Art Update: Arabians

Art Update: Arabians



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7/18/2020 10:47 am

Happy art update day! Hope everyone is well.

Arabian Update

Today, we have something a little different! Over the time Solo has been doing art for us, her style has changed and improved. We’re updating some of the older bases so all breeds have the same style. The first for this is the Arabian!

Livestream Chat Party Tonight

Don’t forget that we’ll have our first ever livestream chat party tonight at 8 pm EST/game time where we’ll be showing off V3. We’ll post details on how to join in a news post closer to that time.

V3 Testing

Testing is just 2 days away! We’ve been working hard on getting V3 playable so you can actually play the game. However, don’t expect this to be a smooth launch. There will definitely be bugs and we’re relying on you to help us find them all before the official launch. You’ll be able to join V3 on Monday evening. A news post will detail how to join. We’re so excited for you to see the improvements!

Christmas in July End Date

Christmas has to end at some point, even if it’s in the wrong month. ;P The end date for purchasing packages is August 7 at 8 pm EST/game time. Thank you to everyone who has purchased so far! It’s helping to continue to fund V3.

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Wow not an arabian breeder but the art is amazing 

Paints and Appys


1st Tag made by Cricket   2nd Tag made by ‘roze’  3rd tag made by Eunoia 4th tag made by wild brumby

7/18/2020 11:58 am



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LOVE it! Going to browse through all my Arabs to see how they look! and OMG the roan looks so goooood now :D <333

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7/18/2020 1:31 pm

Lu Luah


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Not a Fan on the new art !

7/18/2020 1:49 pm



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I'm not a fan of the new style.  Its way too cartoony and the edges seem faded or something.  If all of your horses are going to be in this style, I'm honestly not sure if I'm going to continue to play.

7/18/2020 2:09 pm



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I am disappointed with the new graphics. I can hardly see an improvement to the old graphics here. From the head it doesn't even look like an Arab.

There is no light reflection in the tail. The light reflection from the body at Light Bay, Bay, Standard Chestnut and Red Chestnut is far too strong. If you look at Black, Brown Bay and Liver Chestnut it is rather dull.

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7/18/2020 2:10 pm



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  I don’t post publicly often but this time I just had to.
I was very anxious about the swap of old art for new. And unfortunately I was right.
I’m not a fan of Arabians. I don’t like them in real life, I don’t understand why people are raving about them. And I didn’t want to breed them on Eqc. But I liked their art, so eventually I decided to become the owner of a small herd. And I bred them with pleasure. Their art was really nice, they had beautiful sabino and beautiful roan, that I generally dislike. In addition to that, flaxen, white and popular discipline (endurance). Now I don’t know if I should switch to abstangs.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t like it because I don’t, period. I think the new Arab is more graceful than the old one. It has wonderful slender belly that I can only envy. In addition to that, it has a more interesting, raised tail. But those colours.. In general I don’t really like how new breeds and crossbreeds look. Old ones had interesting texture and less conspicuous colours. They were more realistic and.. lively? Those new ones resemble toy figurines. No texture, high contrasts like on a shiny plastic.
I used to love rose grey on Arabians. It was the only breed on which I liked it. Now it’s unattractive like on every other breed. Sabino looks plastic and roan doesn’t have those tiny dots that stole my heart.
I also dislike legs of the new Arabians. The front ones look as if they were placed in a single file. It somehow disrupts the illusion of three-dimensionality and realism of depicted horse. And those ears resembling glued on horns…
I appreciate Solo for being an amazing artist. I could never draw such an amazing horse! But I have to say, with a heavy heart, that I dislike the direction the game is heading in in terms of art style. PLEASE! DON’T SWAP CLYDES FOR PLASTIC :(

7/18/2020 2:41 pm



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I have to agree with others. After learning about update arts, I checked all older breeds to try figure out which breeds will be updated. To my disappointment, I am pretty sure that I will lose my entire herd. I am breeding Andalusians and Arabians solely because I fell in love with their arts. Andies has similar style as old Arabians so I’m positive that they will be updated as well. I really liked Abstang so I hoped that I will like new Arabian art. Unfortunately, I’m not an fan. I agreed on what others said about this feel more cartoony or figurine doll instead of realistic. Such a shame, I will be selling or retiring my entire Arab herd. Andalusians probably will face the same fate.

As a player who holds the first place for most references... I’ve noticed that I’ve been receiving more art criticism lately from potential players. Players often will choose between this game or Equiverse (broken but excellent arts). Lately, they are choosing Equiverse over EQ due to arts. This is concerning because this shows that players really rather to play a broken game with pretty arts instead of an excellent game with lesser quality arts.

Edit: my biggest problem with new arts is overuse of highlight and the lack of shading. With Arabian, it’s starting to feel like 2-D in some area due to highlight. “Shade” to me felt like it’s a base color then highlight only is used to add some 3-D to it. I don’t see shades in correct areas such as the spot between lower belly and hindquarters area (Arabian art: that bright pink area). I recalled feeling the same with Gypsy Vanner. Both’s body seems flat to me. I also struggle to be able to tell difference between several colors (esp with lighter color and markings) because of the highlight. With several breeds (my account is frozen so I’m unable to listed which horses), manes and tails also felt flat to me in some area as well. Hispano arabe, for example, I remember that there’s one spot in their tail that lacks shading which make it look like a chunk instead of strings of hair. I loved old arts because of more balanced use of highlighting and shading. With newer arts, shading is lacking to me. To be fair, I am not an artist (I enjoyed view arts but I can’t draw and color to save my life). I don’t know correct terminology so my comment probably make no sense to everyone else. I just want to voice my perspective. 

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7/18/2020 2:42 pm

Humboldt Estates II


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Honestly, the art is fantastic. I love that we have moved *away* from the super tiny faces that have proliferated in modern Arabian breeding in favor of more traditional conformation. The art reminds me of the old first edition paperback art of The Black Stallion series, which was so good I went out of my way to collect them.

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