Big Ol' Bug Squish
Posted by Curly
Friday, October 2, 2020 (11 Comments)

Happy Friday! Have we got a big bug squish update for you!


Since there were so many fixes, we’ve split them into categories of different areas of the game. Any bug you experience, please make a bug report in the Bug Box. This adds it to our queue and we will look into it and make sure it’s fixed.


We didn’t quite get down to our under 20 goal, but we’ve knocked out a lot! Whew! So much bug squishing so little time! Under 20 is definitely the goal for the next dev update and it seems fairly easy now to get there. :)


🐎 Horses

  • Horses can no longer have primary and secondary disciplines be the same.

  • The horse count on your profile should now be accurate. 128..129...130..some of you have 1,000...

  • Horse names now change when saving. No need to refresh the page!

  • You can now see and remove custom images in your horse settings.

  • You can now remove custom backgrounds from horses.

  • Horses now have notes in their Info tab. Captain’s log, stardate 98353.95 We are now entering a massive note taking phase.

  • When retired, crossbreed foals should no longer default to light body type.

  • You should no longer get lethal overo horses from the Foundation Store.

  • You can no longer enter shows that have already run.

  • Now, when you visit the show page after it has ended, you can see the results.


🏤 Estate/Stable

  • Stable filters now work. It’s now much easier to look at all your horses now!

  • When purchasing feed for your storage, the total should now be correct. Munch munch munch mmm!

  • You should no longer see an error when trying to purchase feed for your storage.

  • You should no longer see NAN after purchasing feed for your storage.

  • The training manual now shows 100 horses at a time instead of 20 per page to avoid confusion when training.

  • You can now train at your own center from your horses’ page even if the fee is $0.

  • You can no longer spam buy boarding stalls for your boarding center.

  • You should no longer have to refresh the page to feed horses multiple times with the Care All.

  • The purchase button for the Care All in Herd Management has also moved to the top of the page for convenience.


🏛️ Associations

  • Associations now all have the same user and horse registration prices. Presidents will not be able to change them in the future. 

  • You should no longer have to refresh after joining an association to see horses in the registration dropdown.


💵 Auctions

  • If you select the last time option for auction duration for horse market and regular auctions, it will no longer immediately end the auction.

  • Horses that have been in the auction before should now be able to be put up again.

  • You are no longer able to auto-buy your own horse market auction.


🔍 Items

  • All foals should now show in the dropdown for magnifying glasses.

  • When using an item, you can no longer double click and use it multiple times.

  • Now, when you go back to an item, it will show that it is equipped to a horse instead of the horse dropdown menu.

  • Horses that have backgrounds attached will no longer show in background item dropdowns.

  • Horses will no longer show up in the dropdown if they already have another item of the same type equipped.


🐴 Custom Generator

  • The custom generator should now show dun on a black + cream base. Go look at all those beauties!

  • The custom generator should now appropriately calculate points when markings are removed.


💫 Various

  • You should now be able to update your forum signature in your user settings.

  • If you use special characters in your display name, it should no longer break things for you.

  • Energy should now regenerate up to 100% even if you go offline. Be sure to head to the mine!

  • When you view notifications now, it will mark each one as read.

  • You should no longer have an unread message alert if you sent the message.


🔮 Upcoming

We have some cool things coming up soon! Expect more updates over the next couple days. Next week, there will be an art update including a new crossbreed. Let’s drum up some excitement!


That's quite a bit of bug squishing and fixing for this update! Hoo will be joining us tomorrow?



The Dev Team

Avatar Contest Results
Posted by Curly
Saturday, September 26, 2020 (18 Comments)

Good morning everyone! The pencils were drawing and crayons coloring. The results for the Avatar Art Contest are in!


✨ Our Winners

Congratulations to our winners! They have won 1 of 5 prize packages and feature in our news post and social media.  Our winners are:






If you are one of the winners please message me at your convenience!  :)


🐴 New Avatars

The new avatars will be added in shortly. Keep an eye out!


Do you like contests? What kind of contest would you want to see next?


The Dev Team

Pony Foals & Care Icons!
Posted by Curly
Friday, September 25, 2020 (12 Comments)

Happy art update day! Today is the day! Pony foals are here and oh so adorable!


🐴 Pony Foals

Oh, who is that adorable fuzzy face? It’s the new pony foal art! The last of the foal body types has been completed and all foals in-game now have body-type specific art. We’ll now start on body type specific adult crossbreed images to match over the next couple months. :)



🖌️ Updated Care Icons

The care icons have gotten a revamp and have new art. Thanks Elz!


🖌️ Status Icons

Status icons have been added back in with a revamp! Status icons are displayed for numerous reasons which can be read about in this help article. 


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Shows that were infinitely loading should now be fixed.

  • The rescue center should be fixed now. Go adopt some of those lonely souls.

  • Run dates should now correctly reflect when a show is running when viewing it from the Shows Arena page. 

  • You should now be able to view breeding requests for horses rather than an infinite load screen. 

  • Horses registered in breed associations should now show stars.


🔮 Upcoming

Next week is a dev update. We’ve decided to focus only on bugs for this update with nothing new added. Currently, we have 82 known issues. Our goal is to get under 20 known issues after next Friday’s update. We thank everyone for being so patient with all the bugs, and we want to focus on squashing as many as we can. 


🛑 Upcoming Transport Cap

Coming within the next couple months we will be adding a soft transport cap. The way this will work is that if you are over your transport limit, you will not be able to purchase any new horses from the Foundation Store, Rescue, Horse Market, or other players. However, you can breed horses and horses can be kicked from boarding without affecting anything.


Note that this will be a rather high limit and shouldn’t affect your gameplay that much. Tentatively, the highest amount you could have in transport will be 300 horses but this is subject to change as we get closer to the date. 


Why are we doing this?

As we grow, we need to be aware of how much server space individual horses take. Currently, there are about 30 players with over 500 horses in their transport. One player even has more than 21,000 horses in their transport! 


✨  Art Contest

Just a final reminder that the Avatar Art Contest will end tonight at 6PM EST/ Game time. View rules and the $65 prize packages here! We have lots of amazing entries so far! It’s going to be really hard to choose.


Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hiss...spit... purr...



The Dev Team

Board All, Bug Squishes, and Additions
Posted by Curly
Sunday, September 20, 2020 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! We are back again this weekend with an update!


🏠 Board All at Home

The long-awaited “Board All at Home” option is back! This will board as many horses as can fit in your stables and place them in the Uncategorized tab or old tab they were in. Do I see some foundation raids in the near future?


❌ Surrendering

Some shows were being broken because there were horses without owners. Now, if you surrender a horse, it will be removed from shows. You will not receive a refund for these shows so surrender carefully.


➕ Small Additions

  • When editing your horse, the tabs should now show up in the correct order.

  • When viewing other horses, you can now see their offspring and show results. Go google at those offspring!

  • Unverified accounts no longer show up on the New Players page.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • When transferring to and from frozen accounts, horses are now frozen and unfrozen appropriately. Brrrrr!

  • Foals that have already had a Magnifying Glass used on them should no longer appear in the dropdown for the Magnifying Glass. 

  • Fixed some errors on pages while not logged in.

  • Horses with grey horses in their lineage will no longer have lineages infinitely load.

  • Fixed some infinitely loading non-grey horses from the grey update.

  • You can now remove tags from horses.


✨  Art Contest

Just another reminder the Avatar Art Contest has been extended to end September 25th at 6PM EST/ Game time. View rules and the $65 prize packages here! We have lots of amazing entries so far!


Enjoy these additions and fixes! As a reminder, any bugs must go into the bug box to be added to our fix queue. Whoo is that...far up in the sky…? Its a...?



The Dev Team

Update: Avatar Art Contest
Posted by Curly
Saturday, September 19, 2020 (0 Comments)

Good evening everyone! Hope today has gone well for you so far! 

✨ Avatar Art Contest

Due to several requests, we have decided to extend the avatar art contest for an additional week. We understand many of us are having tough times in real life but also wish to participate. We hope an additional week allows for all of those busy with life a bit more time to submit entries.


The Prize Package

  1. 2 Spectral tokens

  2. 1,500 ingots

  3. Choice of any combo of 5: Cherry Background(s), Truffle(s), or Mistletoe(s)

  4. Featured in the winners news post and social media.

  5. Credit on our credits page.

Prize package is valued at $65. All 5 winners will receive the same prize package. 


To view the contest rules click here. The contest will officially end Friday, September 25th at 6:00 PM EST/ game time.


We look forward to everyone's beautiful entries!



The Dev Team