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8/26/2020 5:14 pm

Hi Everyone -- 

I've recently updated my DataMaker/Spreadsheet combo to be compatible with the new features on V3. It's new, improved, and fast! I can chart a whole account worth of horses in about 7-10 minutes. Here is a link to the new datamaker: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AiD_Il1rx8KQMHNReFw9pzhqChye1v-q-ZDGR_3sn9E/edit#gid=2074040168 

Inside, you will find a link to the master spreadsheet, and a video tutorial of me going through how to use the spreadsheet. 

This sheet will, if used to its full capacity: 

- Tell you the BV of your horses (you need to know the perfect stats, however)

- Help you pair your horses to get better foals

- Tell you how many horses you have in each discipline/tier to help you know where you need to create more shows

- Help you keep track of how many colors you have of each breed 

- Help you price horses to sell

- Show you stats on your entire herd and help you single out your best horses. 

Happy charting!! :D 

8/26/2020 5:21 pm

Sugar and Spice


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So cool!

“No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle” - Winston Churchill

8/27/2020 2:04 am



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Alf this is AMAZING, as always. 

Thank you for all the hard work you put in to make the rest of our EQC lives easier! <3

8/27/2020 3:11 am



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This is life changing. Thank you for sharing. Also, I found the video very helpful! Spreadsheet noob me found it easy to follow along with. 

I look forward to the follow up video whenever you get around to it.

8/27/2020 9:14 am



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@Okapi - I'm glad it was helpful! sorry I say 'um' so much lmao. 

I'll post the in-depth video on the main spreadsheet here this weekend! 

9/01/2020 3:01 pm



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manual bump! :) 

9/03/2020 9:19 am



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Hey Alf! This sheet, just like the last one, is amazing. Thank you so much for putting this together!!

I'm having a small issue with most info populating in the New FoalGen tab. The correct horses come up under Horse 1 Selection, and their BS comes up as well as their colour and age. But, under the desired breed, no BS shows up, and when I put in another horse to see the cross, I get errors for everything from the foal stats to the genome.

I've put the perfect BS in for each breed I have on the left side of the Breed Score Calculator, and I've put each horse's genome in under Lineage.

I just copied and pasted their genome code - should I have done something else? I know that wasn't possible on the last sheet you made.

As for the BS, I'm not sure what's causing that to not show up. I've put in each breed's name correctly and exactly as shown on the game...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! :)

9/03/2020 10:51 am



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@Czarina - can you DM a link to your sheet? I'm not sure what's up without looking at it :) 

9/03/2020 11:24 am



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You're the best :D Sent!

9/03/2020 11:55 am



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Hey there, Alf! This sheet is awesome, and thank you so much for the video tutorial. I realize you are super swamped with work, but once things calm down a bit, are you still planning on creating a video for the foal generator section?


9/09/2020 4:59 pm



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Hi Ally! Alf here - on my side account. Yes! I do still plan to create an in-depth foalgen video. It probably won't be until next weekend due a crazy work, side work and other side work schedule :) thanks for your patience!

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