April 2021 BOTM: Shetland Ponies



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4/01/2021 12:46 pm

April 2021 BOTM: Shetland Ponies

Welcome to the third Breed of the Month (BOTM) of 2021! For those new to this competition, we take a horse of the featured breed, train and show them, and whoever has the horse that does the best will win a fun prize! Look down below for some general guidelines. 

How it Works

  • You must sign up between April 1st and April 2nd, 10 pm EST.

    • Sign ups after this time will not be accepted.

    • Only one entry per player. Multiple entries with different accounts will not be allowed.

    • Everyone that signs up will receive 25k eqd!

  • On April 3rd, I will send out one Shetland randomly generated from the Foundation.

  • Once you receive your horse, you are free to choose whatever path you wish!

  • Results will be posted and prizes distributed on April 30th!

The Competition

  • There are three categories: discipline, halter, or career

  • Each category will have a single winner and the prize is a magic token!

  • The horse with the most points earned for their category wins!

  • You are allowed to enter in up to two categories, but the two categories cannot be the same.

    • Example: Discipline & Career, not Career & Career

Sign-up Form

Player Name:



If you have any questions about this competition, please post them below or message me!

4/01/2021 1:07 pm

Fluffy Horror


Post Count: 54

RP: 25398

Player Name: Fluffy Horror

Stallion/Mare: Stallion

Category(s): Discipline & Career

4/01/2021 1:07 pm



Post Count: 124

RP: 225796

Player Name: Kaye

Stallion/Mare: Mare

Category(s): Discipline & Career

4/01/2021 1:09 pm



Post Count: 155

RP: 13522

Player Name: Stir Fry

Stallion/Mare: Stallion

Category(s): Discipline & Halter

"And if she is in your life, you must know she believes you're a battle worth fighting for." -JM Storm <3

4/01/2021 1:10 pm



Post Count: 2

RP: 303

Player Name: TheMamaRaccoon

Stallion/Mare: Stallion

Category(s): Discipline & Career

4/01/2021 1:14 pm



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RP: 40559

Player Name: Shokubeni

Stallion/Mare: stallion

Category(s): Discipline and career

4/01/2021 1:26 pm

Shadow ESF


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RP: 11955

Player Name: Shadow ESF 

Stallion/Mare: Stallion

Category(s): Career

4/01/2021 1:39 pm



Post Count: 52

RP: 66905

Player Name: Middy

Stallion/Mare: Mare

Category(s): Halter & Career

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4/01/2021 2:07 pm



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RP: 937

Player Name: EquinnoxII

Stallion/Mare: mare

Category(s): Discipline and career


4/01/2021 2:10 pm



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RP: 41906

Player Name: Renvers

Stallion/Mare: Mare

Category(s): Discipline and career

4/01/2021 2:23 pm



Post Count: 6

RP: 15507

Player Name: DoePrint

Stallion/Mare: Stallion

Category(s): discipline & halter

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