Bedouin: Owner / Developer

Bedouin started playing sim games in 2007 and started game development in 2009. She took a couple years away from game development to finish her degrees in computer science and business, and after five years as a professional developer and marketer for an internet marketing company, she’s bringing back her experiences to Eqcetera to make it better than ever.

Curly: Community Manager / Researcher

Curly began to play online horse games in 2007 and found SIM gaming in 2008. Since then, she has worked on a few horse SIMs and found her home at Eqcetera in 2013. In 2015, she became a moderator and has since moved up to being the Community Manager. Curly has a background in scientific research relating to hydrology and law and transfers her skills to research for the game.

Vulpine: Moderator

caberneigh: Trial Moderator

Rhea: Trial Moderator

Roze: Trial Moderator

Solo: Artist

Middy: Social Media Manager

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