Stable Clean Up (Abstang Price Reduction)

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4/27/2021 9:57 am

So I have a lot of old and new appaloosa mares and stallions that I no longer have a use for or don't quite meet my standards, As well I am trying to clear up some stable space since I'm getting involved in more different breeds. So all the horses that are in my sales pens are listed but some of them don't, as I don't know what would be a good price for them, so if you find one message me with your price and ill put it for private. I might add some of my better horses if I still don't have room by then. These include Abstangs, American Paints, Appaloosas, Crossbreeds, and Irish Cobs

(All have their name, then rating, level, and lastly performance stats (Names help me find them but you can change them to your liking!)

Abstang Prices have been reduced by 1000, so most are 500 except 2-(1000). as well 2 new crossbreed horses have been put up for sale having high PS.

They are all listed below

Abstang- Sport Witness (4E1G1P|8|136) || Learning Row (3E|12|180) || Copper Maniac (2E2G|4|117) || Wild Carport (1E5G|4|107) || Popcorn Sport (3E2G1F|8|102)  || Tuck Keeper (3E2G1F|5|113) || Maniac Seller (1E4G1F|4|122)

American Paint- Willow Badger (3E2G1F|1|245) || A Loving Badger (3E3G|1|297) || Jamie Maximiliano (2E3G1F|13|50)

Appaloosa- Nearly Wite (4E2G|25|125) || Markup Happening (4E2G|25|108)

Crossbred- Heavy Pullin (3E3G|11|293) || Chime Dragon (3E3G|9|289) || Tiny Deal (651 PS) 2E 4G) || Anbu Milepost  (565 PS) 2E 3G 1F

Irish Cob- Bridge Put (3E3G|1|52) || Dugout Everett (3E2G1F|1|54)

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