New Breed & Generator Changes

New Breed & Generator Changes



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6/20/2020 1:27 pm

Happy New Breed Day!

It’s A….

Norwegian Fjord!

The Norwegian Fjord is now available via custom token. Custom tokens will be the only way to get foundation double cream (CrCr) Norwegian Fjords. Breeding for double cream is also very rare so persistence is key! For the custom generator, 2 points will automatically be used because dun will always be selected as since all horses in the breed have dun. The Fjord also comes in all base colors to account for the possible variation as described by their registry. This is also due to having single cream (Crcr) individuals who could potentially be bred to have offspring with no cream. The color names used by registries are currently not being used on Eqc since that requires code time we wish to use for V3. Once V3 launches, we will revisit the possibility of changing these names or, indicating somewhere the registry name. Next Saturday, they will be available in the foundation store.

Custom Generator Changes

The layering system for the custom generator has been tweaked for Dunalino horses (Chestnut+Crn+Dd/DD)). Previously, these would layer the base + cream overlay + Dun overlay in the generator but, when bought they would all use the same Dunalino image. Newly bought Dunalino horses will use the layering system vs. all the same Dunalino image. These horses will currently not be named dunalino but, the palomino variation + dun (Ex. Chocolate Palomino Dun). 

Other changes:

Light bay + Crn + DD now uses Light Buckskin base rather than light bay

Seal bay + Crn + DD now uses Seal Buckskin base rather than seal bay

Wild bay + Crn + DD now uses Wild Buckskin base rather than wild bay

V3 Update

I have finished moving over all of our pure and crossbreeds. The marking % for most breeds has been upped so fewer horses will be a solid color. Base genes have been adjusted to reduce the number of liver chestnuts. Appaloosas have had leopard adjusted to reduce the mass amounts of fewspot that occur. 

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6/20/2020 1:44 pm



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RIP my piggy bank.

Ahhh! I am so excited! I loved my Fjords when I played a different game. I was devastated when they culled that breed. So, I must breed them. I think I probably will actually pay for custom tokens for the first time since I joined.

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6/20/2020 1:44 pm



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The breed I've been waiting for! Gorgeous art and gorgeous job, Eqc team. <3

6/20/2020 1:55 pm

Sun & Moon Stables


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Yay for Fjords!!!

Question: How exactly are you changing Appaloosas to have less Fewspots? Are you adding more random pattern expressions so LpLp Patn1 doesn't always make Fewspot, or are you messing with the percentage of Lp being passed down, or something like that? Is it going to be harder to breed Leopard horses now?

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6/20/2020 2:15 pm



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Few spots always have LpLp so the % has been adjusted so Lplp will occur more often and, Patn2 has been upped to generate more leopard marking variations like Blanket and Varnish Blanket. I'm still working on adjustments and am hoping to reduce fewspots even more (They still occur fairly frequently) while also keeping the leopard variation occurring just as frequently. 

6/20/2020 3:37 pm



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Adios money

6/20/2020 4:10 pm



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Is it just me, or can't we not buy breed tokens?

6/20/2020 4:15 pm

Windsor Farm


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In love with the breed. I had to buy 2 pairs

6/20/2020 5:31 pm



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@Sunset: I have yet to see someone having issues buying the breed tokens. If you continue to have the issue, please report it in the bugs forum or through a support ticket so we can help you. c:

6/21/2020 11:55 am



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Oh my god that Fjord is just beautiful!!!

ł ₳₥ łⱤØ₦ ₥₳₦
6/28/2020 2:51 am



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Yay, Fjord is so cute! :D 

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