Community Update

Community Update



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7/18/2020 2:47 pm

Hello all!

Regarding the previous news post with the Arabian art update, we have received a lot of feedback, both positive and negative. We are reviewing all constructive comments and for now, the art is staying as-is. 

When providing feedback, please refer to our Community Rules. “Everyone is expected to be respectful and have a good attitude toward others.” Comments personally targeting Solo or any other player or staff member will not be tolerated. Constructive criticism is welcomed but should not become personal.

We appreciate those who have taken the time to give us their thoughts. If anything changes, we will update you through a news post.

7/18/2020 6:55 pm



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That stinks!! The art looks fantastic

7/18/2020 9:24 pm



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Well dang, the new art looks amazing.

7/19/2020 6:31 am



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I'm really sad, please keep in mind everyone that behind every username there is a person! Regardless of how disappointed you are, always keep in mind how your words might come across.. you may hurt someone and do more damage than you realize.

I am personally so in love with the new art that I did a little dance when I looked at all my Arabs. Actually I did a few because every time I look at them I'm so excited. I think the model and conformation is so perfect they look like prize winning Al Shaqab horses or something! I also have some other models/art that I'm not that keen on but then again.. take it or leave it.. is it really worth potentially hurting people's feelings over it ?:(

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