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4/22/2020 4:35 pm

So my 7 favourite horse names are the names of my horses or past horses

1. Sparky (pony cross first personal horse newest horse as well)

2. Junebug (mini mare we still own her)

3. blaze (Sorrel QH mare with a blaze we own her)

4. Blackice ( I have been promised I will be able to buy him in the future)

5. Dani (palomino QH sadly deceased)

6. Sugar ( Fleabitten gray pony once again sadly deceased)

7. Rocky (strawberry roan Belgian super sweet horse but we sold him years ago he was one of the best horses ever)

Rocky is the reason that I would really love Belgians to be added to the game

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I'm quite partial to the barn name of my last horse, Pierre. His show registered name was much longer and chosen by his breeder in France, Akunamatata des Sulky. When I imported him I used the show name that the German barn I bought him from used, Olala dela Pierre. 

Europeans can get quite creative with names. Some registries, like the KWPN, has a chosen letter every year that foals born in that year must have a registered name that begins with that name. 

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4/22/2020 5:02 pm



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Wow Thats a cute name it was actually the original name of my cat before he was gifted to me. 

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I loved my mares name. Though I'd rather not tell it publicly since it would be super easy to track me down since all of the owner info can be found from our or swedens registry.
But for some reason I really like the name Bonefish. And Sierra Kosmos(damsire of my mare).
There's probably more but it looks like I've forgotten every horse name ever.

And bit off topic.
@Caberneigh: How do "Show names" work where you live? Is it the same thing as a registered name? 

Just wondering because where I live changing a horses name must have a really good reason and even then they most often will not pass. Honestly, it is more trouble than it's worth and costs quite a bit of money too. instances that they do pass are if the name is in bad taste, is a slur, is offensive, or is named after a brand, celebrity, movie, living person etc. You also can't mix two languages together(and still we have such horses e.g. Madonna's Flicka for one).  
The same also applies to imports. If an imported horse has a name that already exists in our registry they will just have roman numerals added to their name in a order they've been registered (We had Duglas II at our school). Every horse must be registered when they are imported but the horse will keep the name he was originally registered with.

The reason(in our country at least) for creative names is that names can't resemble each other and you can't use a name that's already been registered. You also can't use a name if there has been a horse with that name in the past 50 years which is ridiculous if you ask me. 
Our registry can be stupid with some things tbh. 
A couple of examples of the stupidity of the registry. 
We had a horse who was registered as Dirty Harry and he had that name for years until the registry realized that he had the name of a movie and changed his name to Dirty Boy.  
There also are horses named Salliorvokki(born 2004) and Salli-Orvokki(born 2003 died 2008) tell me how those names are not similar? 
We also couldn't give a horse the name Rags To Riches since a horse of the same name had died in 2014. 
And once a man couldn't name his horse Blueberry because there had been a blueberry named horse in 1968 so he just said that the horses name is still blueberry to the big boss at the registry and the horse was registered as Still Blueberry. 
There also are a couple of names that are very rude if you switch the first syllables of both words.

Sorry that there's a ton of text but I can't seem to write shortly. I also love learning about stuff like this and how horsey things differ from country to country.

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4/22/2020 6:58 pm



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@Nomad - In the US it's a bit weird. Many imported European horses do not show under their papered name. The governing sport body here in the US is working to change that, because people use it to get around qualifying rules or limiting rules for certain divisions. It's now required to have your horse microchipped and that has to be on file with the sports' governing body, so it's not as easy to "cheat" by "renaming" your horse and re-registering it under a different name. 

With the FEI and such, it's nearly impossible to use any name other than the horse's registered name, if it comes with papers and approval from a breed registry. Because my horse, for example, had been competed a little under a different name, that's what I used as his show name. I did list, however, his registered name as well so it would be easy to recognize if someone who had bought him tried to skirt around some rules. It's all very convoluted, unfortunately, and they've had to add grandfather-clauses for horses competing before all the new rules went into effect. Ultimately, since my former horse had been competed for x-amount of time under a name other than his registered name, with some paperwork and fees the new owner could apply with his breed registry to change his registered name to his current show name. But most people don't want to go to all the trouble. 

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4/22/2020 7:51 pm

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Iamnotacow - Is a American Saddlebred that we ran to at shows allot when I was a groom

Simply The Star - gelding I got to own for 2 years after working with him for almost 10

No Ordinary Tea - gelding I got to own for 2 years after working with him for almost 10

Esther - my current mare

This is all I can think of but I have tons of horse names & show names I love that I have been blessed with my whole life

4/23/2020 11:31 am



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My favorite horse names would be Noir, Jaguar, Ebony, Onyx, Domino, Cleveland, Adobe, Cinnamon, Kit- Kat, Brandy, Autumn, Opie, Fiona, Pippi Longstocking, Peter Pan, Russell, Blondie, Rapunzel, Spirit, Trapper, D'oro,  

9/13/2020 2:33 pm

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My Favorite horse name have gotta be, 

1. Blueberry Smoke

2. Flip Side

3. Rose Gold

4. Amulet

5. Bandit

6. Sundance-(My Favorite Mare name)

7. Wind

8. Time

9. Dessert Wind

10. Shadow-(My favorite Stallion-Gelding name)

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