[Fall Event] Pumpkin Carving & Coloring!



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10/21/2020 11:53 am

This contest is for those who love the tradition of carving pumpkins! For those without a pumpkin, below a cute little pumpkin has been provided for you to color. The most unique and creative will be rewarded with the prize package below. There will be one winner for carved/decorated pumpkins and one for coloring the provided lineart pumpkin. Entries will be accepted until midnight November 7th with judging on November 8th.


  • Entry posted to the 2020 Fall Event page on the help site.

  • Breeding to a level 50, high PS, 6E, stud/brood of breed of choice with 1 guaranteed gene. Excludes Lp gene for Cobs.

  • 1 of the Limited Seasonally Elusive Black Cats


  • The lineart may not be posted off-site as-is nor claimed as your own.

  • Colored versions are allowed to be posted off-site with mention of Eqcetera.com.

  • To go with our fall theme all colorings should be horse, fall and/or, Halloween based.

  • The signature MUST be kept on the line art image

  • Adding to the line art is ok but major removals and alterations it is not allowed. Ex. Turning it into a banana 

  • Blood and gore is not allowed.

  • All entries must adhere to Eqc rules.

  • You may only enter once in both the line art and pumpkin carving/decorating sections.

  • You may enter both the pumpkin carving/decorating and coloring line art sections but may only win one prize.

Link to lineart pumpkin! 

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11/01/2020 12:26 am



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here is my entry! I guess for the line art one?

And here is a link to the full-size hi-res version if you'd like to take a look at the textures :3

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