Development Update: V3 Progress + Fjords in Foundation Store

Development Update: V3 Progress + Fjords in Foundation Store



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6/27/2020 4:16 pm

Happy Saturday!

First things first. Norwegian Fjords are now available in the Foundation Store.

EDIT NOTE: A few double cream foundations managed to get into the foundation store. We are working on a fix to remove double cream Fjords. Cream generation is temporarily removed until we can edit the code. Also, a very small number of Fjords generated as "White" and have been fixed to remove the white gene. Fjords have a 0% chance of white for their genes. We are monitoring them and fixing any that pop-up. If you pull one please message Curly.

Edit 2: Fjords now have cream generating. 

Now onto an update on V3 progress…

V3 Update

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past 2 weeks! You can view the full list here:


The show cron has been moved over. There have been some improvements here and we’ll continue to try to decrease the time the showing cron runs.

Horse Pages

Horse pages have become a bit more complete. Changes are listed below:

  • Offspring list - The offspring now shows if an offspring is retired or not.

  • Show results - Show results now have the show level.

  • Public sale

Retirement Pasture

The Retirement Pasture is in! You can now view your retired horses. Retired horses have a special background so you can easily see that they’re retired. Horses in lineages have a retirement indicator as well.


Spaying and gelding at the vet is now complete. Spaying costs $3,000 and gelding costs $150.

General Store

The General Store has been moved over. It now works the same as the filters on the Construction page.


Items in your inventory now stack if you have more than one item. You can also filter your inventory by item type.


You can now filter notifications to show them by type and refresh your notifications page. You can also delete one or many notifications at a time to keep your notifications page clean. 


The forums are now complete! We also have a new WYSIWYG editor that is of higher quality than the current one. This editor has a coding view and will be available for stable layouts.


Bookmarks have been added. A “Bookmark Page” link is now available that will automatically create the bookmark for you. You can now edit the labels.

Game Calendar

The game calendar is now an actual calendar! 

Finished with no changes yet from V2

  • News

  • Sales pen

  • User settings (added text editor)

Finished up other small things…

Tested crossbreeds and generic crosses so those are now in. Wrapped up construction and purchasing upgrades. Bank transactions have been added to the bank so that’s also complete now.

Coming up

Next weekend is another art update that includes our last crossbreed needing art: the Irish Sport Horse! We’ll also be kicking off something both fun and nostalgic next weekend with a chance to prepare for V3.


Sun or snow, seasons mangled

Listen close to hear the jangle

Now it's time to spread the cheer

Because V3 is almost here

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6/27/2020 4:21 pm



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That background is sooo pretty! Retired horses will start getting if after we move to V3, right?

Are we going to collect cookies again 👀

6/27/2020 4:32 pm



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Is the retirement BG non-changeable? I'm not really a fan of it and I'd much more prefer the current default BG.
Also, can we change retired horse info for example edit descriptions and change names?
I remember that there was talk about horses with no offspring being deleted, do these deleted horses show up in the offspring list of the parents?

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6/27/2020 4:49 pm



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@Nomad: We currently do not plan for the background to be changeable, but we'll take your suggestion under consideration. Changing retired horse information will not be possible. Horses that are retired act more as archived horses and are not actively a part of the game.

No, horses that are deleted will be fully deleted from the game as of right now and will be removed from offspring lists.

6/27/2020 5:20 pm



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Biggest thing I see that I don't like about the retirement pasture is the simple fact that ALL my retired horses are there... today is a perfect example of what I mean... I am buying horses and if I don't "like" them, I retire or surrender them... Is there a way to separate that?

Don't mind me... I'm over here thinking...

6/27/2020 6:19 pm



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Thank you for answering. The background looks amazing but it's a tad unnatural for my tastes. I know that it's silly but I prefer my retirees to be in green pastures instead of being implied that they're dead :'D 
Thought as much with the retired horses. Just wanted to make sure so that I hopefully will remember to edit descriptions and remove the notes from the names before they turn 21 :b

As a regular foundie shopper I'd also like to know what happens to retired foundie pulls. Are they treated as unbred horses and deleted when retired?  I don't want them clogging the retirement page.

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