Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Posted by Curly
Wednesday, March 17, 2021 (1 Comments)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!


🏇🏻 New Tack!

Two new pads are now available in the General Store for $2,500 each, the Shamrock Green English Pad & Festive Orange English Pad! These will be available from today until midnight on March 21st. One of each of the new pads has been sent to everyone active in the past week to celebrate the holiday. 


☘️ St. Pattys Day Contest

Hurry on over to the forms and get your guess in to enter our St. Patrick's Day contest. A total of 7 prizes will be sent out which includes horses, tack, and breed coins!

❗❗🐆 Leopard Irish Cob Embryo

As a reminder, one leopard Irish Cob embryo will be auctioned off for 48 hours after the closing of the St. Patrick's Day contest. This embryo is made from my beloved leopard Irish Cobs, Imma Spotted Rarity and Spotted Across the Room.  Should the embryo winner produce a failed breeding, a new embryo will be made and sent.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


The Dev Team

St. Patrick's Day Celebration & Leopard Cob Embryo
Posted by Curly
Monday, March 15, 2021 (2 Comments)

Happy Monday everyone!


🍀 St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and we want to celebrate! We will be giving away 1 stallion and 1 mare of both the Irish Cob, Irish Draught, and Irish Sport Horse breeds. All will be equipped with a set of emerald tack & come with a custom breed coin! We also have an extra donated prize of an apatite tack set, thanks to malamuteloves,  which makes for a total of 7 contest prizes! The contest will open today at 6 PM EST/game time in this forum and is free to enter. 7 lucky winners will receive one of the prizes on March 17th.


❗❗🐆 Leopard Irish Cob Embryo

One leopard Irish Cob embryo will be auctioned off for 48 hours after the closing of the contest. This embryo is made from my beloved leopard Irish Cobs, Imma Spotted Rarity and Spotted Across the Room.  This embryo has the chance to carry Lp and Patn2 genes with a guarantee of Patn1 gene.


Good luck with your guesses and everyone have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!



I Spot a New Breed!
Posted by Curly
Saturday, March 13, 2021 (9 Comments)

Happy new breed day everyone! 


🐎 New Breed!!!

We now have the Knabstrupper breed in Eqcetera! This breed often sports a leopard type coat pattern and comes in black, bays, and chestnuts. The breed excels in many disciplines but in Eqcetera, it is geared towards disciplines using speed, endurance, and power. Knabstruppers are available via custom coins. They will be released into the foundation store March  17th at 6PM for platinum and gold players and March 20th at 12:00PM for everyone. The auctions for somatic mutation Knabs are going up shortly and goodness do they look amazing!!


🍀 Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

We will have a small St. Patrick's Day celebration in the forum where a stallion and mare of the Irish Cob and Irish Draught breeds will be given away with emerald tack sets and a custom coin for each. The contest will open March 15th at 6:00PM where everyone may enter to be randomly drawn to receive one of the prize packages. A news post will be posted closer to this date as a reminder. 


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new breed!



The Dev Team

Eqcetera Blog, Somatic Mutations & Campaign Changes
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 9, 2021 (27 Comments)

Good morning everyone! We have a small update for you today to announce a few new additions.


🦄 Somatic Mutations

A new set of somatic mutations have been added for Norwegian Fjords, Marwaris, Friesians, and Welsh D. The auctions for these are going up shortly!


✨ The Eqcetera Blog

Today we have launched our first blog post on the help site! Our March 2021 post is up and ready for reading! The Eqcetera Blog will be a monthly post from the developers answering your questions and tackling topics from game development to all things equine! Our first post introduces you to Bedouin and I as well as answers a few player submitted questions. 


🗨️ Club Discord Channels

Clubs with 5 or more members may have their president request a private Discord channel in the Eqcetera Discord server. These will be “role react” channels meaning, they will only display to you join them via our #role-request channel.


☀️ Crossbreed Campaign Names

We have had a few campaign names submitted which have used a term we no longer allow. A few months ago we phased out the breed name “Gypsy Vanner” and replaced it with Irish Cob. This was done due to the term “gypsy” being a slur which goes against our rule “Everyone is expected to be respectful and have a good attitude toward others. Eqcetera is hatred free and will not tolerate any hateful act or allusion to hate toward any group of people(s). Trolling, picking fights, and arguing is not allowed.”. Throughout our time of development, we have been educated about this term and how it is harmful to Romani people due to its history as a slur. Having players of Romani descent and having educated ourselves, the term “gypsy” is now no longer allowed to be used in Eqcetera as it is a slur. If you have this term somewhere we ask you please edit it. Use of the term is also not allowed on our Discord server. Previously, we have allowed players to continue to keep using this term but after private conversations and consideration by staff, use of the term will now be considered to be covered in our community rule listed above. In the next few days, staff will be checking profiles, horse names, etc. and editing and sending reminders to change these names. The only instance where the term will be permitted is in the help site article about the breed, where the term “Gypsy Vanner” will be included in the history and information about the breed. Should an instance come up where you see someone is confused about this, staff is usually available to help so feel free to message them for assistance. 


Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! We will see you Saturday for the new breed! 👀



The Dev Team

Club Additions & Breeding Edits
Posted by Curly
Tuesday, March 2, 2021 (8 Comments)

Happy surprise update, everyone!


📝 Club Edits

We see quite a few of you have already begun creating your own crossbreed! In total, we now have 11 Crossbreed Campaigns active with an array of wonderful names and breed pairings. We have added a few requested changes to clubs as well.

  • There is now a “My Clubs” tab that shows which clubs you own or are registered in.

  • Clubs are now ordered by how many members are registered. Those with more members will appear first in the list.

  • Club owners may now kick horses or members. If a horse is kicked and that is the only club the horse is registered in, the horse’s stars will be removed.

  • Club owners may now close registrations for new members.

  • The club directory and club page banner should now look correct when viewed from mobile.


💕 Breeding Edits

We have also edited a previous rule to game-recognized crossbreeds where if you bred a parent breed to a crossbreed, you would produce that crossbreed. Ex. Appaloosa bred to an Araloosa produced an Araloosa. Now, these crossbreeds all must be 50/50 in their DNA % to display as the crossbreed. Ex. Araloosa must be 50% Appaloosa and 50% Arabian. This will only affect horses bred from this update onward.


This change also allows for crosses who do not have pure parents but also still have the required 50/50 DNA to show up as recognized crossbreeds.


🗓️ Road Map

We hope you are as excited as we are about the changes we're making so we've linked the road map on the calendar page for easy access. The road map is a timeline of expected development for 2021 and can possibly change. Any changes will be noted in news posts.


Enjoy the rest of your day and we hope you enjoy the small update!


The Dev Team