By joining and participating in Eqcetera ("EqC", "the game", "the site"), you ("the player") agree that you are legally bound by these terms and that any failure to abide by them may result in appropriate punishment including banning from Eqcetera. EqCetera's staff reserves the right to modify legal documents (Terms of Service, Community Rules, or Privacy Policy) at any point in time with or without prior notice.

1) Players must be 13 years of age or older to join Eqcetera. Anyone found to be under that age will immediately be permanently banned from the site.

2) By playing Eqcetera, you agree to follow the community rules. Failure to do so will result in appropriate punishment, which may include verbal warnings, removal of account privileges, or banning from the game. Account edits, bans, warnings, or deletion decisions are final.

3) Players are only allowed to have up to 3 ("three") accounts on Eqcetera. Ownership is defined as having the login information for an account or sharing an IP. If there are more than the allowed 3 accounts, all accounts may be deleted or banned with no warning which is up to admin discretion depending on severity. If there is more than one player per household, staff must be notified via support email ([email protected]) and players receive approval in advance of accounts being made. Failure to notify staff can result in game bans or account deletion which will not be reversed. Each member of the household must adhere to the 3 account maximum. If a player or household is banned, creating more accounts is not allowed.

4) Account sharing is permitted, but any shared accounts count towards your account total. Use caution when sharing your account information. Training, showing, breeding etc. on another person’s account will count towards your account total.

5) Sharing login information is greatly discouraged. Players sharing login information do so at their own risk. Eqcetera staff will not refund, change passwords to, and/or fix accounts that have had their login information shared.

6) Eqcetera is not responsible for any consequences if you decide to put out personal information about yourself, including pictures and videos, personal contact information, and location. Disclosing personal information about other people is not allowed and could result in immediate banning.

7) Unsolicited requests for information from players are not allowed. Unsolicited requests for information includes but is not limited to: asking for personal identifiable information, asking for social media, or sharing links to outside chat services. If someone is requesting this information, it must be immediately reported to staff. Eqcetera is not responsible for any consequences should you share this information or be requesting it. Suspicious activity will be reviewed by the admins and appropriate action taken.

8) You must provide a valid email address upon joining the site in case account information is lost and needs to be recovered.

9) We ask that players keep their contact information up to date in case the site needs to contact them.

10) Accounts, horses, site currency, or items may not be sold for any real world currency, including but not limited to USD CAD, EUR, or AUD. Trades and sales between Eqcetera and other sites for virtual currency is allowed. Eqcetera will not refund any parts of an off-site trade or sale. Participating in any off-site trades is done so at your own risk.

11) You are allowed to sell virtual art on Eqcetera such as avatars, layouts, or other pieces of art for real world currency. Sales of art are a mutual agreement. Payment for art may be requested upfront but, failure to provide the art service will result in loss of that payment and warning/ban. Failure to provide payment for art will result in the players inability to use the art and warning/ban.

12) If you find bugs, errors or glitches within the game, you must report it. Exploiting a glitch in the game is grounds for an immediate permanent ban. Exploitation can be defined as the action of making use of and benefiting from resources, even if there is no money to be gained.

13) Players are not to discuss or take part in unlawful activities on Eqcetera or to use the game to engage in anything misleading or unlawful. Players are expected to abide by the laws of their country/territory, in accordance with the Eqcetera rules. Please refer to the community rules for warning information. If you believe someone is participating in unlawful activity, it must be reported to staff immediately.

14) Any and all content posted by players does not necessarily reflect the views of Eqcetera. We reserve the right to remove or modify any content that we see as harmful; by using Eqcetera you agree to give the staff permission to monitor your account(s) including messages, forum posts, and anything else that is submitted to the site.

15) Coding languages such as javascript, PHP, Python, etc. are forbidden on Eqcetera. HTML and CSS are permitted to be used on profiles, stable pages, associations, horses and forums. Basic HTML (bold, italic and underline) and emojis may also be used in player brands. HTML links are also allowed in the forums. The use of HTML and/or CSS that makes navigation/browsing of the site difficult or impossible is forbidden. The severity of the use of the code and resulting punishment is open to staff’s discretion.

16) Maliciously attacking the Eqcetera through means of game disruption, bots or other malware is forbidden. If found, an immediate permanent account ban will be placed on all accounts to which the attacker has access.

17) The staff of Eqcetera reserves the right to edit or close down Eqcetera at any time without prior notice. Eqcetera and its staff are are not obligated to replace or compensate for any purchases, virtual money, points or horses that may be lost due to downtime, glitches, errors, game closings, etc.

18) Any money sent to Eqcetera is non-refundable; this includes but is not limited to donations, USD, ingot, and subscription purchases. Special privileges will never be given to players who have donated or purchased from the site. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances including but not limited to: card disputes, incorrect purchase, account ban or deletion, or loss of account information. By purchasing through Eqcetera, you are agreeing you are the card holder and/or have permission from the card holder to make the transaction. If you are banned from Eqcetera because you have broken the rules, you will not receive any refunds for past purchases.

19) Eqcetera will not provide any refunds either monetary or ingot for any ingame purchase or purchase including but not limited to: ingots, tokens, coins, subscriptions, account upgrades, or transactions. All transactions are final.

20) If you have not verified your email within 7 days of registration, your account will be deleted. If you are having trouble with email verification, please contact [email protected].

21) All decisions on account or IP bans, deletion, or currency edits is up to staff discretion. Staff may ban, delete, or edit currency and/or accounts without prior warning for breaches to state, national, or international law, breaches of the Terms of Service, or Community Rules without warning. Banned accounts and/or IPs are not allowed to return to the game under any circumstances via previous or newly created accounts. All bans and deleted accounts are final.

Last updated: January 16, 2021