NEW BREED: Welsh C's & Tweaks!



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11/06/2020 5:03 pm

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today is an exciting day because we are adding another new breed!


🐎 Welsh Cob (C) 

Welsh Ponies of Cob Type have joined us! They are named Welsh Pony Cob Type (C) to reduce the name size a littlefor tabs. Welsh C’s will be our first breed with custom-only genes as these can be bred to Welsh A or Welsh B to produce a Welsh C with markings limited to the custom generator. These are our 18th pure breed and bring us to a total of 39 unique horse bases in game! Based on my calculations that's over 3,400 different layers. Whew, Thanks Solo!


Note: Welsh Cs will be the first V3 breed to be available early to Gold and Platinum accounts. From now on, eligible accounts will see new breeds in the Foundation Store on Thursday at 6pm game time/EST. Regular accounts will automatically see them in the Foundation Store on Saturdays at 12 pm game time/EST.


🗳️ Feedback Polls

We have a couple of open polls for you to give feedback on horses and new potential game features. Follow the links below so we know what you like!


Game Features - Vote on a few suggested game features from tack to jobs!


Horse Preferences - Vote on your preference of horse from body type to mane length!


💸 Horse Market Additions

The horse market has had a few additions added for ease of finding sale horses and studs/broods. 


❤️ Studs & Broods

Now you can view available studs and broods! These are all fed and watered so no more aimless searching for a stud or brood that's not hungry. This is also more visual and includes an image, color with DNA string, PS, BS bar, and price. 


💰 Sales

There is now also a sales tab to view horses up for sale. This is more visual than the search and shows images, BS bar, PS, color name, and price. 


🍁 Fall Event

Don’t forget the Fall Event ends tomorrow! Be sure to check out the following contests:

Writing: Novice and Advanced

Banner Creation

Pumpkin Carving/Coloring

Foal Color Bonanza!


🎆 Tweaks

  • Auctions are now ordered by ending soonest.

  • Ingot bids should now work correctly.

  • Searching auctions now works.

  • New players now start with 100% energy.

  • New players are now immediately directed to the Quick Start guide.

  • Unverified players can no longer transfer horses to other players.


Run around and enjoy those Welsh C’s, maybe you’ll find a stud or brood using the horse market… Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 



The Dev Team

11/06/2020 5:36 pm



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I'm a bit confused by this line Welsh C’s will be our first breed with custom-only genes as these can be bred to Welsh A or Welsh B to produce a Welsh C with markings limited to the custom generator. " Can you clarify?

Your best supplier of quality mustangs :)

11/06/2020 5:42 pm



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Some genes for the Welsh C are only available in the custom generator, Splash, Sabino, and Roan. We began with these to help in the transition to new breeds having custom only genes since they can have the Sa1, Rn, and SW genes bred into them from the Welsh A and Welsh B. 

11/06/2020 6:05 pm



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Woohoo! Thank you for another great update! The new Welshies are so cute and I absolutely love the new and improved horse market for studs and broods!

11/06/2020 6:48 pm



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Those are the cutest! I kinda want to switch from drums to welsh c now <3

I like the changes to the horse market a lot! I only with there was a switch to enable/disable studs for ingots. Oh and searching by discipline doesn't seem to work, that would be awesome!

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11/06/2020 7:03 pm



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The horse market additions and tweaks are very exciting. :0

The welsh cob C's are very cute. Tempted to get some..

11/06/2020 9:21 pm



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So you're saying that all new breeds, not just welsh types, will have certain genes only available in the custom generator? 

11/06/2020 11:22 pm



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Does the breed and discipline fall event end tomorrow as well?

11/07/2020 4:19 pm



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Yes, future breeds will have some genes limited to be custom only. These will be based on rarity in RL.


The Discipline and breed contests end tonight at midnight. 

11/07/2020 8:10 pm

RD Farms


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When will the new breed be open to basic players?

11/07/2020 9:14 pm



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RD Farms, typically they become available in foundation the following Saturday! You will find them in the store Saturday around 12pm/est like the post says. However, you can purchase custom tokens with ingots from the store to create some early. Or, alternatively, subscribe to a tier that gives early access and you'll be able to pull from foundation store on Thursday instead!

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