Surprise Update with Adjustments!
Posted by Curly
Sunday, October 18, 2020 (5 Comments)

Surprise weekend update! We have a few fixes and changes for you today. :)


🎨 Generator Colors

We have heard the feedback and edited the foundation store colors to include rare colors once again but at a much lower % than before. We are brainstorming ideas on other ways to get rare colored horses in the game, including by quests, game-generated auctions, and other possibilities. If you have any ideas, let us know! Click here to see a sheet with rare genes in purple and underlined.


⏳ Retirement Age for Customs

To make customs a bit more valuable, they will now only retire between ages 25 and 30 with an increasing chance each year. EDIT: This applies to all customs so those currently in-game will retire after 25.


🏆 Hall of Fame

It’s back! After trying to add additions to the HOF, we decided to get it back up-and-running as-is until we are able to make fixes to the additions to it.


🗓️ Monthly RP

Monthly RP has not been resetting, but this has been fixed to reset on November 1st.


💥 Energy Bar

You will now see your current energy under your player information in the menu. Hopefully this reminds people to check out the mine. We have plans for other ways to use energy. 👀


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • You no longer have to refresh the page after registering a horse in an association.

  • The count for breeding grounds on player profiles should now be correct. This counts available studs/broods and doesn’t include any on cooldown.



The Dev Team

Fixes, Changes, and Additions
Posted by Curly
Friday, October 16, 2020 (20 Comments)

Happy Friday everyone! Today, we have a few bug fixes for you and a couple of additions. Life has gotten quite busy with work for Bed so we covered as many bugs as possible with what time we had. Hope you enjoy these bug squishes!


🍁 Fall Event

Next weekend we will kick-starting our Fall Event! Keep an eye out for what's to come. It's  spooky season!!!


🗳️ New Breed Voting

Voting for new breeds is still open until the end of today. Click here to select your favorite breeds or add a suggestion! Our next new breed after Welshs C and D will be joining us in January! 


🔮 Generator Colors

Some colors for certain breeds have transitioned to be generator-only. This is to make some of the rare colors in real life a bit more rare in-game. What colors have moved is based on the acceptable colors as specified by registries or for those that accept “All Colors”, coat colors that are uncommon in the breed. Ex. Overo in Thoroughbreds is now generator only as a small % of Thoroughbreds have the gene.  


To see which colors are now only available in the custom generator, click here. Purple color names show those that are generator only. Don’t worry! Foundation store horses will still be colorful as I have increased some %s for white markings and dilutes. 😁


💫 Name Generator

Ooops! Some not so nice words found their way into the name generator and now these have been removed. We’ve also added quite a few new words (500+ 😲) as well! Let’s see who can find the funniest name and post here!


🔍 Search

PS and color name have been added back into search results! It should take much less clicking to find that perfect horse to buy or breed to. Whew!


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed horse auction bug where highest bid overrode auto buy. If you had issues with this or multi-charges for an auction create a bug report and Curly will be fixing these.

  • You can no longer retire horses that are for auction.

  • After you update your account, the page now refreshes to clean out the old links if you change your display name. No more -1 at the end of urls or broken links!

  • Marwaris have been added back to search. Be sure to go check them out!

  • Auto buy should no longer remove payment more than once. If you had issues with this or multi-charges for an auction create a bug report and Curly will be fixing these.

  • You can no longer care for horses without having enough money on hand. 

  • Message button on player profiles no longer goes to a 404 page. You can now more easily message others!

  • Transferred horses should no longer have 5 for the saved training times for both primary and secondary.

  • Transferred horses should no longer show up to register in associations.

  • Transferred horses should no longer be stuck in outside boarding. 

  • You can now view the horse again if you view someone else's horse's offspring or show results. No need to refresh the page anymore. :)

  • You no longer have to remove all of a horse's tags to get them to save. 

  • Max sabiano and max roan should now show for all foal bases.

  • Estate tabs will no longer move while editing. Those pesky tabs wanted to be all over the place!

  • You can no longer spam click the Create Shows button. 

  • Birdcatcher spots should now show up for Quarabs. 

  • Liver chestnut Abstang should now show when viewing the small version image.

  • You should now receive a notification if a horse sells.

  • You should now receive a notification of stud/brood uses even if it fails.

  • Bidding on horse market auctions now takes money into escrow.

  • On your auctions with bid that are auto bought "Accept highest bid" is no longer left

  • Able to transfer auction horses has now been removed.

  • Able to spay/geld auction horses has now been removed.

  •  Horse generator now resets color when switching between breeds.



Have a great weekend everyone! As always, if you have any bugs be sure to post to the bug box. Also, be sure to be looking around the forums...



The Dev Team

New Crossbreed, Ingot Sale, and Updates
Posted by Curly
Friday, October 9, 2020 (11 Comments)

Happy new crossbreed day! A long-awaited new crossbreed has now trotted into Eqcetera. 


🥁 The Drum Horse!

Our new crossbreed is the Drum Horse! Drum Horses are a cross between the Clydesdale and Irish Cob. 


The Drum Horse will be the last registered crossbreed for a while. Don’t worry! More will be added in between purebred additions and generic crossbreed art updates. I see you Pintaloosa, Pintabian, Barock Pinto, Arabo Friesian, Sugarbush Draft, etc. etc. lovers….don't worry!


💎 Ingot Sale

Just a reminder that the ingot sale ends tomorrow at midnight EST/game time! Be sure to stock up. You never know what might be coming...👀


🗳️ New Breed Voting

We have a form in which you can vote for the next purebred to be added and add in a suggestion. Click here to select your favorite breeds! 


🗓️ The Calendar

Our calendar has been updated to reflect our plans until the end of the year. This now shows the Welsh C and D as two separate updates .  Also, December is planned to have only 1 development and art update since we are hoping to take some mini-vacations to see family and rest after a very long year of updates and additions. For 2021, we will have a consistent new art update and dev schedule which will be posted closer to time. 


💥 Age & Training

Reports have been made about horses not aging on the right day or training not resetting on the correct day. All horses are offset by 2 days due to a cron issue so this is not a bug, just a change due to crons. The cron has been fixed so horses should just reflect the 2 day offset.


🐞 Bug Fixes

  • Now, when you unselect Public Sale, it will remove the horse from being for sale without having to put in 0.

  • You should now be able to browse the entire rescue.

  • When using the Training Manual, the training fee will now be appropriately charged based on the number of trainings per horse.

  • You can now send a message directly to a player using the message link. A message button has also been added to player profiles for convenience.



Have a great weekend everyone!



The Dev Team

Where We are Heading
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, October 7, 2020 (9 Comments)

Today's news is something different from our usual update. This news post is all about what's in the works, coming to Eqc, and a sneak peek! Note: This post is long but well worth reading!


What's the plan? What are you doing?

We came to the realization that we often give sneak peaks but never really tell you all exactly what we are doing in detail. This has left the player base mostly in the dark and typically just waiting for us to add things, never being able to build up excitement. We want to be more open about changes to the site and upcoming additions!


Let’s get the biggest and probably longest requested addition out of the way first...

Q: Will you add tack?

A: Oh, yes we will! And guess what? It’s coming sooner rather than later! We already have an artist working on tack for all bases (All 30+ 😵). Some bases have tack complete but, tack is expensive and depends on site revenue so it can potentially be a slow process but, we hope to have the first set of tack done by January.  With adding tack, we are also opening the door to add other decoration items. :)


Q: What about quests and achievements?

A: We previously had quests in V2. We do plan to bring back quests within the next few updates! Achievements will be a phase 2 and requires more planning and code. So, they will be coming at a later date.


Q: Can you add straws and eggs?

A: Yes! We have wanted to add this back in since V1 had straws and eggs. The research,  planning, and art phases have been completed; we just need code! We hope to add this in the next 2 or 3 updates.


Anything else?

We have quite a bit already planned but, some additions take time. Below are a few other extra tid-bits for you to look forward to!

  • Lore will be added which will be incorporated in current and future features.

  • Association shows will make a comeback soon!

  • Rare breeds will soon have their implementation reviewed and adjusted to make rare breeds well...rare.

  • Items other than tack will be added but these, like tack, are dependent on site revenue. We have a very extensive list of possible items to be added!

  • More exploration features will be added and are in the coding phase. Planning and art for one exploration aspect is complete. 

  • As always, new breeds and crossbreeds will be added! For now, we are focusing on updating breed art and adding the adult generic crossbreed art. Starting in January, we will be on a schedule for adding new breeds and crosses. 


How do I add more ideas for planning?

We have a Player Development Ideas forum for everyone to post in! This is checked frequently and ideas added to a master document to be reviewed. We do have a process of adding in player ideas that, depending on complexity, could take some time.


  1. A player suggestion passes review and is sent to Curly for research. Occurs on a rolling basis.

  2. Curly researches the suggestion and how to implement it. Takes about 1 week for thorough research and how to transition ideas to game-play.

  3. Curly compiles needed art with references, comments, and specifics (size, color etc). This is sent to the artist to start sketches and art. Takes about 2 weeks from compilation to final art product.

  4. While waiting on art, Bedouin and Curly review how to implement and test/code in real time. Depending on complexity, bug fixes, and needed fixes/additions, this can take up to 1 month to go from testing to live.

  5. In the weeks leading to launch, testing staff test the new feature for bugs and issues. These are fixed on a daily basis until the launch.

  6. Day of, the feature gets one more thorough test from Curly and Bedouin. Once good, the live site is taken down, feature pushed, and made live! This takes ~30 minutes.


Bug Fixes

  • All horses stuck in the horse market have been manually removed so lingering horse market bugs should be squished!

  • You no longer are able to create auctions with nothing in them.

  • Regular auctions should no longer end without sending the item and/or money. Money from escrow should now always be returned.


We hope this unusual news post has you as excited as we are! As always, the Player Development forum is open for suggestions for additions.



The Dev Team

Companions and our first ingot sale!
Posted by Bedouin
Saturday, October 3, 2020 (6 Comments)

Gosh, do we have an extremely exciting bonus update this weekend! After tons of reviewing players requests, planning, and waiting, we are finally able to release our first new equippable items! These new items also come along at the same time as our first ingot sale of V3!  We have so many exciting things coming up that we will be posting hints about once they get further along (There may be one at the end of this news post…). Just note, things cost money and what is upcoming is QUITE the endeavor. 😲


🐱 Companions

Some furry and wild friends have found their way into Eqcetera! It’s companions! Companions are our first “foreground” item that you can equip to horses. At this point in time, companions give no boost to horses and serve as a customization/decoration item only. We reviewed suggestions pertaining to us adding in decoration items and believe this was the best way to start. We are open to feedback on this and would love to hear what we could do to improve companions in the future!


🎃 Elusive Black Cat

Hiss...spit..purr! The black cat is our first limited edition companion who only saunters out of the shadows during October. These spooky cats cost a bit more than year-round available companions due their limited edition status. Just remember...this cat chose to be with you. Not the other way around. 😜


👻 Great Horned Owl

Hoo is that we see up in the sky? The Great Horned Owl has swooped in! This companion is our first year-round available companion and it comes with a birds eye view of your horses. Fun fact! Great Horned Owls are named after the feathers that give them a horned appearance. Hoo could be joining them next?


Companions can be found for sale in the General Store.  Run on over and grab a few!


💥 Ingot Sale

Our first ingot sale of V3 will be running from now until next Saturday, October 10th  at midnight! You will find that bonus ingots have been increased during this sale so you get more ingots in each package. 


🥳 Where Are We Heading?

With the introduction of foreground items, our options are infinite!  We already have a phase 2 of foreground items which are in the works. What do you think it could be?  👀


We hope you are as excited as we are! Have a great weekend and hug your real life companions for us! :)


Did you  know 45% of Tic Tacs are manufactured in Cork Ireland?



The Dev Team