Auctions, Shows, & Care
Posted by Curly
Thursday, April 29, 2021 (8 Comments)

Hello everyone! We have a teeny update with some info for you.

💸 Auction Houses

The buttons to create auctions have been removed from the auction house. This is to ensure all EQD, items, and ingots are through auctions pre-money cut so people know how much EQD they have to spend.


🐎 Shows & Show Creation

Shows will not be made for May 1st meaning, on May 1st before the update no one will be able to enter horses into shows. This includes both discipline and halter shows. The Create Shows option will be removed tomorrow morning to ensure no shows are made on the 1st. 


🌈 Care Cron

As mentioned previously, the care cron for horses will be paused for 1 week after the cut. This is to ensure everyone can get settled into the new economy easier by not having care fees to worry about. This includes pausing boarding fees as well.


🐴 Breed of the Month

Mays breed of the month is Welsh Type C! Be sure to sign up in this forum to enter to win a magic token or 1 month bronze upgrade.



The Dev Team

Upcoming Update Info
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Wednesday, April 28, 2021 (11 Comments)

Hello everyone and happy mid-week!


🐴 Hold on to Your Horses

As we all know, the big economy reset and the money cut is looming and only a few days away. We have had quite a few questions about the cut and changes and we want to clarify some details in this post.


As mentioned in the comments on the previous news post, we are doing this with the long-term future of the game in mind. This cut isn’t to punish anyone and although you will have less money on the other end, it is not taking away what you have earned. Our goal is to change the value of the Eqcetera dollar, meaning that even though you will have less money, it will be worth the same or more as what you had before the cut. If money has value, that means people will be more encouraged to sell and stud out quality horses for money again instead of primarily ingots as it is now. This will make the market more fair to everyone, including new players.


We’ve tested numerous scenarios for this change and will be putting in place the ones we found that work best based on the number of horses that people have. If things don’t work out, we are not against changing prices and payouts but we won’t be rushing any changes after the update.


❓ Care and Other Costs

  • The care cron will be paused for 1 week to remove this cost from you and allow you to settle into the economy.

  • Shows (discipline & halter) will not be created on Saturday morning so that prices do not change mid-day for those entering. 

  • Care will cost a total of $5 a day for feed/water/groom. The most anyone could ever pay in 1 day for care is roughly $7,750 (1,550 horses worth). In-game, the player with the most horses has 1,480 horses or $7,400 worth of care per day.

  • Showing will no longer have different pricing tiers ($100, $500, and $5,000) and will be greatly reduced in cost and payout. 

  • Adoption, surrendering, shouts, and gelding cost will be kept as-is.


❗❗ What if Things Go Wrong?

Hopefully, things won’t go wrong but if they do, we aren't going to sit back and watch everyone struggle. Adjusting costs is quite easy to achieve should anything need to happen. We have done this before and will do so again if needed since we do have your best interest in mind. As mentioned before, we won’t be rushing changes and would like to take one month to observe changes if possible. 


✨ Don't Forget

Don’t forget if you have >100m it is a very good idea to go spend it on ingots or items. Ingots can be bought for 50k each at the ingot store or ingot items bought for EQD at the General Store.

  • < $50,000 = no cut

  • $50,000 - $100 mil = you will keep 1% of your total money and be given an additional $50,000. (example: you have $100,000 - you will keep 1% ($1,000) plus $50,000 for a total of $51,000. )

  • $100 mil+ = you will have everything above $100 mil removed. Then revert to bullet point 2 above, keep only 1% of 100m, and be given $50,000 more.


We have seen a few comments about players spending all of their EQD. We do not recommend this and suggest reading the above and/or asking staff to ensure you are using your EQD in the best way possible. So far, we have dropped from 144 billion in the economy to 96 billion which means quite a few players haven't spent that cash hoard yet!


We will see you on the 1st!


The Dev Team

Money Cut Information
Posted by Curly
Friday, April 23, 2021 (34 Comments)

Hello all! As mentioned previously, we are opening up some special sales to help you all spend your money before the cut.


Money Cut Revisited

Why? Since V2 started, there have been numerous bugs and missteps in game features that artificially inflated the economy. It’s clear that there is no value in EQD anymore and that we need to take action to bring some value back, especially before August when we hope to officially launch the game and start welcoming many new players.


When? The money cut will be in our dev update on May 1st.


When we mentioned the money cut before, we didn’t give many details. We have those details now and we’ll list them below:

  • < $50,000 = no cut

  • $50,000 - $100 mil = you will keep 1% of your total money and be given an additional $50,000. (example: you have $100,000 - you will keep 1% ($1,000) plus $50,000 for a total of $51,000. )

  • $100 mil+ = you will have everything above $100 mil removed. Then revert to bullet point 2 above, keep only 1% of 100m, and be given $50,000 more.

 NOTE: There is a bug for some players where the amount input for the ingot exchange does not display the correct amount. Please click out of the input box before submitting to get the correct total. As a reminder, the total you pay for ingots is: # of ingots you are buying * 50,000 = EQD paid.

EQD, Ingots, and Spending

We’re telling you all this beforehand so that you can have a chance to spend your EQD, especially if you have accumulated over $100 mil.


We’re doing something that no other game (that we know of) has ever done before. We’re offering to purchase your money with ingots. In the Ingot Store, you will find a section to buy ingots with EQD. Note that the limit per account is 2,000 ingots. This means that each person could potentially purchase 6,000 ingots with 3 accounts. Each ingot costs the current market rate of $50,000.


If you still have money left over after purchasing your ingots, there are ingot only items that are available for EQD at the market rate of $50,000/ingot. 


If you have over $100 mil, please try to spend any excess over that. Any player that has over $100 mil that does not log in before the update will automatically get the max ingot transaction based on their EQD value over $100 mil. 


Long Term Plans

Such a large influx of ingots into the economy is bound to be interesting to say the least. We’ll be closely watching the currency exchange rates before and after the money cut. Our hope is that ingots will be more readily available in the market at a vastly decreased exchange rate, making them more accessible to those who can’t purchase them with real life money. 


Because of this ingot flood, we expect that site revenue may take a dip for a time. This could affect future art commissions so breed and planned feature art may slow down. We honestly don’t know what the effects will be on the game’s revenue, but you don’t know until you try. Please be aware that it could affect the game for months, but we’re willing to see it through to make sure that the economy is righted again, EQD becomes valuable, and ingots are more accessible. We wanted a way to ensure that everyone’s earned EQD goes towards both helping the game economy and rewarding players for their dedication to the game.


Thank you all for your patience! I know this is a lot to take in, but we’ve tried to compensate as much as we can for such a huge economy restructuring. As always, if things go awry, we will be in the background working on a solution as quickly as possible. 



The Dev Team

Spectral & Magic Tokens on Sale
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 (12 Comments)

🥳 Item Sale!


In roughly 1 month we will be welcoming a new breed to Eqcetera! To prepare for our new breed, from now until the 23rd at noon both spectral and magic tokens are in the General Store! Hint: The new breed has some mighty good looks and can make a big entrance …





Community Tack Sets & Somatic Mutations
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, April 14, 2021 (4 Comments)

Hello everyone! We have an art update for you tonight! :)


🔥 🦄 New Tack

The community-colored tack sets are not complete! The two new tack sets are now in the General Store for a cost of $25,000 EQD per set. Both the Enchanted Lake and Fire and Ice Sets are available from now until May 10th at 12:00 PM EST/Game Time. Each tack piece in these sets gives a .33% twin boost.


✨ Somatic Mutations

Somatic mutations have been added for American Warmbloods, Abstangs, Araloosas, and Appendix Quarter Horses. Horses with the mutations will be in auction shortly.



The Dev Team