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9/20/2020 6:43 pm

Hello everyone! We are back again this weekend with an update!


🏠 Board All at Home

The long-awaited “Board All at Home” option is back! This will board as many horses as can fit in your stables and place them in the Uncategorized tab or old tab they were in. Do I see some foundation raids in the near future?


❌ Surrendering

Some shows were being broken because there were horses without owners. Now, if you surrender a horse, it will be removed from shows. You will not receive a refund for these shows so surrender carefully.


➕ Small Additions

  • When editing your horse, the tabs should now show up in the correct order.

  • When viewing other horses, you can now see their offspring and show results. Go google at those offspring!

  • Unverified accounts no longer show up on the New Players page.


🐛 Bug Fixes

  • When transferring to and from frozen accounts, horses are now frozen and unfrozen appropriately. Brrrrr!

  • Foals that have already had a Magnifying Glass used on them should no longer appear in the dropdown for the Magnifying Glass. 

  • Fixed some errors on pages while not logged in.

  • Horses with grey horses in their lineage will no longer have lineages infinitely load.

  • Fixed some infinitely loading non-grey horses from the grey update.

  • You can now remove tags from horses.


✨  Art Contest

Just another reminder the Avatar Art Contest has been extended to end September 25th at 6PM EST/ Game time. View rules and the $65 prize packages here! We have lots of amazing entries so far!


Enjoy these additions and fixes! As a reminder, any bugs must go into the bug box to be added to our fix queue. Whoo is that...far up in the sky…? Its a...?



The Dev Team

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