Dev Update: Aging, Training, & Fixes
Posted by Curly
Friday, September 4, 2020 (9 Comments)

Hello everyone, the dev team is back at it again with another update! Please read this update thoroughly as it contains very important information for everyone.


📆 Horse Aging

We have adjusted horse aging slightly in order to make feedback from freezing more attainable. Moving forward, horses will no longer have a set age day. Instead, they will be on a countdown system. This means that 7 days must pass for a horse to age. If a horse is frozen, that age count doesn’t go up and their age day will change after you unfreeze.


Scenario: If Beethoven is born on Monday, he will be 0 years old and have 7 days until he ages so he will age like normal the next Monday. On Tuesday of the next week, he’s frozen until the following Friday. On Tuesday, he had 6 days until he aged. On Friday, he will still have 6 days left until he ages, and his new age day will be the next Thursday. 


To keep better track of this, horses now show how many days left until they age along with the day of the week they’ll age. 


Why did we do this? We announced previously that a way that we were trying to combat people cheating the freezing system was to automatically age a horse if the horse had an age day while frozen. This solution was not well received because it would have forced players to take longer breaks from the game and age horses removing the benefit of freezing. We have heard you and removed the +1 year to age after thawed rule. This way, you can still take short breaks from the game without an aging penalty.


💪 Horse Training

With the change to aging we have also had to make a change to training. Training will now reset 7 days after the horse was last fully trained (trained all 5 times). This is the same as the old system except it won’t all reset on Sundays and could be different per horse. If you train all your horses on the same day, you can still train them all on Sundays and see no difference with the new system.


If someone freezes, the days left until the horse can train again will also freeze. This means that frozen horses will have the same number of trainings in its lifetime as unfrozen horses, so it will be harder to cheat the freezing system for additional trainings.


Why did we change this? This change was needed to ensure no one was able to cheat the training system which meant a change to the day count system from the every Sunday system.


🏆 Estate Shows

The option to create shows 2 days in advance has been removed. Now, all shows will automatically be created to run the next day at midnight. When creating shows, it will only count the ones running at that time against your total. This means shows created today will no longer count against your shows available to create tomorrow. 


A list of your created shows have also been added to the Manage Estate Shows page. When viewing this list, keep in mind that it is listing both today’s shows and tomorrow’s shows. You could be viewing up to 2x the normal amount of shows you would create, but it’s still accurate because of the rolling nature of show creations now.


🔬 DNA Testing

We have fixed and added back in DNA testing! This testing is not available for purebred horses since they are 100% one breed. Once tested, generic crossbreeds now show a bar representing breed percentages below their images. The colors here have gotten revamped from our previous darker colors. DNA testing has also been moved to the Vet.


➕ Small Additions

We have also added back in a few small quality of life additions with this post. We are still chipping away at the additions list, your patience is greatly appreciated.

  • The Breed Standards bar has been added back in above the horse’s image.

  • You can now see a list of the shows you’ve created on the Create Shows page.

  • The My Topics page is now up.

  • The My Replies page is now up.


🎉 New to the Team

Let’s all welcome the newest addition to the team, Elz! She did our lovely credit packages and is working through a growing list we have for her (something about the mine….). The credits page has been updated to include Elz and a link to her DeviantArt. Go check her out! :)


✏️ Upcoming

We will be starting our first ever art contest tomorrow! Stay tuned for more details.


Our upcoming dev list is below! We will be focusing on the new enter all and training manual and a few other bits and pieces…

  • Tutorial quest!!

  • My auctions pages for Auction House and Horse Market

  • Bookmarks

  • Next/previous by ID or horse tab

  • Registering horses with associations/clubs


...whats that..a throw back to a V1 feature will be here soon?!


The Dev Team

Moar Bug Fixes
Posted by Bedouin
Tuesday, September 1, 2020 (6 Comments)

More bug fixes! They’re multiplying; someone get the bug spray. 🤪

➕ Small Additions

  • You can now see who the owner of an auction is for both regular auctions and horse auctions.

  • The Training Manual now refreshes after every 100 horses trained.

  • If you have a horse that only has a primary discipline, you will no longer be able to alter its training regime in the Training Manual.

🖌️ Art/Formatting Fixes

  • White horses should now be white again instead of grey.

  • Fixed some mobile formatting issues where the footer was popping up above the content.

  • Removed the search icon for mobile. This will come back later.

  • Horse history should no longer show HTML.

  • Stock, light draft, and draft foals should now display max roan.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • You can now edit horses if the boarding center they are boarded at is full.

  • Auctions should now appropriately charge and send bid money.

  • Auctions should now appropriately send items.

  • Fixed the error when surrendering horses.

  • Rescuing horses now correctly charges money.

  • Rescue horses should now countdown. If a rescue horse stays in the rescue for 7 days, they will be automatically retired.

  • Horses that were for stud/brood before should now be able to go back up for stud/brood.

  • New players should now start with the Homemade Show Arena as intended.

  • The custom generator now has splash as an option.

  • Added in the link on mobile for notifications. You can also see an indicator for notifications now.

Art Update & Fixes!
Posted by Curly
Saturday, August 29, 2020 (10 Comments)

Happy art update day everyone! Today has been long awaited!


✨Art Update!

Our art update is dedicated to grey horses. Grey horses now have their grey color linked to genetics. We have updated all breeds with the grey gene, totaling 168 grey layers! Thanks Solo! All breeds that have the grey gene now have new greying layers 1- 4 and two new fleabitten grey layers.  More info on the greying process can be found here.




With the update to the grey layers and linking to base genes, Steel Grey has been added for black horses. At age 2, horses will have a grey overlay and have their name change to “Greying + color name.” At 4 years, horses will have their grey color name. GG horses will change to light grey at 10 years while Gg horses stop greying at 8 years.


Fleabitten Greys

All bases have the possibility of being fleabitten grey. Gg horses have a 10% chance of being fleabitten grey while GG horses have a 5% chance. Fleabitten greys can only occur in foundation or horses bred.


All horses with grey have been updated to reflect these new images. Go check them out!


🏵️ Update Days

Updates have previously always been on Saturdays. Updates are being moved to Fridays in an effort to give everyone more time to enjoy new features and give the dev team a bit of a weekend. :)

🏝️ New Land Addition

The land addition available to Platinum accounts has been added in.


🗣️ Premium Forum

The premium only forum has been added in. 


🗓️ Game Calendar

The game calendar is being updated! Be sure to go check it out to plan for upcoming events.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Silver silver should now be fixed.

  • Chestnut horses with silver name and image should no longer be possible.

  • Foals should no longer show their grey name at birth.

  • Training arenas in construction correctly charge EXP.

Additions & Bug Squishes
Posted by Curly
Thursday, August 27, 2020 (5 Comments)

Good evening everyone! We have a new bug fix list for you!

👏 Additions from V2

The checkmarks for trained and shown have been added back to the stable page. Hopefully you can keep better track of who did what now. 🎉

➕ Small Additions

The notifications page has been updated! Notifications are no longer immediately marked as read. You now have to select the ones you want to mark as read. Hopefully this helps you better manage what you’ve viewed and what you haven’t. The colors have also been updated on this page to match the site.

🐛Bug Fixes

  • You can now remove horses from outside boarding. You should also be able to remove a horse from boarding then board at home in one step.

  • Customs now have +1 TB. If you need a custom adjusted, we can do that manually if you submit a bug report in the Bug Box.

  • Fixed the min and max entry fee bug. When using the enter all button, it should now stay within the limits you set.

  • Training horses have been limited to 100 at a time now to help with performance and making sure all horses get trained.

  • Ingot prices now show on horse auctions.

  • Items no longer get stuck in the auction.

  • Auction House and Horse Market notifications:

    • The auction owner is now notified if someone auto buys the auction.

    • The bidder is now notified if their bid is accepted.

    • The bidder is now notified if they are outbid.

  • You can no longer outbid yourself in horse auctions

  •  Horses for auction no longer appear in the auction dropdown

  • Frozen horses should no longer appear in the HOF.

  • You can now see post counts in the forums.

We’re slowly working our way through the list! Thank you guys for your patience! ♥️

Bug Squashing!
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, August 26, 2020 (0 Comments)

Hello everyone! Today's list of bug fixes are below.

🐛Bug Fixes:

  • Those who didn't receive show fees 2 nights ago have had fees manually sent to them

  • Fixed foal body types, go check out those cute babies!

  • Removed breeding from breeding grounds for visitors

  • Fixed horse custom images, images should now show

  • Fixed retired horses missing level and total PS

  • Fixed feed storage showing as X instead of check

  • Fixed transfer ingot notification to show the correct player

  • Fixed shows on horse page showing the wrong date

  • Fixed auctions not taking/giving payment

  • Fixed breeding page on horse for studs/broods

  • Fixed inability to remove stud/brood