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10/30/2020 3:42 pm

Happy weekend everyone! Due to a wild week for both Bed and I, we will be delaying any site changes and fixes until tomorrow. However, we do have a bit of an update for you all today in order for you to prepare for changes in the November 13th dev update.


A few weeks ago, we posted a “where we’re headed” post. Since then, we’ve planned even further into the future. This post outlines some upcoming changes that we want to bring to your attention. Note that we’re focusing on the short term… as in the next dev update on November 13


Changes Coming on November 13th

✨ Mindset

Before we get into the changes, we’d like to share a bit about our mindset and how we came to the decision to make these changes. In a lot of ways, Eqcetera has unlimited gameplay, lending well to its twist on the word “etcetera” which means “a number of unspecified additional persons or things” or in a word, unlimited. 


In reviewing gameplay, we realized that a lot of these unlimited possibilities are actually limited to genetics and horse colors. The game itself is really only played one way: by showing. If you show, you do well. If you don’t show, you could become a very poor player unless you have another source of income like artwork. 


We’re going to be revealing A LOT of plans on how to achieve truly unlimited gameplay with Eqcetera. One theme that has become apparent is the focus on making horses more unique and more of a living, breathing creature than a pixel that you can easily retire without another thought. However, there are a few foundational steps that we need to make first. The rest of this update outlines what will happen in the next update. We don’t want to blindside you with these.


🐴  Transport Cap

A while back, we mentioned that we will be adding a transport cap.  This is meant to slow the number of massive foundation pulls and the number of horses sitting in transport. As of now, we have multiple players with 10,000+ horses in transport and 100+ with 500 or more in transport. This is not sustainable for gameplay, economy, nor server space. 


This is a soft cap. This means that even if you are at your limit, you can still breed more horses and not have any penalty. However, if you are at your limit, you can not purchase horses from the Foundation Store, Rescue Center, Horse Market, or other players. You also cannot receive any horse transfers. 


🌟  Breeding Cooldown & Minimum Age

There has been a lot of talk about making breeding cooldown for mares more realistic to real life. We know that the opinion here is quite split down the middle. The tipping point for us was the fact that this change would not only be more realistic, it would decrease how many foals a horse can have in its lifetime. This will also help slow the rising number of horses ingame and promote a better game economy. 


Successful Breedings

In the next update, mares will have a 1-week cooldown for successful breedings. This reflects the timing RL mares can foal. Stallions will increase to having 48 hours cooldown. 


Failed Breedings

Also, failed breeding cooldowns will be 6 hours for both stallions and mares to simplify timing for you when re-breeding. Note, freezing horses also freezes cooldown!  


Minimum Breeding Age

Horses will need to be 3 years old instead of 2 years old to breed. 


We know this is quite a bit to prepare for but we wanted to give everyone time to adjust and prep their herds for any changes you all may need to do. Again, these changes have not been added in this update but will be added on November 13th.


🍁 Fall Event

Just a reminder we have the Fall Event occurring in the forum! Head on over to check out the on-going contests and the few contests that have opened for the weekend! Plenty of prizes are available to win! 

Have a great rest of the day everyone, we’ll see you tomorrow!



The Dev Team

10/30/2020 5:08 pm



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I think part of the idea of transport caps is that mass foundation pulls shouldn't be possible. I, personally, feel like it's cheating the system to pull 5000K to get yourself a set of perfect starter horses - that in and of itself isn't realistic and it takes the challenge out of careful breeding/training/showing and really developing your own lines from average horses. 

that's my two cents anyway - I'm here for the changes and looking forward to all the new ideas!! :) 

10/30/2020 6:04 pm



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I like this breeding update as I tend to overbreed my horses then don't realize a mare has 20-30 foals until she's been retired and I actually check.

As well, I think there should be a hard cap on foundation pulls. Or at least a temporary one until the economy stables(horse puns!) out since there's less of a point in outsourcing by looking for studs and broods or horses for sale if you can just keep pulling until you get a horse to your liking.

10/30/2020 7:34 pm

Windrose Stables


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A week cooldown will really inhibit the people who like daily gameplay but I still like the idea of it. I, however, highly disagree with a 2 day wait on studs. Most studs can get collected and theoretically breed multiple mares a day. Even under live cover they often can be bred more than once a day. But i agree the market is flooded. The horse rescue is full of foundation pulls. Maybe offering a higher priced foundie for better stats or color possibilities would stop this issue. 

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10/30/2020 7:48 pm



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Excited for these changes! I think this will help a lot with how low valued horses are currently.

10/30/2020 8:08 pm



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While stallions being limited to a 48 hour cooldown does go against realism, who ​really​​​​ needs to be breeding 3 foals off of one stallion each day in game? That is directly contributing to the server space issue. If mares are increased to 1 week wait time, but stallions are left the same, no issue will be solved because demand for mares will go up since stallions could still cover them at the same rate, increasing the amount of horses in the game. If both are limited to longer wait times, horses will be born at a slower rate. Making it a 2 day wait time will not hurt that badly. If anything, it will cause you to breed smarter, breed less, and create better foals because if you are continually showing and training, your horses only get better with age. As for color breeders who don't particularly care about PS/BS/etc. then I don't see the issue because you wouldn't have to wait until the horse is considered "good" to breed. You can start breeding for color at 3 years old under the new age limit and you will have anywhere from 17 to 26 tries to get that elusive flaxen or those special spots or a fancy marking you desire out of one single mare. 

10/30/2020 8:44 pm



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I agree with Qeni about mare cooldowns. Again, this will most noticeably affect color breeders. I breed my pairs until I get my desired results. Sometimes that means 10+ breedings. A 7 day cooldown for mares will kill my project to have to wait a week between breedings. Heaven forbid I get a pair who's breeding won't take 3 times in a row... Moreover, I retire ALL foals I do not keep from my pairs. So, if I breed a pair 10 times, 9 foals will be retired. I would love the ability to selectively remove them if that would help clean up server space? I am not negatively contributing to the horse market by dumping horses. I know I am not the only one who plays this way; this breeding cooldown would RUIN my breeding projects and feels like a punishment to those of us who breed for color.

I REALLY hope EQ staff will reconsider the mare breeding cooldown. 1 week is very harsh and like others have echoed, it won't change the horse market. Until there is a general shared idea of "value" in a horse, there will never be a decent horse market. Forcing color breeders (as those people, players like myself, will be most noticeably affected by this) to wait 7 days to breed a mare won't fix our broken economy.

Again, can't stress enough, I seriously hope a week cooldown for mares is reconsidered. I play EQ to breed for color. I am just one person but I know I am not the only color breeder here. I don't think I could continue playing EQ if 1 week cooldown is implemented as it will throw off my color projects too much. Horses I've bred who I want to pair with other horses I have bred will be "years" apart, limiting my breedings with them even more on top of a 1 week mare cooldown. *ouch*

Please, I hope you will reconsider this harsh 1 week breeding cooldown for mares. 7 days is too long.

10/30/2020 11:17 pm

a c o u s t i c


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I have leaned in both directions in terms of the cooldown, but I have to agree with the argument towards the mare breeding cooldown being too long. I understand the push to make the game have a more realistic feel and will definitely give the future foals born from the cooldown extension more value, but, personally, the negatives out-number the positives. To preface this, I am discussing this from a mostly PS breeder's perspective. I understand not all PS breeders have the same values, but I am just saying which side of the EQ spectrum I'm on.

This could potentially damage the stud/brood market because it seems like most users will prioritize getting the desired foals from their own herds rather than sharing those studs or broodmares with other players. Why would someone offer a prized mare for private/public stud when they now have to value every breeding opportunity for desired foals? Especially with the failed attempts being annoyingly high? (Another soap box of mine but that's for another time.) As a EQ player I personally strive for original lines that will have increased BS and PS over time as new generations are born. Obviously as a newer player (less than 4 months old) I haven't been here long enough to acquire a multitude of 1500+ PS horses, but my long-term goal is to earn them. My chances to expand my herds now, however, will be much slimmer with the cooldown being extended.

To maximize the PS potential, I wait to breed my horses until I feel the PS amount has reached a desired amount, typically when the horses are 15 years or older. Because of the shorter cooldown, utilizing broodmares to obtain high quality foals from multiple prosperous studs is possible. Which means at most, I could get 3 foals out of one broodmare every EQ year. That gives me a comfortable 15 foal potential (3 foals per year for 5 years) range. Do I need, or really even want, 15 foals from one broodmare? Definitely not. However, the safety net of possibilities is the point here. I would have a generous amount of attempts to get a foal I value out of the broodmare. With the extended cooldown in place, I'll be lucky if I get all 5 foals are even born.

I understand that this will increase the value in these foals, which will also ignite the economy here on the game, but the cost to do so seems a bit harsh. Especially towards new players who will value things like PS and TB. They will have to work even harder to obtain what previous players could in a much shorter time frame, especially those that have been here for a while. To me that seems a bit unfair.

TL;DR: Although I see the positives that a longer mare cooldown could bring, the negatives will personally affect me and other players that have similar values/playing styles while also potentially hurting the breeding market and newer players.

I am not looking for someone to counter-argue; I am purely venting and posting my opinions in sympathy with other players I agree with.

Edit: I didn't even think about the fact that foals will now have a more significant risk of being at different life-stages and as someone who likes to breed a herd all at once so the foals are raised together at the same age, this really sold me on against or for the cooldown extension. I really like this game but this will hurt me in terms of quality of life on this website.

Edit 2: I didn't voice this in the original post, but I do want to add something. I appreciate that the dev team is willing to listen to feedback and has even taken said feedback into consideration in terms of reversing original changes. That means a lot to the player community and it's very wonderful to see. However, I think big changes like this, specifically the controversial cooldown extension, should be left to a player-base vote. While the dev team might be biased in accepting an idea is for the better, the players may not necessarily agree. This could have a back-fire effect, where the player-base could become less active or the site could even lose players in a worst-case scenario. Please, when it comes to major decisions that could affect the game-play for virtually every single person on this site, leave those decisions up to the players that keep this game active. An early announcement of potential changes, like this one, is perfect for giving the players time to think over the changes and either agree or disagree.

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10/31/2020 1:31 am



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I personally feel like the mare cool down was sorely needed. Being able to breed a possible total of 3 foals per mare per year is ridiculous and unrealistic. That's too many possibly unwanted foals clogging up the economy. 

Eqcetera was really the only game I knew of that didn't have at least a 1 year/1 week cool down on mares and I never thought it made sense.

10/31/2020 9:24 am



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I’m too new to have much experience breeding foals, so I don’t have a strong opinion. My horses that have retired only had 1-3 foals generally. However, I am primarily a color breeder, so I may need several attempts to get what I want. Especially since I hope to breed grey and any solids out of my herd. So this changes my plans to start breeding when they’re younger, sacrificing other things like TB.

Also, I’ve been making good money on studs/broods. My plans have changed there as well. Like acoustic said, I will prioritize my own needs first. My mares won’t be available from age 12 onward like they have been.   They’ll come down after a few weeks and only be available to me. Too bad, it was a nice income. All in all, this seems like a bad change to me, but I can adapt easily. 

10/31/2020 9:28 am



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On the changes to breeding cool down - since opinions are so split could it be considered to make the cool down for mares be 4 days rather than 7 days and the stallion cool down be changed to whatever the equivalent percentage would be either temporarily before the jump to 7 days - which could be a change a bit further down the line - or just be a happy medium for those who breed for color?

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