I Spot a New Breed!
Posted by Curly
Saturday, March 13, 2021 (9 Comments)

Happy new breed day everyone! 


🐎 New Breed!!!

We now have the Knabstrupper breed in Eqcetera! This breed often sports a leopard type coat pattern and comes in black, bays, and chestnuts. The breed excels in many disciplines but in Eqcetera, it is geared towards disciplines using speed, endurance, and power. Knabstruppers are available via custom coins. They will be released into the foundation store March  17th at 6PM for platinum and gold players and March 20th at 12:00PM for everyone. The auctions for somatic mutation Knabs are going up shortly and goodness do they look amazing!!


🍀 Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

We will have a small St. Patrick's Day celebration in the forum where a stallion and mare of the Irish Cob and Irish Draught breeds will be given away with emerald tack sets and a custom coin for each. The contest will open March 15th at 6:00PM where everyone may enter to be randomly drawn to receive one of the prize packages. A news post will be posted closer to this date as a reminder. 


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new breed!



The Dev Team

Eqcetera Blog, Somatic Mutations & Campaign Changes
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 9, 2021 (27 Comments)

Good morning everyone! We have a small update for you today to announce a few new additions.


🦄 Somatic Mutations

A new set of somatic mutations have been added for Norwegian Fjords, Marwaris, Friesians, and Welsh D. The auctions for these are going up shortly!


✨ The Eqcetera Blog

Today we have launched our first blog post on the help site! Our March 2021 post is up and ready for reading! The Eqcetera Blog will be a monthly post from the developers answering your questions and tackling topics from game development to all things equine! Our first post introduces you to Bedouin and I as well as answers a few player submitted questions. 


🗨️ Club Discord Channels

Clubs with 5 or more members may have their president request a private Discord channel in the Eqcetera Discord server. These will be “role react” channels meaning, they will only display to you join them via our #role-request channel.


☀️ Crossbreed Campaign Names

We have had a few campaign names submitted which have used a term we no longer allow. A few months ago we phased out the breed name “Gypsy Vanner” and replaced it with Irish Cob. This was done due to the term “gypsy” being a slur which goes against our rule “Everyone is expected to be respectful and have a good attitude toward others. Eqcetera is hatred free and will not tolerate any hateful act or allusion to hate toward any group of people(s). Trolling, picking fights, and arguing is not allowed.”. Throughout our time of development, we have been educated about this term and how it is harmful to Romani people due to its history as a slur. Having players of Romani descent and having educated ourselves, the term “gypsy” is now no longer allowed to be used in Eqcetera as it is a slur. If you have this term somewhere we ask you please edit it. Use of the term is also not allowed on our Discord server. Previously, we have allowed players to continue to keep using this term but after private conversations and consideration by staff, use of the term will now be considered to be covered in our community rule listed above. In the next few days, staff will be checking profiles, horse names, etc. and editing and sending reminders to change these names. The only instance where the term will be permitted is in the help site article about the breed, where the term “Gypsy Vanner” will be included in the history and information about the breed. Should an instance come up where you see someone is confused about this, staff is usually available to help so feel free to message them for assistance. 


Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! We will see you Saturday for the new breed! 👀



The Dev Team

Club Additions & Breeding Edits
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 2, 2021 (8 Comments)

Happy surprise update, everyone!


📝 Club Edits

We see quite a few of you have already begun creating your own crossbreed! In total, we now have 11 Crossbreed Campaigns active with an array of wonderful names and breed pairings. We have added a few requested changes to clubs as well.

  • There is now a “My Clubs” tab that shows which clubs you own or are registered in.

  • Clubs are now ordered by how many members are registered. Those with more members will appear first in the list.

  • Club owners may now kick horses or members. If a horse is kicked and that is the only club the horse is registered in, the horse’s stars will be removed.

  • Club owners may now close registrations for new members.

  • The club directory and club page banner should now look correct when viewed from mobile.


💕 Breeding Edits

We have also edited a previous rule to game-recognized crossbreeds where if you bred a parent breed to a crossbreed, you would produce that crossbreed. Ex. Appaloosa bred to an Araloosa produced an Araloosa. Now, these crossbreeds all must be 50/50 in their DNA % to display as the crossbreed. Ex. Araloosa must be 50% Appaloosa and 50% Arabian. This will only affect horses bred from this update onward.


This change also allows for crosses who do not have pure parents but also still have the required 50/50 DNA to show up as recognized crossbreeds.


🗓️ Road Map

We hope you are as excited as we are about the changes we're making so we've linked the road map on the calendar page for easy access. The road map is a timeline of expected development for 2021 and can possibly change. Any changes will be noted in news posts.


Enjoy the rest of your day and we hope you enjoy the small update!


The Dev Team

Clubs, Create a Breed, and Grade Horses!
Posted by Curly
Sunday, February 28, 2021 (25 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy update day! Today, we are rolling out part 1 of 2 for the Club and Association changes. This update comes with quite a few changes to crossbreeds and even introduces something very exciting…


⭐ Clubs

In V2, clubs were only used to bring together those who share a common interest in something and only offered a forum and the possibility to register horses. We wanted to expand the idea of clubs to not only create more of a community but also expand crossbreed gameplay. You can view more information about club features in this help site article.


With the launch of V3 clubs,  there are a few club types to know about:

  • Community Clubs: Clubs can opt to be just community-based, meaning the club is used as a place to talk about a common interest. Ex. A club that focuses on equine news. These types of clubs can register horses and default to accepting all breeds and all disciplines.

  • Breeding & Discipline Clubs: Those who wish to have a club with breed or discipline guidelines can do so in the club settings. Clubs can choose to be breed- and/or discipline-based. Horses can be registered in these clubs and club owners may pick what breed(s) or discipline(s) are allowed. Ex. Flaxen Breeders Club or Show Jumping Arabians Club. 

  • Crossbreed Clubs: There is now a new club type which is replacing the Crossbreed Association (Read more in Associations below). These clubs are for each of the game recognized crossbreeds where these breeds can be registered. These are game owned and auto accept all those who register. A crossbreed-specific club will be created for each new game-recognized crossbreed. And speaking of...


🐴 Create Your Own Game-Recognized Crossbreed!

On top of these changes to clubs, we have added in a new highly requested feature which we are calling “Crossbreed Campaigns”. In the past, players have often asked about being able to create their own crossbreed and previously, we did not have a good solution or answers as to how or when this would be possible. Worry no more! Starting today, it is now possible for players to join together, create, and crowdsource their own in-game crossbreed which will receive its own artwork and breed designation! Do you want to breed Arabaloosadales, maybe Mustland Ponies, or even Friesian Cobs? Now you can! Through Crossbreed Campaigns, you will be able to create any crossbreed you want, but there are some steps required to do so. More information about Crossbreed Campaigns can be viewed here.


✨ Club Stars

Since crossbreeds no longer have a registry, they now earn stars by being registered with a club. Horses that get their stars from a club now have purple stars rather than yellow stars. Along with this star change, all horses registered in a club will also receive stars such as generic crossbreeds or purebreds that aren't in a registry. Note, if a horse is in a registry it will display yellow stars, not purple.


🌟 Old Clubs

Clubs that had previously been made have been transferred with members and horses registered removed. Fees and images have also been removed and all clubs are currently set to private. If you had a club in V2 that you no longer wish to keep, please message Curly or email support to have the refund credited to your account. Refunds for V2 clubs will be honored until March 28th, 2021.


🌈 Breeding in New Colors

We have also added in a new and exciting change which involves being able to breed colors back into any breed. This was previously done using the Brumby in which breeding any color into a Brumby was possible. Now, it is possible to breed any color into any breed, but this comes with a few things to know.


Breeding Back & Grade Horses

Breeding back to at least 95% of a breed now means that horse will convert to 100% of that breed. For example, if you bred a line of Clydesdale crosses to have tobiano and eventually had one with 95% Clydesdale and tobiano, it would revert to 100% Clydesdale and display a tobiano pattern on the Clydesdale base. Horses that have had a color bred into them like this will have a designation of “Grade” in front of their breed, Ex. Grade Clydesdale, and are not eligible for association registry.  Read more about grade horses in this help article.


With grade designation, the breed standard for grade horses will be based on the purebred they are shown as. Ex. A Grade Clydesdale will have a breed standard the same as a purebred Clydesdale. This is to simplify the breed standard calculation for players to more easily know what their grade horses ideal BS is. In order to get a star value for grade horses, they must be registered into a club.



As color is bred into a breed, artwork will be made for them. Should you be able to create a grade of a breed that needs artwork done, please post to this forum post with a link to the horse. These artwork layers will be made on a rolling basis and, depending on demand, may take up to 1 month.


Wild Type Breeds

In-game we currently have two “wild” breeds, Brumbies and Mustangs. Brumbies have previously been able to have color bred back into them but never could be 100% Brumby even though they displayed the Brumby base. With the change of breeding in color and “grade” designation, we have excluded these wild breeds from being labeled as “Grade,” meaning they will be able to be registered in their breed association. Now, any Brumby or Mustang that is 95% Brumby or Mustang will revert to 100% purebred and have their Breed Standards based on Brumby or Mustang standard and will not have “Grade” before the breed name.


💥 Associations

Associations have been renamed to “Breed Registries” and will only be used to register purebred horses.  We have also removed the discipline associations so players may make their own clubs centered around a discipline or a breed and a discipline. We will be completing associations in next month's update with personalities and careers. 


📜 Forums

Several of the forums have been cleaned and some categories have had rule updates. Please read all rules before posting.


Hope you all enjoy these changes and have a wonderful weekend!


The Dev Team

Bug Fixes!
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, February 16, 2021 (6 Comments)

Happy surprise update, everyone! There were a few bugs crawling around that needed squashing. We’ve outlined them below.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Liver Chestnut smaller images for Aztecas now display correctly.

  • Sooty layer for Aztecas on smaller images now displays correctly.

  • Golden Champagne on all generic stock bases now displays correctly.

  • Multi-equip from horse page now no longer possible.

  • When tack is removed from horses bought with tack, the tack now goes into your own inventory.

  • Enter All: You now no longer need to toggle on/off “Enter Random Shows” to display options to enter horses by ascending/descending.

  • Boarding Centers that are no longer upgraded are now removed from the boarding list.

  • Boarding Centers with $0 board fee no longer display as a boarding center option.

  • Crafting gem tack now only uses tack from inventory and no longer will remove equipped tack.

  • The custom generator now defaults PS entered as “0” to the minimum allowed of 5.

  • Brumbies that are 51  to 99% Brumby when retired now keep the Brumby image and no longer revert to the generic light cross base.


The Dev Team