Bug Fixes, Showing, & Additions



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8/24/2020 10:19 pm

We have a few late night updates here!

🐛Bug Fixes:

  • Foals going to the wrong person with breeding requests, foals now go to the requestor

  • Currency on breeding grounds, ingots no longer show with a $ before them

  • Fixed breeding failure text on successful breeding

  • Fixed breeding requests with ingots

  • Auction auto buying fixed, Note: If two auto buy at the exact same time, there will be a bug, this is being worked on.

  • Searching brumbies for sale now works and shows those for sale

  • Shows giving out EXP, money, and RP!

  • Spam clicking herd management no longer gives over 100% health

  • Boarding earnings taking out money instead of adding it


  • Added link to Breeding Grounds and Sales Pen from stable

  • Horse page: Show icon tab now has message for horses with no boarding, discipline or care

  • Horse Page: Breeding no has message for horses with no boarding or care.


Points earned for shows have been adjusted and fixed. Points earned are based on a percentile system. Earnings, EXP, and points should be awarded when shows run tonight.


Some have had issues with horses aging. This will be looked into tomorrow!

8/25/2020 12:01 am



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Thank you so much for all of the constant hard work to fix and sort things out! Keep it up! 💖

8/25/2020 12:11 am



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Yay! Brumby search! 

8/25/2020 8:43 am



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I just want to verify something is a bug before I put it in the bug box: yesterday, I created 20 shows, all set to "run in 1 day" (today).
Today, I tried to create new shows but it's saying that I've created 20/20 shows.
Is that number supposed to reset like before, where you can create your max shows every day? Or is it now where if I create 20 shows on Tuesday to run on Wednesday, I have to wait until Thursday to be able to create shows again?

8/25/2020 8:55 am



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@Czarina - this is a bug. Please report bugs in the bug box. 

8/25/2020 9:04 am



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Thanks, Roze! Putting it in now. :)

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