Bedouin: Owner / Developer

I’m a lover of sim games, an aspiring entrepreneur, and a woman of very little mystery. I handle all of the programming of Eqcetera so if there’s a bug, I’ll likely be the one called to fix it. :3 I also love scuba diving, Asian dramas, and my two German Shepherds, Vega and Baron.


Curly: Community Manager / Researcher

I'm Curly, a curly-headed short woman with an interest in horse sims and genes. I research horse genetics and all things horse related! I own one very fluffy cat, Leia, and a curly headed Borderdoodle, Porter. In my free time, I like to craft, walk my cat, and make new cooking recipes.


Vulpine: Lead Moderator

I had been a simmer for many years before I stumbled across Eqcetera in May 2019. It was not long after I joined that I developed my love for anything flaxen. I love anything to do with animals, especially the creepy crawly kind, and will gladly talk about biology given the chance.


caberneigh: Moderator

I can’t even remember when I started playing online sims; it’s hard to imagine life without them! I’ve been an avid simmer across multiple games and I finally found Eqcetera in November 2019! Outside of the game, I’m a former professional equestrian who left the business to go to university. I have one dog—my baby!—and two adorable cats. While I’m not riding horses right now, I’m itching to get back in the saddle and the show ring! In the game, I specialize in show jumping Thoroughbreds.


Rhea: Moderator

I’ve played many sim games in the past until I eventually discovered the old version of Eqcetera in 2018 and stuck around ever since. At home I’m the trusted servant of my 4 cats, of whom I often share some pictures on our Discord server. I even owned a horse in the past and am still searching for a nice riding school in my area. For relaxation I love to read, play video games or watch my latest tv-show obsession.


Roze: Moderator

I've been playing sim games back to the good ol' days of Horseland. I ended up at Eqcetera V1 around 2014 and left and came back several times before finally coming back to V2 in June of 2019. I have a whole farm of animals in RL: 5 horses, 20+ chickens, 4 ducks, 5 dogs, and 4 cats. Some of my hobbies would be doing anything outdoors (horse riding, gardening, 4wheeling, etc) to coding layouts here on game and other small web projects.


Solo: Artist

I'm an artist, crafter, gamer, and animal lover. Horses quickly became my first love, starting with weekly horseback riding lessons followed by years of competitive showing through 4H. I have collected a herd of three fat and sassy mares (two Paints and an Appendix Quarter Horse) who boss me around but will do anything for a treat. Art became a close second behind horses thanks to my mom who taught me everything I know about drawing, painting, and being creative. I also love cats and can be lured out of the shadows with a good cat .gif or a brief mention of kitties.


Kaye: Social Media Manager

I'm a writer and horse lover who rode for 15 years and uses horse sims to get my fix now that I live in a city. When I'm not on EQC, I’m hanging out with my cat Robot, reading anything and everything I can get my hands on, and watching TV shows I really should’ve seen by now.