Art Update: Stock Foals

Art Update: Stock Foals



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8/01/2020 1:17 pm

Happy Art Update day!

Stock Foals

These cuties will now show for any foals of stock breeds which include: Andalusian, APH, Appaloosa, Mustang, Quarter Horse, Warlander, Quarter Paint, American Azteca, and Azteca.

Christmas in July Sale

This sale will last until August 7th at midnight. We’re not sure when Spectral Tokens will be available again. 

We thank everyone who has purchased bundles through this sale! It’s helped carry us through the lull V2 has had while we’ve been focused on V3. 

V3 Progress

You can keep up with V3 progress in the news posts on V3. We’re working our way towards the finish line. In another few days, I’ll post with updated information about the launch on August 8th. 

Just a tiny sneak peek for those who haven’t logged into V3 yet. :P

8/01/2020 1:58 pm



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8/01/2020 2:27 pm

Jenna Larson


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Why are Foals so darn Adorable 

I Love The Beatles 

8/01/2020 2:57 pm

Horse Bama


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omg Love it <3

8/01/2020 4:39 pm



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The foal have green on left eye and blue on right eye.. Is heterochromia a thing now?

I see some improvements comparing to Arabians. The tail looks a lot better. No noticeable flat spots like previous arts. The ears have some life to it so it doesn’t feel as plastic as previous one too. The highlight and shade seems better as well but I can’t check other colors (esp with lighter colors). I’m not being blinded by the foal picture in the news so that’s huge bonus point. The pink on the muzzle still look wonky (lines are faded like others), tho. The mane do look little flat comparing to the tail as well.

Overall, I’m much happier with this art. Cute foal and it have more life to it. I’m looking forward to see my Andalusian foals :)

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8/01/2020 5:43 pm

Amara Lougher 2


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 The art is in the same exact style as the Arabs. To me the mane and tail look exactly the same. I personally LOVE that the foal has two different eye colours, and it happens because of the white face marking. And i think the pink looks exactly like the other pink on the other horses muzzles.

8/01/2020 5:52 pm



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I love the stock foals so much.

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8/01/2020 6:03 pm



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Loving the stock foals solo 😍

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8/01/2020 8:48 pm



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lol that pose looks familiar

8/01/2020 10:04 pm

Kingswood Farms


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I'm in love 😍  I had to start Appaloosas again 

Kingswood Farms - Gypsy Vanner & Appaloosa Breeder since 2020 

8/01/2020 11:06 pm



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I LOVE the stock foal art! It’s perfect as always, Solo!!

*I totally have not been on a breeding spree today, because I love it so much!*


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