posts due to the higher volume posted in a single thread.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Failed stud/brood breedings that did not result in a true failure but only an error will no longer take a failed breeding fee.

  • Horses under 3 years old should no longer show up in breeding management.

  • Fixed where long horse names were throwing errors in some places.

  • Crossbreed campaigns should now allow decimals in breed percentages. 

  • Horse age has been fixed on the registered horses list in breed registries.

  • Horse names now link to the horse in the registered horses list in breed registries.


🥳 Chat Party!!!

We know this is quite a big update to take in but, we will be hosting a chat party tonight on our Discord at 8PM EST/Game time to answer all your questions. A forum with a live update GoogleDoc will be posted for those of you without a Discord and Q&A available in the same forum. 



The Dev Team

Update Day & Downtime
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, March 24, 2021 (3 Comments)

Hello everyone!


✨ Downtime

Expect downtime in the late afternoon on Sunday, March 28th for our monthly update. This update is the largest we have pushed in Eqcetera history which requires testing on the live site. Expect the site to be down for at least 2 hours. 


🎉 Chat Party!

To celebrate the update and answer your questions we will be hosting a chat party Sunday, March 28th at 8 PM EST/Gametime on our Discord server. We will be answering all of your questions about the update and clarifying information about the new features. For those of you without a Discord, a form post with a live-updated GoogleDoc will be posted with specific Q&A questions.


😎 Social Media

Be sure to follow Eqcetera on Facebook (Eqcetera) and Instagram (@eqceteragame). We have exclusive social media content such as sneak peek and games! 


Have a great rest of the week and we will see you Sunday!


The Dev Team