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10/30/2020 3:42 pm

Happy weekend everyone! Due to a wild week for both Bed and I, we will be delaying any site changes and fixes until tomorrow. However, we do have a bit of an update for you all today in order for you to prepare for changes in the November 13th dev update.


A few weeks ago, we posted a “where we’re headed” post. Since then, we’ve planned even further into the future. This post outlines some upcoming changes that we want to bring to your attention. Note that we’re focusing on the short term… as in the next dev update on November 13


Changes Coming on November 13th

✨ Mindset

Before we get into the changes, we’d like to share a bit about our mindset and how we came to the decision to make these changes. In a lot of ways, Eqcetera has unlimited gameplay, lending well to its twist on the word “etcetera” which means “a number of unspecified additional persons or things” or in a word, unlimited. 


In reviewing gameplay, we realized that a lot of these unlimited possibilities are actually limited to genetics and horse colors. The game itself is really only played one way: by showing. If you show, you do well. If you don’t show, you could become a very poor player unless you have another source of income like artwork. 


We’re going to be revealing A LOT of plans on how to achieve truly unlimited gameplay with Eqcetera. One theme that has become apparent is the focus on making horses more unique and more of a living, breathing creature than a pixel that you can easily retire without another thought. However, there are a few foundational steps that we need to make first. The rest of this update outlines what will happen in the next update. We don’t want to blindside you with these.


🐴  Transport Cap

A while back, we mentioned that we will be adding a transport cap.  This is meant to slow the number of massive foundation pulls and the number of horses sitting in transport. As of now, we have multiple players with 10,000+ horses in transport and 100+ with 500 or more in transport. This is not sustainable for gameplay, economy, nor server space. 


This is a soft cap. This means that even if you are at your limit, you can still breed more horses and not have any penalty. However, if you are at your limit, you can not purchase horses from the Foundation Store, Rescue Center, Horse Market, or other players. You also cannot receive any horse transfers. 


🌟  Breeding Cooldown & Minimum Age

There has been a lot of talk about making breeding cooldown for mares more realistic to real life. We know that the opinion here is quite split down the middle. The tipping point for us was the fact that this change would not only be more realistic, it would decrease how many foals a horse can have in its lifetime. This will also help slow the rising number of horses ingame and promote a better game economy. 


Successful Breedings

In the next update, mares will have a 1-week cooldown for successful breedings. This reflects the timing RL mares can foal. Stallions will increase to having 48 hours cooldown. 


Failed Breedings

Also, failed breeding cooldowns will be 6 hours for both stallions and mares to simplify timing for you when re-breeding. Note, freezing horses also freezes cooldown!  


Minimum Breeding Age

Horses will need to be 3 years old instead of 2 years old to breed. 


We know this is quite a bit to prepare for but we wanted to give everyone time to adjust and prep their herds for any changes you all may need to do. Again, these changes have not been added in this update but will be added on November 13th.


🍁 Fall Event

Just a reminder we have the Fall Event occurring in the forum! Head on over to check out the on-going contests and the few contests that have opened for the weekend! Plenty of prizes are available to win! 

Have a great rest of the day everyone, we’ll see you tomorrow!



The Dev Team

10/30/2020 3:52 pm



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Exciting!! And excited about future changes 👀

10/30/2020 4:13 pm



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Eh, I don't like the increased cooldown between breeding and feel like it's been talked about a million times but there have been some important points made about it in the past, for example how it hits colour breeders the most. If you breed only for PS it won't affect you that much, if at all, but if you breed for colour or markings? It's going to be even harder for those people to actually achieve their goals with fewer foals they can produce from a single mare. And yet again, us with established colour lines won't struggle that much with the change, but newer lines? Newer players? Additionally, I assume this would kill the now almost-dead stud and brood economy. Honestly, compared to v2 I feel like no one offers any good horses anymore and I don't even know why. Longer cooldown def won't help with that.

Obviously I'm not trying to bash any changes here, just bringing back what has been said on discord on the topic!

As for the horses in transport I think somebody suggested that when foundie buying you could mark if you want to keep that horse or automatically retire it, therefore not cluttering your stable. I'm honestly not surprised there's so many people with hundred of horses in transportI pulled tons of foundies for contests a few days ago. Getting rid of 95% of them later is a nightmare.

10/30/2020 4:21 pm



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Ugh I know I’m only one person here and my opinion might not matter much. I adore the idea of unlimited gameplay if that’s what I think it means. But a irl week long cool down? It’ll drive me nuts for my breeding projects unless there was some kind of general store item to cut in half or even a quarter. As it is I dislike having to wait so long for foals but I understand where the realism is coming from. 

10/30/2020 4:23 pm



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I love the planned changes! It will make us think harder about our breeding choices and help cut back on mindless breeding and clogging up valuable server space. Theoretically if you succeeded in breeding one stallion every 6 hours every single day of his lifetime, you could get well over 1,000 foals from him alone. That's insane. If the game is moving towards more realism, this is a great step. Especially considering that one real week = one game year. Mares shouldn't be able to have 3+ foals in one "year." 

10/30/2020 4:26 pm



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I gotta agree with Qeni here. If it is a worry about numbers for transport aka foundation pulls. Why not make it easier to get rid of them. Like I have a lot on my transport but not because I wanted them there. I wish I could just do a little check mark and select which horses I want to retire. Now I know there is a lot of controversy on mass retire but my suggestion is, you can make changes to who you retire within 24 hours. So in that case you can unretire. 

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10/30/2020 4:32 pm



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I think this will actually encourage people to look outside their own herds for studs and broods more often, tbh! It's a good step to revitalize the economy and I'm excited to see what other changes will be made with this foundation.

Quick edit bc I just had this thought — I think what I like most about this is it'll help keep rare genes/breeds actually rare, and an aspirational goal for new players to introduce those breeds or genes into their herds.

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10/30/2020 4:47 pm



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I personally like the changes! I like the challenge of only being able to get one foal out of a mare per a year. Makes mares more valuable. I do think though that stallion cool off times should be much shorter though, it's going to be difficult to use a stud for personal and public usage with a 2 day cool off. :/ Plus it isn't realistic. 

10/30/2020 4:47 pm



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10/30/2020 4:49 pm



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Really happy about these changes! Great move towards a more healthy and balanced game economy! Let's hope in some time there won't be such a horse overload and foals/sales will become more useful and valuable.

Let's also put things into perspective - most horse sims I play have breeding cooldown (or rather pregnancy) of 2 or 3 irl weeks; 1 week is still really not bad!

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10/30/2020 5:06 pm



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I'm excited for this change ! It makes it more realistic, will help cut down on overflood of unwanted but not retired foals/horses, and force players to plan more and even venture to outside blood more than they usually would. It'll give studs and brood mares an actual value if on market. 

It is a huge change that'll take getting used to. The new wait times are entirely appropriate to gameplay, really. The game is still unlimited, but allowing such lax on breeding horses so many times per game year has really flooded the market with, truthfully, awful and entirely unwanted horses. Some rein needs to be taken in in order to fix our economic situation, this is a wonderful step towards such - even though it feels scary!

We also need to consider future changes coming on top of this. We are to be getting egg and straw retrieval at a later date, so that's something that may help lessen the blow of the increased wait times. :)

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