Bug Fixes, Brands, And Forever Upgrades



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8/23/2020 1:18 pm

Happy day two of V3 everyone! We have a few fixes and announcements for you.

🐛Bug Fixes:

- Replaced broken avatars

- Edited recent posts to be only 7 posts to better fit the community management page

- Fixed horse loading issue

- Reordered forum posts

- Fixed an issue with the Billing Portal

- Fixed some bank bugs

- Fixed retired horses showing up in stables

- Removed foals from the Breeding tab in Herd Management

- Added 404 pages to forum posts and user profiles

- Reset all over 100% health horses back to 100%

💥 Brands:

Everyone has been given 1 brand reset due to the brand bug issue.

🗣️Reporting Bugs:

Any bugs or issues posted to news posts are not able to be reviewed because they are not added to the bug fix queue. All bugs and issues should be sent to the Bug Box where staff are notified and are able to add fixes to the queue. If you have posted a bug or issue to a news post or anywhere other than the bug box, you need to post it to the bug box so we can be sure to get it on the list!

✨ Forever Upgrades

Forever upgrade sales will end on September 14th at midnight EST/ game time. Those with transferred forever upgrades or those who buy forever upgrades now can upgrade to a higher tier at any time with the discounted price.

Bronze = 15,000 ingots ($150)

Gold = 20,000 ingots ($200)

Platinum = 25,000 ingots ($250)

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8/23/2020 2:51 pm



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Awesome! Where can we purchase the forever upgrade? I just peeked at the Ingot store but didn't see anything yet ♥ Nevermind! I found it haha

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8/23/2020 5:11 pm



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Is there a way to delete my account or have someone remove it? I don't want to freeze it again either. I had an issue with v2 and I just could not grasp what I was doing wrong even though my cousin was helping me out, so I had frozen my account and rather "quit" the game until I learned there was going to be a v3 and unfortunately, it is not my cup of tea anymore after everything has shifted over.

It was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately, I cannot get back into the game and my times with it has run aground.

I may check back for a response but if someone else could just go in and remove it from the database whenever they can, that'd be fine with me too as I don't think I'll come back.

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