Update: Import Bugs



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8/22/2020 7:30 pm

A few updates are below. Please read this and the previous post for information about launch day, changes, and bug reporting.  We will be fixing bugs as fast as we can when they are reported.


Due to several issues with import, aging has been frozen for all horses until we got more of these fixed.


Some players began showing before V2 was taken down. We have refunded everyone 5 million since this is roughly the average spent on show fees. Horses must be re-entered in shows for today.

Retired Horses

There were over 1 million retired horses in-game. Due to the database size and amount of deleted retired horse info, retired horses have not carried over. These horses will show as “Foundation” on lineages, even those with offspring. 

Fixed Bug:

  • Stable page not loading horses

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