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5/18/2020 12:34 pm
  1. All posts should pertain to discussing the game. Any sales or questions will be moved to the correct forum and warning given.
  2. Horse brag posts must be placed in this post.
  3. Posts will be deleted after 3 months, excluding broad discussion boards such as "What do you breed for?"
  4. Game discussion should be kept productive and civil. Posts will be locked should discussion become uncivil or have unproductive feedback.
  5. Unwanted posts need to be marked DELETE ME for staff to delete.
  6. Only bump posts once a day. Bumping more than once will be considered spamming the recent posts box. Excessively bumped posts will be locked and potential forum ban given.
  7. This is not an all-encompassing list and rules will be added as needed. Any issues that may arise will be checked by staff and appropriate action taken. 
  8. Forum digging is not allowed. Ex. Randomly replying to a forum that has had no activity in the last month or more.

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