Andalusian Update & More!
Posted by Curly
Friday, December 18, 2020 (5 Comments)

Happy art update day! Today we have quite a few fun new additions for you to round out our year! Per request, poll results for additions are listed with their features.


🦄 Andalusian Update

The Andalusian art has been updated to suit the new art style. Solo has kept their original position and updated them to have braids per our poll where 47% of votes wanted more braided manes. In the future, other highly voted requests will also be incorporated into new art. To celebrate another art update, Andalusian coins are 10% off in the General Store until December 20th at midnight.


Somatic Mutations

Andalusians now have somatic mutations which can be discovered in the foundation store or through breeding. To view both mutations or place a bid for 1 mare and 1 stallion can be viewed here.


🏇 Tack Update!

New Tack

Our recent poll on tack colors had black leather tack as the #1 choice for new leather color with 74.8% of votes. Both the Black English Bridle and Black English Saddle have been added to the general store and be equipped to your horses.


Holiday Pads

Also added today are two festive colored holiday pads. Both the Red Holiday Pad and Green Holiday Pad are in the General Store.  These are our first seasonal pads which means they will be in the General Store until January 1st at midnight and return December 2021. 


Tack Bonuses

All of the new tack has the same show bonuses as the original tack sets. All bonuses and tack info can be viewed here. 


Tack Adjustments

Some tack pieces have been adjusted and new images uploaded. There were a few masking and fits that have now been fixed for various breeds. To view these changes you must clear your cache to view the newest version of the images.


🐶 New Companion

A new companion has frolicked into Eqcetera! Vega is a German Shepherd Dog owned by our dev Bedouin. Vega can now be bought in the General Store and is available until January 1st at midnight. She will rejoin us around her birthday in July to celebrate. :)


🥳 Name Generator

Over 4,000 new words and names have been added to the name generator! These will now show up when randomly generating names. 


⛄ Holiday Sale

Don't forget the holiday sale ends December 26th at midnight! Ingots are up to 35% off and a few packages are available for purchase which includes our newest item, the Breeders Promise. Check it all out at the Ingot Store.


Spectral & Magic Tokens

Now until December 26th at midnight both Spectral and Magic Tokens may be bought as singles. We have noticed requests for this and are happy to open them up for those of you who do not wish to purchase the 6 pack of them in the ingot store. NOTE, the packages in the ingot store are 6 for the price of 5. Both tokens can now be found in the General Store for their single token value. To check out their benefits view the Item Catalogue here.


🐴 New Breeds

Per a poll question “Would you like to know a list of up-coming new breeds or be surprised?”:

  • 37.5% voted “I want to know breeds and their release order. (Ex. List of breeds being added in-order with rough date)”

  • 30.4% voted “I'm good with anything. I just like new shiny horses.”

  •  19.6% voted “I'd like to know the new breed but not in order. (Ex. List of new breeds being added within the year)”

  • 12.5% voted “I'd like it to be a surprise. Don't tell me!”


We have decided a good middle ground for everyone is to give hints on the next new breed via social media so you can speculate amongst each other. A hint has already occurred in an older news post for our January new breed but, a second hint is always nice! Keep an eye out on our social media for the next hint! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to more easily keep up!


❄️ Coming Soon

Keep an eye out for a small update next week which will include a new winter background! 


✨ 2020 Round Up

It has been quite a long year with a lot of unexpected changes for Eqcetera. We want to thank our playerbase for sticking around through all of our bumps, trials and errors, and the big transition to V3. We are so proud of where we have managed to come in the development of Eqcetera with the help of our playerbase. We want to let you all know that our update on January 2nd  will be a large outline of changes coming in 2021 which includes answers to lots of your questions and some exciting planned additions. I have worked the past month on our full outline for 2021 and am excited to share with you where your feedback, our vision for Eqcetera, and a few surprises have come together. 


We hope you all have a wonderful end of the year and enjoy the holiday season. Both Bedouin and I will be taking a long awaited break from development to be with our families from now until January 2nd. During this time,  if you need any help or have questions don’t hesitate to contact staff through Discord and/or the support email. 



The Dev Team

Holiday Sale & Additions
Posted by Curly
Friday, December 11, 2020 (4 Comments)

Hello and happy weekend everyone! Today's update is smaller than our usual dev updates since we are winding down the year.


Holiday Ingot Sale

Our final sale of the year is now up in the ingot store! Ingot packages are up to 35% off and bundles have been added with lots of goodies. This sale runs from today until December 26th at midnight.


Bundles include a new and limited item, the Breeders Promise. This item guarantees a successful breeding when equipped to your horse. These are currently limited due to their wonderful perk but may be seen in the general store some other time.

Also in the bundles is our new seasonal companion, the reindeer calf! This adorable reindeer calf will keep your horse warm and happy during the winter months. The reindeer calves will trot off into the tundra on December 31st at midnight and won't return next winter. They are also available in the general store for 100 ingots to purchase outside of the bundles. 


Feedback Polls

We currently have a couple of feedback polls open for you to give feedback on. As a reminder, you may only take the polls once. Any duplicates or side accounts are removed when I look over the aggregate data.


Tack Color Vote - Vote on new tack colors and give feedback on current and future tack.

Community Poll - A  poll to get feedback on a couple of possible features that involve the community.


Bug Fixes

We have 3 bug fixes for today since one took a bit of time to sort out.

  • Horse market timers should no longer display incorrect times. This seems to have been a timezone issue and has been fixed.

  • Marwaris can be bought with Marwari coins again. This was removed for them when removed from the foundation store and failed to be turned back on. Marwari coins should now work.

  • Mistletoe and Horse-friendly Chocolate Truffles have had their bugs fixed and now properly count down uses.



We only have one more update for this year which will be next Friday. This is the Andalusian re-do and includes adding in the tacksets visible to them. There may even be a nice new surprise…


Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend and enjoys the update!


The Dev Team

Tack, Somatic Mutations, Mass Buy/Equip!
Posted by Curly
Friday, December 4, 2020 (11 Comments)

Good morning everyone! Today's update is the long-awaited tack and somatic mutations!!



Tack has been added for all breeds and is now available in the general store! Tack prices are in EQD and are designed to be low enough for new players to enjoy tack while also not breaking the bank for those with a large herd. NOTE: Since Andalusians are being re-done shortly they do not have tack visible yet. 


Special thanks to our tack artist Darya! She has done an amazing job of equipping all our horses with the English tack sets and is busy working on the gem-encrusted tack. 


Based on feedback from our polls, tack has been decided to give a very minimal show boost. We believe this is a good in-between for those who wanted tack to be useful and those who preferred it to be purely cosmetic. All pieces of tack add +.33% to the show score, which is a 1% boost overall.


On that note, across all the polls and feedback, we have gathered that when something is added to the game, the majority of players want it to have a purpose rather than just looking pretty. From here forward, I will be planning features to have more benefit to you and your gameplay that is not game-breaking nor give a large advantage to those who can spend more EQD or ingots.


Somatic Mutations


Somatic mutations are now in for the following breeds: Appaloosa, Arabian, Irish Cob, Mustang, and Thoroughbred. These are only available via the foundation store or through breeding at a 0.1% chance. Meaning, they are extremely rare. Note, horses with somatic mutations do not have a higher chance of passing on the marking.


There are 10 somatic mutation horses up for auction starting at 500 ingots to cover the cost of art. These will help cover the cost of other somatic mutations for the next set of breeds. Each breed currently has 2 mutations so a mare and stallion of each breed is in the auction to display all 10 new mutations for you. These auctions are set for 24 hours!

Appaloosa Auction

Arabian Auction

Mustang Auction

Irish Cob Auction

Thoroughbred Auction


Mass Buy & Mass Equip

A mass buy option has been requested to be added for the general store. This has been added into the general store so now you can indicate the number of an item you wish to buy. Mass equip has also been added to more easily equip tack, backgrounds, companions etc. This is in the top right of the inventory page. We hope this makes both buying and equipping easier for everyone!


New Discipline

A new discipline has been added! Now horses can have Hurdle Racing as a discipline. Hurdle Racing uses endurance, speed, and agility. A Race Track training arena is needed to train horses in Hurdle Racing. Note shows for this discipline will not populate until tomorrow.


We hope you all enjoy today's update and seeing those tack sets and somatic mutations!



The Dev Team

Welsh Cob (D) Foundation Release #2
Posted by Curly
Saturday, November 28, 2020 (2 Comments)

Happy Saturday!

Today is the day! Welsh Cob (D) is now available to everyone via the foundation store! Be sure to run on over and buy yourself a few (or a lot)!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Posted by Curly
Thursday, November 26, 2020 (6 Comments)

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!


Many of us from the US are preparing for Thanksgiving today and it probably looks a bit different than our usual holiday. This year has been one that we will not be forgetting anytime soon. With the holiday today, the Eqc team wanted to send out a nice surprise for all in hopes it would bring a bit of enjoyment to all. A Turkey companion has been placed in everyone's inventory who has been active in the last 7 days as a small thank you from us. Note: If you would like more turkeys, they will be available for 50 ingots until 11/30.


We are thankful for everything we have accomplished with Eqcetera in the past year; it has been a group effort that largely includes you all, the players. We value and are thankful for our strong player base because it's what keeps us motivated and what makes us most proud of Eqc.


Today, both Bed and I will be gathering with those who live with us and enjoying a modified smaller Thanksgiving. Well...a 23.5lb turkey for two may not be “smaller”.  We are sending our best thoughts and wishes to those who are finding themselves in tough and emotional times and to those celebrating with those closest to them. 


We want to encourage you all to post below what you are most thankful for this holiday season and you may even see an extra turkey fly your way! Gobble gobble!


Hope everyone enjoys their day!



The Dev Team