Fundraiser Update + Bug Fixes

Fundraiser Update + Bug Fixes



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2/04/2020 8:29 pm

Super quick update. :3

Australian Wildlife Fundraiser

We’re 3 days into the fundraiser and have raised a total of $324.02 so far! We haven’t decided yet on which fundraiser to donate to so if you have ideas, let us know in this forum post. I’ll continue to keep that post updated through the rest of the week with how much we’ve raised. It’s exciting to see the number rise!


  • You can now see how many times you’ve been gifted on the event page.

  • You can now gift boxes to players every 30 minutes instead of every hour. Hopefully this helps offload some of your box stash!

Bug Fixes

  • The bug with no breed foals for the second foal when trying to breed for Half Brumby twins has been fixed.

  • The custom generator now correctly shows brown buckskin instead of brown bay with cream overlay.

  • The custom generator now shows tovero correctly when overo + max tobiano are both selected.

  • When selecting both cream and dun in the generator, it should now show the correct variation of palomino. 

  • Chocolate palominos should now appear correctly for ee aa.

  • Golden palominos now appear for both ee AA and ee Aa. Before, they were only appearing for ee AA. This change is only for horses created from this point forward.

  • Thoroughbred has had pearl eradicated once again. There were 7 horses who had it who have been reverted to a non-pearl status.

2/05/2020 9:25 am



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Cool, love that you guys are helping the Brumby population!

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