Australian Wildlife Fundraiser - $524.83

Australian Wildlife Fundraiser - $524.83



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2/03/2020 10:32 am

The team and myself are so excited to be able to contribute to the efforts in Australia. We haven't officially decided on a specific fundraiser so if anyone has any suggestions, please post here and we'll look into them. I'll keep this post updated throughout the week with the total we've raised.

Total raised to date: $524.83

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2/03/2020 10:36 pm

Daisy Belle Meadows


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I think a cool one to donate to would be the Australian Koala Foundation!

Daisy Belle Meadows
2/04/2020 12:47 am

Rylan :)


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perhaps merch? 

2/05/2020 3:40 am



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I'd suggest Wildlife Victoria. They're the major not for profit wildlife charity for the state of Victoria, and are distributing donated funds and supplies amongst other, small wildlife charities and carers across the state. They haven't received as much domestic and international attention compared to WIRES, the wildlife charity for the state of New South Wales.

2/05/2020 9:15 am



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My vote goes for Wildlife Victoria as well. 

2/05/2020 10:45 pm

Misty Morn


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Wildlife Victoria sounds good as they are helping the other rescues out.

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