Development Update: Special Announcement + Credit Sale

Development Update: Special Announcement + Credit Sale



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5/16/2020 10:35 am

Hello all! Have we got some news for you. ^_^


We mentioned a couple weeks ago that we were working on something really big and today, we’re announcing what it is. Please read this post all the way through to see our reasoning on why we decided on this direction.

First, let me give a bit of a background on Eqcetera’s development. In 2012, Eqcetera was first released. This code base quickly became outdated as web technologies developed over the years. The situation was worsened because multiple programmers were in the code, and it became what we call “spaghetti code,” making it hard to fix bugs or make any progress at all. Hence, the development of V2. 

V2 is built on a custom framework that I developed over the years, and it’s been great for what we need it for. We’ve been able to develop new features a lot quicker than the V1 code base. Note that there’s nothing inherently wrong with this code base.

In the back of my mind over the past year, I’ve been thinking about the future of Eqcetera and how that relates to the actual code. Will it last for many years? What about security issues that could arise? What if we need new developers to step in? They’d have to learn a completely new system.

I decided a couple weeks ago to move forward on migrating the code base of Eqcetera to an official framework called Laravel. This began the development of what we’re going to call V3.

V3 Development

If you remember the transition from V1 to V2, you’ll remember that a TON of stuff changed. We got estates and a new showing system and many things that were different from the original. This is not the same thing. We’re not looking to change any features when moving from V2 to V3. We’re only looking to improve existing ones.

With the Laravel framework, there are many built-in tools that we can utilize. As we grow, we can hire other developers to help manage Eqcetera. All of this is for the longevity of the game, and we’re so excited to show you how things are becoming better.

Please watch the following video to see the full picture. You can see how much progress has already been made in the past couple weeks. I’ve been working really hard to give something that you can see so that you know that this transition won’t take the years that V2 did.

Foal pedigree that I forgot:

Follow our progress here:

Transition Plans

Your first question might be… how is this going to pan out for what I’ve already built on here? Have no fear, everything will transfer over. The good thing about V2 is we already have things mostly the way we want them. There will be a couple tweaks to make features work better but as a whole, everything should transfer over seamlessly.

What are the timelines might be your next question. We’re going to split V3 into phases.

  • Phase 1: Transferring code and Testing (20% complete) 

    • In this phase, we’ll be transferring code from V2 to V3. We’ve already pulled in a small group of testers who will help make sure things function the way they should.

  • Phase 2: Economy & Feedback

    • Once everything is moved over, we’ll start exploring some of the changes we’ve been discussing in the past few weeks about changes to the economy, showing, and horse market. All accounts and data will be moved over and everyone can login and give feedback in this phase. 

  • Phase 3: Go live

    • This phase will likely last 1-2 days. During this phase, V3 will be wiped and V2 will be taken down so that all the data can be moved over to V3.

When do we expect the transition to happen? The past 2+ weeks have given us a solid idea on how long it will take to move over features. Our plan is to launch V3 in time for the anniversary of V2: July 18, 2020. We’ll then have a birthday celebration on V3 on July 20th.

We hope that you’ll support us in this endeavor. It’s been a lot of work so far and will continue to be a lot of work until the launch day. However, I 1,000% believe that this is a great step for Eqcetera and hope you do too. 

Thanks for supporting us so far! We could have never come this far without the support and feedback that you all have given us. <3

Credit Sale

To celebrate the V3 announcement, we’ll be having a credit sale for one week that will discount credits for 30% off. Note that this doesn’t apply to credit packages. It’s been a while since we’ve had a sale, and credit to EQD prices are through the roof! Hopefully this will introduce more credits into the market to drive down the price a bit. It’ll also support me since I’ve stepped back a bit from my contract job to take on V3 development. 

Chat Parties

Don’t forget that we have 2 chat parties today! One is at 12 pm EST/game time and the other is at 8 pm EST/game time. We’ll be discussing V3 and any thoughts, concerns, and questions everyone may have.

Those who do not use Discord will have the opportunity to give feedback and ask questions in the forums. We will be maintaining live updates to the post based off of what is talked about on Discord.

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5/16/2020 11:22 am



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Paints and Appys


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Amazing update! I really liked what I’m seeing so far in the video. Much cleaner and sleek looking!

tip: can you subtitle the videos in the future? YouTube have tools for it and that will allow deaf people to watch the video too. Auto generated subtitles aren’t 100% reliable and it can leads to misunderstandings.

5/16/2020 2:17 pm



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^ would be also super useful for non-native English speakers

I'm super excited about those pedigrees! I like the tabs on horse page too, though I'm not sure if putting genetics in a separate tab is a good idea - it's only a string of letters + colour, so it would fit nicely below horse image as it is right now imo. I often look at genes of my horses since I breed for colour as well as BS, so having to click just to see those seems a bit annoying!

Any possibility we could see horses' disciplines on stable page as well? Or have a filtering option by discipline, that would be awesome :D

5/16/2020 3:59 pm



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Love the video announcement!

If everything ports from V2 to V3 for launch, wouldn't that mean V3 is essentially starting out with all of V2's current issues? Example, poor economy because players will still have millions gained from previous game bugs?

Very excited for EQ's bright future but really, personally, wish V3 would start with a clean slate.

(People who spent real money could have those purchases refunded/transfered over to V3.)

5/16/2020 4:29 pm



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I agree with Evermore. I don’t mind starting over as long as my credits and upgrade are transferred

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I agree with Qeni, as I often am looking at horse genetics so it would be a pain to have to go to a new tab for every horse, especially as I play only through Safari on my phone. 

I’m also strongly opposed to V3 starting with a new slate. I put so much time and effort into getting the herd I have now that I’d honestly just quit if I had to start over because that would erase all the time and energy and sometimes real money put into getting where I am now (which is still far from where I’d like to be, but still). 

The rest of the changes look really nice, however! 

5/16/2020 5:11 pm



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Third try for a post - it keeps logging me out! please fix

5/16/2020 5:25 pm

Windspun Appaloosas


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2nd try for post.. keep gettin booted out too.. 


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This is the best news post so far I love it that we get news about what is happening where this is going. I am very excited about the future of this game. I'm most excited about the pedigree thing.
But to comment on a few posts in general. I'm not too hot on the idea of a clean slate either. I've spent way too much time and effort to get where I am and if my horses were wiped I'd probably lose all interest and quit. I've worked hard for my horses to be the best they can and I've spent many hours on the foundie store on a hunt for those good horses and genes. I've also spent RL money on this site and wiping all the hard work I've spent on building my lines and the extra effort to keep lineage trackable and inbred free would be a major slap to the face. I was considering buying credits from the sale but most likely won't now because I'm worried about the future of my horses. I did read somewhere on the forums that a horse wipe is not gonna happen but I don't know if that has been changed. 
::EDIT:: Though I do understand if a horse wipe needs to happen since there was that one(?) time that horses did gain more levels than they should have. My foundation mustangs shot to level 70 in a few days during that time. Doesn't still mean I would be okay with it though::

Ah, the spaghetti code. I've worked on a couple of projects like that and what makes it even worse is when there are "coders" who honestly don't know what they are doing and have just made a huge mess. And then the commissioner expects your team to magically fix everything without making any changes. I'm currently trying to fix a website that the business owner thought that they could do updates on it by themselves, newsflash, they couldn't. The whole updates part of the site is a mess and basically every other page is a jumbled code done by a professional and the rest is some weird WYSIWYG stuff done by the owner and someone who claimed they could do it but clearly didn't know what they were doing 🙄

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While this all sounds amazing, I am kinda upset over a clean slate. It isn't about the money for me, but rather, I've worked hard to breed some rather fine Mawaris and sell them as well. I pay monthly for my upgrade, so that doesn't affect much but my Marwaris.... *insert crying here* 

Horses are my life, RTB is my passion

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